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Jeremy Betts Feb 4
I don't have enough room up there for it to be all in my head
From the heaping piles of motionless dreams strewn across the floor, looking pretty dead
To the racks on racks on racks in multiple mile high stacks of things I wish I'd not said
Can't put the issues to rest if I myself can't drum up the will to get out of bed
It's not strictly fear I feel whilst preparing for checkout, it's the overbearing weight of dread

Francis Nov 2023
(Why do you look at drinking as such a nasty thing?)

Oh, no reason.
It’s a silly little beverage,
That twisted and turned,
My childhood to shambles,
All because it was who ‘he’ was.

Oh, you’re right,
I’m just being dramatic,
It was just my innocence,
After all,
Silly me.
My ex girlfriend once gave me criticism over my negative viewpoints on people (her) who make drinking their personality. Let’s dissect this:
Farah Taskin Jun 2022
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I was forged from the fire of will
I burn bright
To signal a new hope
To instill
Bill Nellist Jun 2021
Before I could move I laid very still,
Drawing breath seconds settling as snowfall,
Alone except for a cast iron will,
Waiting for the moment that I could crawl,

Somewhere I might drag myself to my feet,
To stand firm sheltered beneath drifted time,
Defying both gravity and defeat,
Just me and this cast iron will of mine,

Before I chose to be still I could move,
I roamed where I wished tasted love sublime,
Gone now is the one who would heal and soothe,
Returned to source like snowflakes, tears of brine,

Before I could move I had to be still,
Remember my strength my cast iron will.
to thunder, the pond swells
in summer, it diminishes
when its streams and brooks die
a thousand plants-
and a hundred fish-
rot and swelter in it

to rain, it lives and breathes
the ebb and flow of raindrops
when from its banks break
a thousand droplets-
a hundred streams-
blooms in its spirit

men wait not for the rain,
nor does he diminish in heat
in his soul contained to find,
a great typhoon-
angered by his passion,
calmed when he sulks

in each awaits catastrophe,
one as different, none the same-
all as fated to start as one
feel the wind, heat, and rain
feel it now, again and again
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
How far is your will to go?
To forget.
Any chance you find to use.

How strong is that will?
To do the unthinkable.
You take the danger, no consequences.

How long will you hold out till your mind turns on you?
Be careful, be aware, and take care.
Our relationship is plastic
our relationship is suffocating
never beyond the surface
your attitude I'm hating

You need to open up
Show me the nice and ugly side
I got patience, I will wait
I am not the one who must decide
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
"You need to open up"
Vulnerability but with no choice
She is ready to listen
I speak, forcing my voice.

Sacrifying my will
to make her happy and proud
Her silence is so heavy
Her silence is so loud
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
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