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Maria Mitea Oct 2020
I stand on my two feet and I  Refuse,

I refuse to take this world seriously,

be a follower, and be their believer,

I Refuse,

Persuade me - force me -
 - I  stubbornly refuse to take this world seriously,

I do have the right to refuse -at least -

- Do not judge me!

We don’t need more eyes to see
and more ears  - we don’t need deeper holes in our heads to better hear the lies,

I won’t run away,

I  use my right - I Refuse - to take this mad world  seriously,
Calleen May 2020
Goverments, royalty and big corporations,
Slowly over taking every nation,
Poison in the water,
Poison in the food,
It is no wonder we wake in a foul mood.
Follow us blindly like good little sheep, we still your freedoms while you flutter and sleep,
Do not question, only repeat,
Follow our orders and gain our ****,
**** away blindly you silly little fools, you will not see us bend the nations rules.
This is our little bubble that you will not burst,
It is your freedoms that we thirst!
Julia Feb 2019
i have an Uncle
he steals my money
he steals my ****
and burns it all
in front of me

i have an Uncle
who’s a misogynist and racist
a murderer and ******
a fascist and a terrorist
he stole my Fathers’ lands
he beats my Mother’s womb

he is addicted to white powder
black blood and green gold
he worships forces
to seize control
over every mind, body, and soul
my Uncle belongs in prison
but he owns those too
written on 10/19/18
Kagey Sage Jun 2018
City lights, I romanticize
the energy for security crimes
by the hegemonic infrastructure
corporations mindfuck ya
Must got some artifact from the Tomb of Ra

Set up in God country
where you you can get peaches by the sack
and its more convenient
to practice environmental hierarchy

No need to provide septic tanks to tenants
when you can live so close to the sun
Go out into the parking lot
where there's county subsidized petrol tar
Fry and egg and toast the bun
Hey buy me a Mac
And a soda pop fizzin
Suprise *** for your body
If you were in prison

Its easy, its cheap
Its a kardashian wife
It will fill you up a while
And shave years off your life

Whats even in it?
Not even god really knows
You gotta get sherlock holmes
To deduce what you chose

Hey kids have some more
They dont want you to finish
Mow it, chow it, and don't stop
till your shaped like grimace

Every combo
Has a number one through six
But they are all number twos
If you can catch my drift

What did you expect
They turned your smile to a frown
Just like the rest of the world
place is ran by a clown

Looks so inviting
Mac's appeal, is so discreet
But they're more about the land

And you are what you eat
Sometimes a poet is lover
Sometimes a friend
Sometimes a key to a door
Always a pain in the end

When a person must fight they find the darndest weapons.

To my local chippy - they're Korean-
to order a Kitkat deepfried in batter.
Odds of survival beat Macky Dee's
cold pasteurised faecal matter.
some say
the world is out of kilter

others predict
that things are always getting worse
and humankind is doomed
to some terrible  
    though unspecified  

yet others see the second coming
of their god within their lifetime

    ‘no future’ seems to be
    the fashion of the day

what if
     rather than just complain
     about how wrong things are
     feel sorry for ourselves
     and conjure up the end of our days
we take some action
don’t leave decisions in the hands
     of corporations and ‘professionals’ and the 1%
    of politicians who are puppets
    of lobbyists and billionaires

what if
     the 99% wake up and cast their votes
     in their own interest
rather than that of candidates
     who eloquently advocate
     simple solutions for complex problems
          without knowing it
     that they really have no clue
     what they are talking about
what if
     we decide to elect leaders
     who actually drink the water they are preaching
     who after they’re elected also walk their talk      
     stick to their programs
     keep their promises
     to make
           with our help
    the world a better place

what if ……
Somehow, lately poems on ths site have been a bit too defeatist & depressed  .... democracy, equality, peace are never safe and ALWAYS everybody's effort to be maintained!
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