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jessica obrien Sep 2021
birds alight upon
sutures of a licked-thin night—
tree branch at sunrise.
Roberta Day Jun 2021
Wading in waters
So suffocatingly deep
Help me, I'm drowning
Been a long time since my last haikuesday. I thought about this one last week but was late to post.
mal frost Apr 2021
a mad dog
a sly fox
a starving hyena
rabidly consuming the reality around me


"Wine I loved deeply, dice dearly; and, in woman, out-paramoured the Turk: false of heart, light of ear, ****** of hand; hog in sloth; fox in stealth, wolf in greediness, dog in madness, lion in prey." - 3.4.90 King Lear by William Shakespeare
Ryan Buynak Apr 2021
When it finds a match,
the fire sends its regards
for the source of its warmth.

Where heat  
and breast floats gold,
I see the old sky new.

Why a mold
that charms cats and brothers
as the offender of kings.

What's more,
it knows
the Tarantula D'amour.

We all burn slow,
even if we die young;
so be it.

Well, let's live
today if not and especially
tomorrow doesn't exist.
Hiwaga Nov 2020
In this world filled with worry
I hope you find peace in your heart
In this world where heartbreak is just another story
I hope you find courage to have a new start
Heay Mahn Nov 2020
A host of yellowish sunflowers,
   Both sides of the lane I pass,almost it disappearing,
   Fluttering and facing up sunshine shower.
leechyna Jun 2020
When beer starts to ask you question
Call me
I will be your tutor
Coz I have lived talking with all types of beers
Not because of how broken am
Nor how flossy am
But how I like to keep my circle
But when questions comes; call me😂😂
I will be on one way call
You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
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