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Jun 2 · 153
Some homes don't let go of things
And their floors become unclear
Behind their blinds
It's hard to find
But the reason's always fear

Closets full of little things
A sweet sentimental Salve
Various keys
To Memories
Rather re-lived than had

kitchens gathered up with things
As if clutched in jaws most grim
It's all about
Not running out
False anticipation

Bedrooms full of silent things
Like a promise never kept
The sheepless wool
That's ment to cull
The sight from dreams once dreamt
Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is broken?
May 18 · 155
Burned in Effigy
I knew your eyes
burning me away
In the beauty of fire.

Like a monk without a temple
I watched with
the experience of distance
as my effigy sat
drowning in your leering embers.

"I don't wish to remember you."

I whispered like the ash caked to my lips.
It wasn't a question anymore.

"But, you WILL honor me"

The echo of its words
scratched my soul
sending me into the silence
of winter fields.
The dusk of life.
It's desease,
a solitary crow cawing its way
through my resolve,
absorbing the dying stars in your eyes.
My heart tripping,
over their pleading rythmn.

I screamed it as if to imprint the words
Into the fabric of time.


"Sit there and pray"
"It's all you have left"
"It's all you ever were"

I stood then,
in the circle
that fears dying gasp tends to make
as it's life is being devoured from it
by the wolfs of rage.

"Where do you want me to be?"
My voice cracking like ice,
part suprise, part steel.

"What can I give you
that you won't bleed all over?"

"Only the truth."
"Only the past."

"My secrets are mine."

"Only the wind and the wheel
will ever show you
but you are too busy looking
for tomorrow to see today.
To much vision to feel
what's right.

"I have not moved past you
I have shed you.
Like beer from a bottle.
Making someone happy,

at least for now."

I turned and walked away,
leaving the three of them
To fire and wolves.
What ever you are dealing with, deal with it from the inside out.
May 11 · 93
Sometimes there is nothing
Nothing but the pain
Of looking in the same old eyes
That never seem to change

Over and over and over again
The shadow shifts the flame
From your source of power
To a prison for your brain

What does it mean to crawl in life
When destiny's uphill

What does it take to learn that fate
 Is woven out of will

You are the only one
Who can stand tall and fight

You are the only one
That knows which wrongs are right

You are the only one
Mechanic and machine

You are the only one
Who can master all your dreams

One day in the silver
You will choose to see
The ghostly wreckage of you
Handing you the key

There's no pecking order
If you step out of line
There is nothing there to break
When you can't be defined

You have to reach inside yourself
And work through the grind

To pull free the excalibur
From the stone within your mind

You are the only one
Who can stand tall and fight

You are the only one
That knows which wrongs are right

You are the only one
Mechanic and machine

You are the only one
Who can master all your dreams

Now you play the kings game
Now you understand

The enemy of humankind
Is the fear in the heart of man
Wrote this song while having a heart to heart with a dpressed image in a mirror
Mar 29 · 157
Be loved
Within these memories
Are things I wish to say
I drown in the thoughts of you
The ghosts of yesterday
Whisper the pain away

Where ever you are
Be loved

When your silver soul's a blaze
when it's wild, when it's free
When you can't find your way
Or the day's to grey to see
Even when you're life's a lie
Or full of battle cries

Where ever you are
Be loved

Oh fly away my heart
To be with you each day
And wash away this sadness
This missing you decay
look for me my only ones
Within the stars Above

Where ever you are
Be loved

Where ever you are . . .
With love,

The drive
Mar 27 · 371
Above the pines
you're the mother
of the hurricane
You set the fire
To the night
You're the storm
That flies
between us
The fight that
caused the ice
You're the blade
That brought
The answers
From the war
Of ancient times
You're the love
The wolf
Now prays to
All alone
Above the pines
Song for : The Drive

You're the moon,   love
Mar 25 · 120
The song for you
I'd like to write
A song for you
Oh one that really says

That even though
The way to go
Is truly straight ahead

But if you want
We could take a jaunt
A detour instead

I'd really like to write
A song for you

I'd like to sing
A song for you
With love I'd like to send

How every day
And in every way
You shine from deep within

And in this tale
If my heart's the sail
you're certainly the wind

Oh I'd really like to
Sing a song for you

So maybe there's nowhere left to go
And maybe there's nothing much to say
Maybe were just nothing but the fools gold we once paid

But I'd rather be nowhere else today

I'd like to be
The song for you
I'd like to be your light

Come rain or shine
On your peace of mind
The garden in your life

A subtle way
To those better days
Your wishing star at night

Oh I'd really like
To be the song for you
Started a band called "The Drive"
Music is almost done
Mar 16 · 108
My Lady
The moon is wept
Like an autumn dream
In sight of the sun
She shines and gleams
And opens the night
Along its seams
All above my lady

The stars are shy
When the clouds grow bold
With trillions of tears
The nights on hold
The knives in the wind
Are sharp and cold
And I am with my lady

The fires within
Will go out one day
And I hope I've found
True love to say
In the ear of death
"I'd rather stay"
And be home, beside my lady
Where ever you are, be loved.
Jan 21 · 186
Burning to live
Burn this fabric
the weave of the grandest way
we wrap our secret selves in
and write little patterns
that somehow pushes apart
from the comfort of speech
to break the truth
into lie-able bits
that everyone can approve of
because they are pretty
then you will be hollow
with the desire
to tug on the dangling strings
that always itch
the nose of conscience
to be rid of the ******
the mold you have been force in
and you will unravel when it hurts
and you will unravel when it is quiet
you will become bare
just shape
just like everything else
and when you find
peace in your own decimation
a single flower will grow
behind your lifes eye
a memory of when you took root
in the self
a lense to see your life
as you mean to live it
Version 2
Dec 2018 · 188
He was the god of forgiveness
The god of second chances

And we killed him.

So what do we blindly honor now
In this given life?
And I hate it!
Dec 2018 · 202
Let me stay a bit longer
the question clung to the temples
of the newly born revenant
who still played in concert with her heart
though the music that they made there
had gone quieter over the years.
and just now
In her fleeting embrace
he saw in her eyes not the past
but the future
like stepping out into the winter
after an evening by an oakwood fire
and his fear drank his blood
for he had already carved her name
into the stones of time
that line the path of his life
and when it was finally time to sit down
he didn't want to take off his shoes
Dec 2018 · 321
That moment
The flames of failing stars
Strike not an inch
Across my heart
For I have lost my sense of pain
In sunflower smiles
All that is
Swirls in intricate dance
As I fall through the laughter
Of what must be a billion
Golden days, But no
Just this single moment

Wild, And with beauty
Dec 2018 · 277
One last time
The snows across your broken heart
are the ashes of mine
cremated in the fires of abondon

the cozy embers
behind your gaze
flicker in deaths breath
and Ignite me
with a longing facination
Your snow owl eyes
Hunt mine by the winter moon
Inviting me closer
and closer

I will not look away...
Nov 2018 · 168
Winter of the heart
So come find me
She said
With a grin
Of delicate desires
And I closed my eyes
And touched to my lips
The complexity of shadow
That when Cast
 through my lashes
Lends life to the little lies
I tend to tell myself
When I think of why
Life left you
In the dreams of me
And it keeps me waking
In the destitude of early hours
Pondering what poison
I took to make me forget
The endless wonder
That poured from
The deepest depths
Of creation
Stirring in the summer
Of you
Oct 2018 · 318
The magic of falling
The sparks in the iron sky
cannot hope to twinkle
like the embers in her eyes
the rain has no veil for her radiance
it pierces the swirling skys in me
the walls bare no meaning now
in this heart of mine
and I've unhung the paintings here
my wounds close in the wake of
her every motion
and I am free

All that there was crumbles
In the magic of of her autumn smile
Autumn is the whisper in the air that harkons the mistress winter,
and she is beautiful and vain.
Sep 2018 · 181
The hole in the sky
His foot step echos stopped
At a tiny hole in the indigo sky
And upon attending to
an earthbound whisper
Found her there
Sep 2018 · 200
Last kiss
turn my skin to sand and blow away
the ache in that time with your subtle irony
that ghostly fire that now butterflys my soul

good bye
Her eyes a flicker flurry
In my drifting dreams
Leaving cotton mouthed gentlemen
Ablush as she beams

A mystery of the ages
So very hard to find
She shows what she's been wishing for
With a subtle sort of mind

Hide not when she approaches
You get just that one cue
To show her you're the honey bee
And shes the morning dew
3 lines to the woman who dances in my dreams
Sep 2018 · 179
Better days
Oh When I see you there
Dressed in I used to care
I see that in your eyes
That I'm so far away

I can afford a smile
Because It's been awhile
Since i've been in your eyes
But now I'm so far away

My ghost wanted to see
What had happened to me
But you just blinked
and then you looked away

So I am stranded here
Between relief and fear
With in the simple cage of
supposed better days
Sometimes I miss the toll
The bells of singing souls
That echoed in our time
But now I'm so far away

And everyday it seemed
We were out chasing dreams
Within each others eyes
But now I'm so far away

My ghost wanted to see
What had happened to me
But you just blinked
and then you looked away

So I am stranded here
Between relief and fear
With in the simple cage of
supposed better days
I know that you moved on
Well before I was gone
The tears had left your eyes
Waiting for those better days
A song about the greatest love of my life and how hollow I feel now that we have passed each other on the roads of life
Sep 2018 · 160
The forgotten brave
the demons come
so he drinks to blend his body
with that of the chittering dread
to hide his heart behind the fires of hell
a small respite from lurking spectres
who call from the lonely void
that emptiness one must embrace
to survive the deeds of dealing death
and still remain
a man

the demons come
so he smokes to gird the spirit
like brigandine for the soul
for when the demons drift
his fallen eyes
in the corners they go clawing
they whisper hollow threats
from spectral pyres
aflame with caustic memories
the residue of violence
etched into the warrior stone
the crumbling marker
that guards his living grave
the only proof
he ever

and still
the demons come
Sep 2018 · 148
How grandma gives
Soup from the great big garden
and we canned it all just so
helped to wear the weather through
when the land was dressed in snow

and checker lesson Saturdays
with two lefties at the board
you helped to teach me fairness
when I lost, and when I scored

you kindled my love of books
and encouraged me to grow
i learned the best ways to say yes
and subtle ways to say HELL no

while writing this I realized
you're one of the few whom I can say
if my young life was a fresh spun bowl
your hands would be covered in clay

i remember most the times we'd play
and in the game of life, "I'm all in"
since you happen to be [MY] grandma
looks like this time I win

but seriously,

there is so much more to speak of
but I have a life to live
and I promise when I am done with it
I'll have taught how a grandma gives.
For my grandma's birthday
Sep 2018 · 543
Shimmer Fade
How cruel time can seem
That I should like something less
The more I love it
Sep 2018 · 2.4k
Alone in a woman's room,
I found a book of poems
in a beautiful heart wood chest
And written across its sturdy lid
Was the word "hope", like sunday best

Upon this book of poems
Lay a velvatine writting pen
And vials of ink from distilled life
For writing letters to her friend

When I went to read her words
 I discovered the lock on it
The key she gave that opened her room
Was never the key that would fit

So I put her poems back
I was nothing more than a guest
And with the blood that ran from my eyes
Next to "hope", I wrote the word "less".
Sep 2018 · 2.9k
Sunset love
Where the sun kisses the earth
the sky burns with prismatic envy.
Her coveted stars slowly slip
from lonely green eyes
And shine upon the souls that linger
In a funerary salute to another day.
A death well taken by those who seek
The subtle secrets
in her sighing breath.
And under it all,
Night walking dreamers
drawing with fire
upon the hearts of one another
In the golden hues
of what it once was to be young
Basking in the rejected wisdom of history.
Just two fools drinking from the cup
of simple beauty.
For He who's hands are Gods
Drifts wearily
amungst the drugs of men
Crouching the trash heaps
Blending life with death
He does not hope nor linger
To he, time is the wind,
And is of no consequence
Its length,
or your breath
Perfection is not being the best of something, its about the true balance
Within all things.
Ghostly maiden in the lonely night
Concessions for my glancing

But I could not help but drink the light
Of one so misty fancy

May I ask your hand my whispy sight
So that we may go dancing

And laugh away all this foolish fright
This love so circumstancing
The moon and clouds looked like a ghostly dancer.
Sep 2018 · 137
The depths of reverence
When you realize
They are not your entire world,
But its gravity.
What good is a world without gravity?
Sep 2018 · 130
The compass and the rose
In the deepest hole.
On the highest mountain peak
My heart points to you
Sep 2018 · 411
The vermillion box
You know
I am pretty happy
But its not what you think.

Its a box.


Its a box i sit in.
Its the place I built
To hide from myself.
I got my girl.
I got my boys.
I got my friends,
And my games,
And my job.

So im good.


You see.
There are times,
When I think about
How messed up people
Can be:

To each other.
To themselves.
To animals.
To Earth.
To what we can really be,
What we NEED to be.
Even to little kids..........

And this is the time,
When all i wanna do is
Over the lid of that box
And then:

My eyes glisten
within the flames
of pure agression.

The blind kind.

And I watch
As i fall somehow,
within myself,
Like down the throat of a dragon.
Screaming in absolute rage.

You know,...

 the tunnel vision kind?
The seeing red and black kind?
The saves you in fist fights kind?
The no pain kind.

The "if you even hint
That you are thinking,
What I THINK you are thinking.
I will claw my finger nails away
And ******,
trying to scratch my way to it.
Through your idiotic skull.
So i could remove
What would be the first thought
You've had in years.
So that I could then
Deny its rightful place
As king to the bran muffin
Between your diamond earings
You use to make decisions.
Just so I could then devour it
Excrete it back out,
Set it afire with
The very rage of
That floats somewhere
Between my heart, lips and mind
Just so I could Then throw myself
Upon those very flames.

And all of that...?

So that what remains of me
Won't have the energy to waste
On the thought of you."
Kind of


Aug 2018 · 127
The kiss
I found a ghostly lantern
Atop the ashes of a friend
Whos case was dull and cloudy
With a teather at one end

Enclosed, a glow with knowledge
 Secured in secrets of the past
Whos light was quite disturbing
 In spite of how bright it cast

It shines on all around me
Even the things I fret to see
A voice tells me to drop it
Yet, what truths might come to me?
If I could scrape it off of you
I would.
You know...

The pain.

The frozen fire
Whos burn Is just Numbness.

The funny mirror
That makes the good small
And the bad A blurry mess

The empty fear Of the nothing
You're afraid You've become

But you are not lost
Because when you wrote
On the train
I found it flying in the air
And I gave its warmth
To a cold man

When you cried through pen strokes
I draped it across a young womans heart
So that she may love again

When you loved the edges of everything
And then wrote it red
in paper cut

I held it like a map

To help those who
Need to find you


But mostly to help you
Find yourself
For those of us who write to live
Live to love
And love to write

May this curse befall
Us till grave stone stands
Aug 2018 · 201
The blues
You know,
I used to be in tune.
Every part of me.
Even my hair.
The wind, its metronome.
I remember its fractal pace
Across my skin.
My hands,
Spiders across the keys.
Netting patterns
And devouring their wisdom.
My heart,
A cathedral to sound.
The beat of the universe
Pulsing through everything.
And me,
My soul,
Surfing those vibes
With fingers
And fire.
Like mercury.
Like lightening.


But Now,
there are too many cracks
In the cathedral windows.
Too many stains.
Too many bricks thrown through.
The music still comes though.
A crooked and umbral thing.
Etching the patterns of sadness
into my Eyes,
with the shards of memories.
And I am so very tired
of being
People ask me why I don't play music much anymore. This is as close to the truth as I can get.
Jun 2018 · 187
Like the Gods
I am summoned
With others
All walks and sheens
Colors and creeds
All the same
But never met

We shiver
In Various stages of boredom
Half lidded eyes
Opened suddenly in disgusted salute
To the wet hacking of a dying old miser
Or that disembodied voice
A wraith
Whos pleasant words
Drip with the undeniable fear
Of wasting away
On this cheap throne I've been displaced to,
Or being brought to bare
In some jade kings court.
Made to don a jesters hat
But told to keep the bells silent
And our emotions, our humanity still
While being forced to feed on the horrors
Of civilization so that we may better
Judge the complexity of one life
In a time frame whos picture within
Is too small to be anything but abstract.

This drought of the living time
An infinity to my blood
My bones even twitch at it nervously
Begging for the freedom
Of the common fools
 as we twelve,
The demi gods,
must choose what to do with the remnants
of one desiples plate
of under decided decisions
In a life that most have never known
And even fewer wouldn't trade
a half buried pile of cat turds for.

I guess he didn't know
that we are free
as long as we Bow low enough
Not to be seen

And so we sit low
Staring at a message
A countdown
A simple marker to represent
The life we give in the hopes of
Being let back into what ever cells
We have built for ourselves
I do not use the word hate very often,... but I ******* HATE jury duty.
Jun 2018 · 247
The grand lie
I loathe that I must
Subscribe to the suicide
Of false wealth to live
Jun 2018 · 190
Hey buy me a Mac
And a soda pop fizzin
Suprise *** for your body
If you were in prison

Its easy, its cheap
Its a kardashian wife
It will fill you up a while
And shave years off your life

Whats even in it?
Not even god really knows
You gotta get sherlock holmes
To deduce what you chose

Hey kids have some more
They dont want you to finish
Mow it, chow it, and don't stop
till your shaped like grimace

Every combo
Has a number one through six
But they are all number twos
If you can catch my drift

What did you expect
They turned your smile to a frown
Just like the rest of the world
place is ran by a clown

Looks so inviting
Mac's appeal, is so discreet
But they're more about the land

And you are what you eat
Sometimes a poet is lover
Sometimes a friend
Sometimes a key to a door
Always a pain in the end

When a person must fight they find the darndest weapons.

Jun 2018 · 171
All Your love
Is like a rainbow
Like a star births first light
With in me

And the sold
Golden pharohs will bow
As the colors and shadows
Run free

And the way
Is shut
By these old hands

Your Diamond Eyes
Drowning me

And your fires
In my life
Like lost memories
In the ground

So sing for all the yesterdays
And burn my body down

And I Hear
you chasing lost kings
And I smell your long hair
In the Breeze

And your life
Is on fire With the ages
Now you can finally
Be free

And the way
Is shut
By these old hands

Your Diamond eyes
Drowning me

And I gave
all my time
to the pennyman
And he said

Its hard to live your life now
Without being a little dead

You know,
Its hard to live your life now
Without being a little dead
draft 1.2 this is a song I am writing for my music project called "Regulus". Regulus is the star I stare at every night and write, it feels like home.
Jun 2018 · 136
What's within a dream
But the drifting shadows of memories once made.
Life's little whisps of time
that beam from the glittering eyes of loved ones
Gently mixing with the water colors
of sentiment and desire
Forever painting our slumbering wishes
across the eternal pages
of hopeful tomorrows
Another poem inspired by the beauty in my life
May 2018 · 218
A moth in a butterfly's net
I found myself
Staring into an ancient rythym
The mustang narrowed its eyes within my ribs and pounded on.

Waves of machine thunder
Broke against my mind,
Washed away with my consciousness,
And played there
Like spent dandelions upon an autumn breeze.

In that maelstrom of indigos and ether, lightening split the void
And I just fell...
My layers and lies, suddenly too thin to keep,
Fell away exposing the wilds of my dreams. Refracting my every wonder unto the waters of time that spilled there in eternal complexity.

And then?  she simply blinked.
I barely know you, so why is it that your presence feels so much like home.  Is this love at first sight? I think I'm in trouble...and I am perfectly ok with that. :)
May 2018 · 108
Poetry or death
Its a tough job but someone
'S gotta do it
It made me laugh anyway
May 2018 · 98
Words to a warrior
You know
I have actually
always thought
You were very beautiful.

The only difference
Between then and now
Is when you look
In the mirror
You see
What I see.

I can't tell you
How awesome it is
To see the light that once
Only hid in your eyes,
Come out and shower us
With the defiance
Of who you wish
To be.

Who you have

you are an inspiration and beautiful

Your friend,

This is for chayla, she conquered herself, a very rare feat indeed.  Chin up Chayla, even the mighty sky cries sometimes.
May 2018 · 297
The echo of everything
when you are around
I feel endless
Like memory
Cascading from
The mouth
Of love.

The thought of you
Is like the fire
You sleep next to
On the cold and lonely nights
When the only thing between
You and oblivion
Are the very stars
That invited you there
In the first place.
you are the echo
Of everything.
 are the inescapable mirror
That I have somehow
NEVER been afraid to gaze in.
May 2018 · 230
Blue dream
Everything is shaped like
The world tree
But when she is around
I tend to notice
The flowery ends
I see only the angel with in the human rags of her reality.
May 2018 · 470
Relative honesty
Dont spend so much time
Pillowing the truth
That you cant tell
What you lay your head upon
When you finally
Sleep at night.
May 2018 · 168
Giving up the ghost
I shall carry your body
Across misty mountian ways
Wrapped with
linen and holly

And lament the crooked paths
Of the leather footed thieves
With restless
dirks and brandy

The earth shelters your secret
Under water weathered stone
And i'm left
ever wanting

While grieving and broken breaths
Sing through outlawed ancient pipes
They focus
grief so grandly

One more lonely kiss goodbye
Upon painted wordless lips
A last wish
whispers wholy

But shouting and sullen eyes
Scream my naked barren name
While grinding
Dreams to nothing
Not all doors open once they have been shut.
May 2018 · 201
The blade of truth
The blade of truth
Twists in my side
More and more these days.

And not for fear of
Pride or power
Or chapeled tatters
Wanderously wrapped
About a masked truth

But much like
the salmon

Mysteriously compelled
To boomerrang the
Veins in which they spawned.
A sacred certain death.

Not to EMULATE the universe

Such a fools errand it is
To complicate
What comes naturally

But to HONOR it.
The more I reflect, the less like me I become
I can't save you,
You know that.
I can't keep shaping Our reality
Around the designs Of tomorrows dreams when we are wearing Yesterdays shoes.

If only the laces didn't take so long
To untie.

Your love of the past Is like
bleeding With the sharks
And soon there will be only one of us.
Just one to complain about
The familiar warmth of this ****** Blanket while the north star
Weaves its beckoning spell
Easier said then done.
May 2018 · 242
One pair of gloves
Can you remember the time
When the lonely winters wind
Went searching through our coats
For our skin
As the stars sang a silver song
A billion violins
Scattered across the depths
Of the indigo sky

One pair of gloves to share
Our naked hands trembling
Laced together and set
To fight against the cold
The only fire for miles
Was what burned
In the depths of us
Fueled by the dancing wisps
In our eyes
Bound by the ancient rythmn
Of the northern waves
Washing our souls
Into the dreaming sea.
Mar 2018 · 157
Coincidental life
Pain is measured in the battlefields
We have crossed
The walls we have climbed
And the ghosts
We leave behind

So is love.
Feb 2018 · 469
To say what cannot be said
How do I tell a lily
it is perfect where it lives
and to pluck it from its birthright
would wither what it gives.

How do I tell a mirror
its worth is what it shows
the truth it holds is infinite
its depth nobody knows

How do I tell a mountain
Where it might begin
A determined defiant monalith
its strength is deep within

How do I show a sunset
The colors we all see
giving happiness to the mighty sky
and the relentless iron sea

How do I tell a butterfly
its beauty is not its wings
but in the natural way it always has
brought life to many things
Perspective is sometimes the only medicine. Honestly I wrote this about a specific person, someone who beings the life out of poeple.
Jan 2018 · 126
Where numbers go
And love comes
Dec 2017 · 141
Fire and the night
The soft fire
That hides
Behind a womans smile
And invites you with her eyes
To say silly stupid things.

The rythym of
Her high strung hips
Dances with the shadows
That blink about the night
As wind and song receed

The gentleness of voice
As she hums a tiny tune
To the little nothings
That live about
The forests of my soul

The crystal reflections
Glide across your eyes
Whispering secrets
And fairy lies To hide
the curse of lost forevers

Oh wash the weariness
From my bones
And let me tell you
How the fire loves the night
Let me show you
I haven't felt this way in a decade. Its like finally exhaling after running through a smokey room.
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