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How could you say these lies
When you know I anticipate these times with you.
To watch you walk away
Your warmth instantly leaving my hands.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that your not coming back.
My hands with nothing left to grab.
Watching you walk away.
Those jeans
The way you sway.
My hands ache with nothing left to grab on to.
The warmth hidden behind those jeans.
How could you say these lies
Knowing that I am waiting.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
The way my hands grip you.
Each moment slipping through my fingers.
Not knowing you didn't plan on coming back.
Your sway imprinted on my hands.
This walk a reminder of how I waited.
Anticipating this time spent with you.
How could you say these lies.
My hands filled with brown skin.
Squeezed tight
Cuffed beneath the bottom of your jeans.
Finally realizing you never planned on coming back.
Your sway
Those jeans.
Your warmth forever leaving my hands.
& here I am
Still anticipating this time,
Spent with you
yosemite Jan 15
i wear the same thrift store jeans everyday
and everyday she’ll laugh and say
that my archaic woven belt sits right above
that huge hole hovering above my wallet
and whatever colorful shade of gray
underwear i wear that day
will reflect the cool nudes in her gibbous eyes
and i’m just happy she’s talking to me
$1.99, calvin klein, light blue
I might cry in front of you
You were leaning on your car seat of your
Standard blue jeep wrangler
I could carve you of rock
If I knew how to carve
Your eyes are deep like black holes ******* in light and time
I didn't want it to end
You make me feel like I was on fire
Burgundy on my face
Ash on my forehead
I had never met someone who has a sun for a soul
It envelopes everything in its path
Slowly taking over the much smaller star I call a soul
It wasn't catastrophic
Nor tragic
The way it was so easy to be overwhelmed by your smile
How I'd be cold when you were gone
But on fire when you were near
You should come with a warning
Like cutting onion
anything you do could move me to tears
This is a warning I could cry in front of you
A sun for a soul

A diamond for a smile
inspired by the song Death Cup by Mom Jeans theres a hidden message in this one but im just going to tell you originally this was about how im gonna cry when this thing between us is over and im going to be really hurt
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
this is my favorite pair of jeans.
they fit my legs tight and then loose and the color keeps to itself.

this is my favorite sweater.
it keeps me warm and it’s the color of moss.

i’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days, but i’ve showered between those days
i’ve been seeing you for a week but you’ve talked to your girlfriend between those days.
my neighbor threw my clothes on the floor cause he needed the dryer
so now i have to wash them all over again and i don’t have $3,
the machine ate two so i only have one left

your copy of rear window is on my floor.
your copy of monty python is on my floor.

thick hair, thick hands, thick wool,
i’m thinning but you’re only getting warmer

i’m tired of men entering my life and taking all of my heat right before winter comes.
i’ve been told
many times
that my eyes
are the color
of the ocean.
just like my
mom’s eyes.

the color of
the sky after
a rain storm,
young flowers,
a little lighter
than the blue
on a walmart bag,
a worn jean jacket.

i think i like
ocean the best-
i miss it the most.
Anya Oct 2018
My mom got me a pair
of blue jeans
I never used to wear
Buttoning and zipping
was a pain

Then we got a dress code
And jeans
I could wear
But not blue
Too casual

And so they sat forgotten
Until a few years later
In a rush
I grabbed something
to wear
and it was
My blue jeans
And you know what? I don't look half bad.
rosie Jun 2018
it’s funny how passion that fills you up to overflow and floods through your system can fade so fast.

like your favorite pair of jeans, made to last, but one day you look back and they aren’t the same.
they don’t fit the same way,
the color isn’t there.
the brightness and perfect feeling is gone.
and yeah they still fit, but it’s gone from a ****, heady-feeling fit to a soft comfortable daily-existence fit. i don’t know if i’m talking about jeans anymore.

passion fades, so do jeans.

but that doesn’t mean your favorite pair of jeans isn’t still your favorite pair. it’s just a different kind of favorite, they’re your favorite because they’ve stuck through it all with you, because there’s memories with those jeans, because there’s nostalgia and pictures and good times and god suddenly that passion is flooding through you again, rich and full and sweeter now.

so what if passion fades, you had it. it’s in there somewhere, and there’s nothing quite like those jeans to bring it back out of you.
shower thoughts...thank you to any readers **
Hg Jun 2018
there were 2 at 2:22
1 was me and 1 was you

we took the night to pick our brains
open our thoughts and share our pains

you said you'd wear 2 pairs of jeans
cause kids thought you were too skinny

i said i think that love's a trick
cause everybody falls for it

you said you don’t know til you try
i said that is exactly why
then you read words within a prose
to my surprise they’re ones you wrote
i said i write poetry too
when i don’t know what else to do
cause paper is weightless, judgeless, dead
and pain weighs less outside your head
there were 2 at 2:22
the exact time of when i knew
for 2 poets to be happy
nothing on earth’s more unlikely
1 and 1 could make us 2
but fall for love i cannot do

i’m sorry if i made more pain
when i left and said nothing
But the drifting shadows of memories once made.
Life's little whisps of time
that beam from the glittering eyes of loved ones
Gently mixing with the water colors
of sentiment and desire
Forever painting our slumbering wishes
across the eternal pages
of hopeful tomorrows
Another poem inspired by the beauty in my life
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