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Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
If you want
To follow me
Astral walk
To the dreams I see
To the beliefs I have
To the path I step
To the joy I cast
To the ache I feel
To the senses I plead
To the love I share
Follow me
To the depth
Of my soul

To the one
Who is willing to try
Follow me
To the unknown
I will be
Welcoming you
In the most special way

Follow me
As you please
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: The Journey
Brewomble May 2020
Wipe me down Inside out
Turn the music up to drown Me out
Liberated women but no words come out.
Make me shiny, better than before/
This is the better way
Even maple trees, those of pine
Aspen, cherry, and oak
My rawness was beautiful, but needed a different touch
Wipe me down Outside in, I can't remember who I was Before-
Render to silence or invasive compliance
Our mothers are seeds of time
Having branches they want to climb
Now that I'm older-
I am a woman before my time.

~Bre Womble
Women can no longer be silenced.
Pretty Hurtd May 2020
Forbidden fruit is it mine to take ?
I’ll take a bite and gain my pains
The cost of shame is surely
worth it ?
But shame leaves me down and broken

I surely do know what to do
I know what I’ll choose but this do you ?
I’ll reach my arm out just to try
I’ll reach my arm out just to die

Im naked now what should I do ?
Shall I die or shall I look ?
What have I done ? Look now I know
That it wasn’t worth, not to myself
Forbidden fruit such a beauty
Forbidden fruit is surely forbidden

A serpent coming in and out
The serpent’s looking interesting now
Serpent tell me what you have to say ?
Serpent tell me who am I again ?

Looking for a likeness I already had
Identity crisis made me fall
Stupid serpent now is cursed
But who is more cursed now, me or both ?

Forbidden fruit not mine to take
Forbidden fruit I’ll never want to have again
ARCH Apr 2019
Bare feet
Teared clothes
Eyes with tears
Consoling her fear
She was *****
Broken and burned
Still people taped
Her parents told her
You'll be not married
Nor have kids
It's better to be silent and mild
Her voice being shivered
Shouted! If my words
Will not shout
Rapists voice will be loud
World will make me choose
Tough honor or life
I have nothing to loose
Nothing to loose
People may refuse
May repel my voice
But i being robbed
And justice is what
I wanna eloped ♥️
Women's aren't *** toys ! They are the powerhouse of a house.  Women's are 100 men . **** is serious matter across world.  Wse have to change our mentality and ask our sons to respect not only who gave birth to them but also other's daughter,mother and sister #raiseyourvoice
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Whitney Mar 2019
I’m dying inside
I can’t tell you why
I hate my life
I don’t know why I try

Fake people damage me
I fall on my knees
My heart can’t sing
My mind can’t think.

The blood you see
Is why you hate me
I’m not the girl everyone wants
And thats what haunts me.

Every time I breath
Every time I eat
I want to end it all
I just want to fall

I fall apart
Now I have no heart
I hate these feelings
My life is incomplete

My mind is lost
My eyes are glossed
I might as well go
Because they make me feel low

Let me tighten this rope
I have no hope
I dangle with no pulse
My life has come to a halt

Now that witnesser watch
They were wishing it was faux
Funny when you’re dead
When your lying on your bed

How people start listening
They act like they are missing
They act all hurt
When you’re buried in the dirt.

Nobody expected it
Now their throwing a fit
Was this meant to be
Was this supposed to happen to me?
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