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Skye Carpenter Jun 2020
The burning fire rises within my chest and makes me want to scream;
at both everything you took from me and all you left me with – they are two extremes.
You took away my innocence, purity, my entire childhood,
broke me into pieces and took as much of me as you could.
Now I am left powerless in a pit of despair, and I don’t feel alive,
completely immersed in a lake of despondency, I can barely survive.
She lived inside of her mind
where she perfected the skills of
witchcraft and creating potions
considering it was much
more extravagant

...Than living in the outside world

Battling the ordinary
feeling no emotion.

Do not judge what you
can not understand
committing sins and
becoming her demons
was not part of
what she had planned.

If you had
paid a
to the dark
of her
you would have
met the
who ****** away
her soul
performing satanic
It is no wonder why
she sat
in her
fighting with

She understood the
ways in which
she had broken
& why you might
had given up
each layer of
  s c a t t e r e d

She was selfish
and impulsive
for her own
desire to
she was sick
for dancing
at the expense
of others

Always wanting more.
Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Put it on my mama, that violets are blue, roses are red, and my heart is dead and so is your heart.
Rachel Nov 2017
that night
started out with
a stolen kiss in his pick-up truck
ended with me clawing at a seat
and screaming at a reflection
that was faking actions and
sighing into her
heart and soul
listening to a voice that said

"He doesn't love you,"

as I began to sink into
a leather sea
and dreamed of becoming
a part of the upholstery
the only thing
that has ever
held me gently
Paylei Rose Apr 2017
A place of laughter
A place for smiles
A place where you can be yourself
By being other people
A place to grow up in
A place to be
Mvteko Mar 2017
Two halves make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
Two eyes that see one truth
We see different skies but take comfort in the same moon
We promised to never leave the other alone, that the love would not be gone too soon
Rejoicing in the moments from heaven,
Comforting each other when hell breaks loose.
Together through each others mountains and rivers.

Forbidden lust, forbidden love
Two souls that are forced apart
Two that yearn the others heart
Accepting each others flaws
One boy that’s far away from home,
One girl that’s questioning her own

But half a heart is better than none cause it can always be completed by the chosen one, But half a heart is like half a sun
Would it still be as bright as the full one?
Would the love be the same knowing that the other is not as strong
Why must these two hearts fight what’s in their souls
This burning desire
This passion they hold
Why must they put the flame out and become cold
Why waste away the hearts of others when they know the real future is with each other
Why not combine their hearts to become whole, to become one soul.

But having half of anything is like having half of nothing at all
It’s settling for half the love
Yet it could be more
Having half of love must be impossible, must be wrong
-The world is only existent because of wholes
One half cannot love for both
One half cannot fathom growth.
So why not have two halves of a heart
Two broken souls
Let the shattered remains of the other halves be the glue that makes these two people’s love whole
Because why face the world as half a person
When facing it as a whole is already near to the impossible

Two halves of a heart make a whole
Two hearts join to become one soul
But these two halves will never join
These two people will face the world alone- together, but lonely, like two sides of a coin
Not knowing the existence of humanity is dependent on whether they choose to love each other or choose to let it go.
The existence of humanity is dependent on all our lost souls.
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Mvteko Jan 2017
Gentle summer breeze riding the sky

The playful sun rising and shining in my eye

Clouds dampening the harshness of the summer sunlight

Sitting in the meadow watching seconds go by

Here in this state, in this now, in this time

We have no need to think about the world we have left by

Forget that life and all its unnecessary complexities, paradoxes and restless tides

Here is what matters

Where everything is as it is, no one has two faces nothing has two sides

Everything is laid out bare for everyone’s eyes

Here is where I belong

Because here I have found peace, but on the inside

They call this the great outdoors maybe great because this is where we were meant to be

For here I feel more at home than I have ever been

And in this vast openness I can actually hear the voice of my soul speak and sing to me

So maybe this is how things were supposed to go

And maybe just maybe we were meant to live outdoors
TheDaisyDancer Jun 2015
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Jazmine Moore May 2015
2 am is the hardest
when your mind is racing
your heart is hurting
your fingertips are longing
for one more
so you convince yourself
that your hands are his
and you try to make yourself
feel how he
made you feel
but somehow, you
keep coming up short
It still hurts and the love is still very much real
Lottie Charman Mar 2015
i dont think you understand
there a demonic side to me
he lurks beneath the surface
just waiting to break free
i no longer trust myself
in making these decisions
these illusions call me out
shot me down with precision
and they're a perfect marksmen
shots only made by the best
and i'm hiding within myself
afraid of all the rest
tho this should make no sense
these shadows are my own
the perfect marksmen are false
images my mind has grown
yet here they stand
and somehow so real
seeing them spun me around
i dont know what to feel
i keep telling myself
everyone has this pain
but im faking this smile
and its really starting to wane
i force it till its back
thankful for all this
strength made from pain
hiding in the darkness
Friend wrote this , not really sure if I know him anymore..
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