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You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
Ann B Mar 11
don't wake me up
until the pain fades away
dreaming of the days
my peace isn't shaken
when despite my environment
the turmoil is obsolete
it is then i'm awakened
When love fades like a breeze
When time refuses to stop
When all I need is a gentle reminder
Of life and happiness in one
And that one is you

When the rain reminds me of you
When the sun shines on your smile
When the night let out the moon
As I let my heart roar for your embrace

Life is made of sweet moments
But all we need is the courage
To accept the sad ones with the same heart
That accepts the happy ones

To be able to smile with the same intensity
When there is no reason to keep smiling
Because in the end, we all pray for love
To keep it alive and in us
And not let love fade like a breeze
Inspired by "Never Be Alone" by Shawn Mendez and "Birds" by Passenger
Nylee Feb 26
Every Tuesday
Little hope dies,
And somehow
I survive the week
And the next one
comes again to ****.
Bansi Adroja Jan 29
How funny it is
to be fleeting,
a momentary lapse in your judgement
an imperfection on an otherwise
pristine existence
a reminder of your weakness
the need to feel
to connect
to care
Honeymoon Over
Laura Oct 2019
Visions of ****
And burglary
Dance around in my head
As darkness creeps over me
And I turn on all the lights
In my empty apartment
When you're not here
I toss and turn
Through the night
Popping sleeping pills
Just to catch a wink
Daydreams turn into
Night terrors
As the dog barks
At every little noise
Making me aware
Of all the scary things
Outside my window
Someone knocks at my door
But I'm not expecting company
Even with the deadbolt
I don't feel safe
In this big empty bed of mine
As I sleep alone
Jaslin Goh Sep 2019
I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love
The idea of company sounds great
Family, friends, soulmates
I love the silence
Now some chatter feels good
I’ve changed
I long for company
Michael H Aug 2019
Hugs and kisses,
for my princess,
on this Tuesday morning.

I hope your sleep,
was sweet and deep,
without my awful snoring.

If I was there,
I'd stroke your hair,
And stare with eyes adoring.

We'd lay and talk,
I'd joke, you'd squark,
both, between our yawning.
Seanathon Aug 2019
I'll never talk about what it's not, but I'll tell you what it is

It's the jaw harps sound, clear as spring water in open mouths

It's an echo clear in a budding clearing

And clear enjoyment in the crinkling eyes of a crying wish

And as for my old mentor, his name was Kitten Lips

Because he purrrrrred when he performed on it
Tuesday 12 - Closed it out with a true story. Had some fun for an hour in change. GG.
Seanathon Aug 2019
Source, a heartthrob life
Be thought, and alone no more
In my being caught
Tuesday 12 - This one reads like a prior dream. Lol.
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