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She got me in a some-sort-o' something when it comes to feelings. Bringin in peace, love, and all that comes so we're in a process of healing.
Oh shes got me.
Shes got me.
We're on a day light savings time when it comes to her because I can be her super hero and stop hell from hitting earth
Because shes got me.
Ohh shes got me.
She goes a long way and im here to stay. My miss lil lady. ❤. I miss my lady.
Like in a story she'd be the princes, The mistress, My miss anonymous and no body cant stop this.
She's The difference in my life that makes it all right, is our difference. It's her. We talk All day and night. We get along and never fight.
We built a fortis together with what we are and were Today, tomorrow, and the future. it feels right. Cause I know surely that i can Be there, she good For me, im good for her so No need to be scared.
no, no, no because Im here
And shes got me
You know i could use our lives, sit down, and write a book. Because this withdrawal from her makes me cope in a way that seems that Im hooked


I dont need drugs,


i dont need pills,

or bank...

...because i got her.
I got her.

She'll spend her last breathe on me
But i'd beg,
"No sweetie please!"
because I dont know what I'd do if she ever left me.
Dont you see? She's not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined and shes all mine.
She surely ain't a waste of my time
because shes got me.
Oh shes got me.
So, Dont you see? Shes not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined And shes all mine. So Sweetheart you surely aren't a waste of my time...
...Cause you've got me.

You've got me
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— The End —