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May 2015
Why does life have to be like this all i wanted was for us to be perfect. And Im not girl for greed but ****, why do i feel so worthless? I know not to question life instead i give you my advise. And life, i have to live it. I can answer all these questions but in life i aint apart of it. I cant live like this. Im even tryin. Inside that part that got lit is now dieing. Laid infront of me is dreams, and i feel like they liein. Theres never been a time I've felt so alone, in my own **** body, that my skin layers left me in bones And now im crying I want for tomorrow i dont wake up I'll through my life away like old make up. I dont know. I don't need it anymore. My hearts broken, torn, lost, and sore. An for a long time I have lived with some *******, living bored. Having fun but hurting, that's for sure.
Kaitlyn A Warnken
Written by
Kaitlyn A Warnken  West Virginia
(West Virginia)   
   Jackie White
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