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Dita Nov 24
Is it true?
Somebody picked at her fire.
Flames radically grew mighty and symbolic,
newly ignited from the heat of conduction.
No amount of water would drown the luminous light,
she cried out in curiosity.
A lifetime spent designing her peace,
submissive to her needs and wants.

Please visit whenever you'd like,
how heavenly have I become?
*** parting the sea
When Moses struck it with his staff
Is a universal example
Of the necessity of both
And Effort.
Allah doesn't look for our belief alone, he wants us to believe that He will make it turn out the way it is best for us, while using our willpower to take effort in carrying out our actions.
Consider this for trusting medicine.
i know a man who steals.
slowly slipping treasures
into those darkened pockets
of a trenchcoat with no soul.  
tumbling down deeper,
further into an endless abyss
so that if i ever may find him
and reach into those pockets
my fingers will reach out
and merely graze the felted sides
and the emptiness below.
he will flash a crooked smile
with eyes full of mischief
and simply laugh at my endeavor,
"girl, those arms of yours
will never grow again
never be able to grasp
all that you seek."
and as tricky as he may be
he will fail to see the strength
that hides in this heart of mine.
a spirit that tears the stitching
of a conniving crook's pocket
from his very own coat.
everything of mine once stolen
-- my happiness
-- my imagination
-- my willpower
will soon be returned
as it was many years before.
the man's name was age.
let's stay young forever
Stay strong in all conscience
So that nothing can stop
No eclipse can shade

Spend more time in being
Let the consciousness aloof
Let the sequel show
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Taming mind
Lyn-Purcell Aug 9
Something so sacred that people
don't treasure, they defile it.
One of my own personal beliefs.
I was very close to making a mistake, but I'm glad I didn't.
The pressures of society got to me, to the point that my head was so muddled. I was weak-willed, then.
Looking back now, I'm grateful that I didn't fully succumb to it.
And now, my will has been strengthened.
Lyn ***
I can't save you,
You know that.
I can't keep shaping Our reality
Around the designs Of tomorrows dreams when we are wearing Yesterdays shoes.

If only the laces didn't take so long
To untie.

Your love of the past Is like
bleeding With the sharks
And soon there will be only one of us.
Just one to complain about
The familiar warmth of this ****** Blanket while the north star
Weaves its beckoning spell
Easier said then done.
You must have some kind of illness sticking your nose in my business a whole lot of shade thrown at me lately
Been catching a lot of hate daily
You been saying my name like it's going out of style
Take a page out of your book
If you wanna make a joke at my own expense just save it and say it to my face
I have 8 years
Show me what a real convict is
I am the one who has to face my consequences yes i am powerless but i dont need it shoved in my face every day
Brad post Apr 17
You’ve already taken,
all that I had.
My ambition, my drive,
even my dreams have turned bad.

I can’t keep doing this,
you're killing me ya know.
It took a long time to realize,
I was out of control.

I thought you were helping,
at first it was fun.
You helped me relax,
but I have to be done.

Some days I don’t miss you,
and others it’s ****.
I wish I could forget you,
but I miss your smell.

How can you be so seductive,
and dangerous too?
And why don’t I seem normal,
unless I have you?

Today is bad,
I need you I think.
My brain won’t shut up,
and sanity’s on the brink.

You intoxicate me,
you literally do.
I’m wasting away though,
and that’s literal too.

So please stay away,
and get out of my head.
Let me live my life,
without so much dread.

Today’s a bad day,
I’ll try to be strong.
I think I can do it,
but I don’t know for how long.
Jack won....
PM Mar 15
Everything I feel proud of possessing :
my openness,
my honesty,
my discipline,
my kindness and
my skill with words - delving deep into them to find the solace I need - only seems to be improving with age.

The one thing that I deeply want and need, however, seems to be decreasing as each second ticks by - a little bit of courage.
Tom Mar 5
all i want is to fight
against my failing will

raise up my hands
and rid myself of ill
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