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I grieve a love from a dream I had last night
I grieve a smile from a person I saw yesterday
I grieve a hug I let go a little bit earlier
I grieve a hand I didn't hold, afraid it goes away

Then it went, and now I grieve a love from a dream
I grieve harmonies we never sang
I grieve gazes from lost eyes,
Eyes that will never lock into each other's sights
I grieve stolen glances, brief smiles and deep looks

I grieve a love from a poem I never wrote
I grieve a song from a heart I never loved
I grieve a melody from a guitar I never played
I grieve a breeze from a wind I never felt

I grieve a silence from a noise I never heard
I grieve tears from moments I never lived
I grieve life from memories I never made
I grieve a love from a dream I never dreamt
Sit with your feelings. Listen to them. Give them room. Let them paint the place, let them remove the painting on the walls. Then, maybe then, you'll see your soul
Dead Rose One Nov 2023
“Whatever happened to Tuesday and so slow?” ^ or
Absolute Absolution


the slow Tuesday fragrance fills the nostrils,
Van Morrison in my earbuds, reminding that
“This Must Be What Paradise Is Like!

So quiet in here, so peaceful in here…”

Sea salt spray spicy sauces the atmosphere,
Many boats, some silent, noisy too, transverse the eyelids,
entertainment of the vista, decorating time’s motionless motion

So quiet in here, so peaceful in here…

the voluble hush, delightfully confuses mes sensories,
noisy cacophony orchestral avians, waves, and a human voice,
punctuate the music, absolute absolution of mes sensoriels

So quiet in here, so peaceful in here…
Indeed, it is a Tuesday, and the slow of the surround sound,
vanilla spotted with rainbow sprinkling of the noise of life,

So quiet in here, so peaceful in here…,
so full, so rich,
so vast the strands of colored variegated, perpetual motionlless
moves me to tears, steals my emotional refuse,
I too,

So quiet in here, so peaceful in here…inside of me…


(1) Lyric from Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Roberta Day Aug 2022
Sharpening the mind
by living on the edge of
this stainless steel world.
For Klaus.
jessica obrien Sep 2021
birds alight upon
sutures of a licked-thin night—
tree branch at sunrise.
Roberta Day Jun 2021
Wading in waters
So suffocatingly deep
Help me, I'm drowning
Been a long time since my last haikuesday. I thought about this one last week but was late to post.
Ryan Buynak Apr 2021
When it finds a match,
the fire sends its regards
for the source of its warmth.

Where heat  
and breast floats gold,
I see the old sky new.

Why a mold
that charms cats and brothers
as the offender of kings.

What's more,
it knows
the Tarantula D'amour.

We all burn slow,
even if we die young;
so be it.

Well, let's live
today if not and especially
tomorrow doesn't exist.
Hiwaga Nov 2020
In this world filled with worry
I hope you find peace in your heart
In this world where heartbreak is just another story
I hope you find courage to have a new start
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