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Some homes don't let go of things
And their floors become unclear
Behind their blinds
It's hard to find
But the reason's always fear

Closets full of little things
A sweet sentimental Salve
Various keys
To Memories
Rather re-lived than had

kitchens gathered up with things
As if clutched in jaws most grim
It's all about
Not running out
False anticipation

Bedrooms full of silent things
Like a promise never kept
The sheepless wool
That's ment to cull
The sight from dreams once dreamt
Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is broken?
I knew your eyes
burning me away
In the beauty of fire.

Like a monk without a temple
I watched with
the experience of distance
as my effigy sat
drowning in your leering embers.

"I don't wish to remember you."

I whispered like the ash caked to my lips.
It wasn't a question anymore.

"But, you WILL honor me"

The echo of its words
scratched my soul
sending me into the silence
of winter fields.
The dusk of life.
It's desease,
a solitary crow cawing its way
through my resolve,
absorbing the dying stars in your eyes.
My heart tripping,
over their pleading rythmn.

I screamed it as if to imprint the words
Into the fabric of time.


"Sit there and pray"
"It's all you have left"
"It's all you ever were"

I stood then,
in the circle
that fears dying gasp tends to make
as it's life is being devoured from it
by the wolfs of rage.

"Where do you want me to be?"
My voice cracking like ice,
part suprise, part steel.

"What can I give you
that you won't bleed all over?"

"Only the truth."
"Only the past."

"My secrets are mine."

"Only the wind and the wheel
will ever show you
but you are too busy looking
for tomorrow to see today.
To much vision to feel
what's right.

"I have not moved past you
I have shed you.
Like beer from a bottle.
Making someone happy,

at least for now."

I turned and walked away,
leaving the three of them
To fire and wolves.
What ever you are dealing with, deal with it from the inside out.
Sometimes there is nothing
Nothing but the pain
Of looking in the same old eyes
That never seem to change

Over and over and over again
The shadow shifts the flame
From your source of power
To a prison for your brain

What does it mean to crawl in life
When destiny's uphill

What does it take to learn that fate
 Is woven out of will

You are the only one
Who can stand tall and fight

You are the only one
That knows which wrongs are right

You are the only one
Mechanic and machine

You are the only one
Who can master all your dreams

One day in the silver
You will choose to see
The ghostly wreckage of you
Handing you the key

There's no pecking order
If you step out of line
There is nothing there to break
When you can't be defined

You have to reach inside yourself
And work through the grind

To pull free the excalibur
From the stone within your mind

You are the only one
Who can stand tall and fight

You are the only one
That knows which wrongs are right

You are the only one
Mechanic and machine

You are the only one
Who can master all your dreams

Now you play the kings game
Now you understand

The enemy of humankind
Is the fear in the heart of man
Wrote this song while having a heart to heart with a dpressed image in a mirror
Within these memories
Are things I wish to say
I drown in the thoughts of you
The ghosts of yesterday
Whisper the pain away

Where ever you are
Be loved

When your silver soul's a blaze
when it's wild, when it's free
When you can't find your way
Or the day's to grey to see
Even when you're life's a lie
Or full of battle cries

Where ever you are
Be loved

Oh fly away my heart
To be with you each day
And wash away this sadness
This missing you decay
look for me my only ones
Within the stars Above

Where ever you are
Be loved

Where ever you are . . .
With love,

The drive
you're the mother
of the hurricane
You set the fire
To the night
You're the storm
That flies
between us
The fight that
caused the ice
You're the blade
That brought
The answers
From the war
Of ancient times
You're the love
The wolf
Now prays to
All alone
Above the pines
Song for : The Drive

You're the moon,   love
I'd like to write
A song for you
Oh one that really says

That even though
The way to go
Is truly straight ahead

But if you want
We could take a jaunt
A detour instead

I'd really like to write
A song for you

I'd like to sing
A song for you
With love I'd like to send

How every day
And in every way
You shine from deep within

And in this tale
If my heart's the sail
you're certainly the wind

Oh I'd really like to
Sing a song for you

So maybe there's nowhere left to go
And maybe there's nothing much to say
Maybe were just nothing but the fools gold we once paid

But I'd rather be nowhere else today

I'd like to be
The song for you
I'd like to be your light

Come rain or shine
On your peace of mind
The garden in your life

A subtle way
To those better days
Your wishing star at night

Oh I'd really like
To be the song for you
Started a band called "The Drive"
Music is almost done
The moon is wept
Like an autumn dream
In sight of the sun
She shines and gleams
And opens the night
Along its seams
All above my lady

The stars are shy
When the clouds grow bold
With trillions of tears
The nights on hold
The knives in the wind
Are sharp and cold
And I am with my lady

The fires within
Will go out one day
And I hope I've found
True love to say
In the ear of death
"I'd rather stay"
And be home, beside my lady
Where ever you are, be loved.
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