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Very close you are i see
But I wander exactly who you may be
I do not authorise the duplication of this poem.
Something so grave,
And Someone so brave.
I can't take a heart ache.
Someone so grand
With no one right hand,
I have no one.
This is me.. Not to be.
Something no one can ever see.
I can't break the silence.
I can't shed to see,
I can't bare the things you're doing to me.
They said don't fight fire with fire,
But fire is all i see.
You burnt me.
You burnt me.
You burnt me.

This is insanity.
The things you can't see.
The one I can't be. burnt me.
"Poisonous" -kaitlyn warnken

I live in a grey and white world were i dont always get to see the sun, so I was in The flower garden.
In the garden, I noticed a flower from the distance that was full of color that I couldve never see before. A color your reality would call pink.
Oh how it was a poisonis flower, but to me this flower was beautiful.
I wanted to take it home all for myself. It showed me things i could never see before. I wanted to watch this flower grow. I needed colors and I learned that day that my love for pink was strong which soon became my only and favorite color. I like all flowers, but only I could see the pink in this flower. to the sky I wish all flowers could be pink, but in a world grey and white.. One was a miracle.
Oh how I loved this flower.
But Momma always told me not to pick the pretty flowers... Because They would die...
And daddy always told me to stay away from poisonis things becausw I would get hurt...
But in my world grey and white, I didn't want to leave the only thing that could bring color into my life, the only color I could see. So I sheltered the flower... And ate their leaves the leaves the flower gave to me.
Oh what a poisonis flower...
...Oh what a poisonis flower...

'I think I'm awake now. Ive never seen a place like this before were Everythings colorful.
Why am i grey?
Am i going insane?
Where is my flower?
Where is my flower?
Where is my flower...?

I didn't understand what was going on.
This flower gave me color and I just wanted to have my flower back.. I Dropped to my knees and cried in the green grass and asked the sky with a tear in my eye..

"How could somewhere so beautiful feel so ugly without my flower?..."

Im so grey. It didn't matter if the world saw color anymore... In my eyes it didnt matter anymore.
Nothing mattered anymore. My life faded black and I just wanted to wake up.
I felt like i was dreaming.'

I could feel the poison leaving my body and by this point I woke up.
When I opened my blood shot red eyes and lifted my sore body... I could see my flower.
I looked at myself and I was full of color!
I was pink! Just like my flower!.
I thaught, 'Oh what a poisonis flower
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"How are you?"* The man asked.

"Happier in my dreams." **Replied the girl.
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing, photography, or other personal information.
  Sep 2016 Kaitlyn A Warnken
Cannot breathe,
around you.
Cannot speak,
around you.
Cannot bear to be,
around you.

You, who tore my soul
in such a detrimental way.
you, who violated the frail
body underneath you.

Let me live, I beg,
let me breathe.
Go away, for god sakes,
please go away.

Fighting to keep the time even though the clock is broken.
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or personal information.
me of my
mind not my
clothes, because
Once you see the
corruption invading
the space in my head you
...wont want me anymore...
I do not authorise the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or personal information
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