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Jan 17 · 140
Wayward Jan 17
Screams all around me,
There's chaos I cannot control.
Yet there's a subtle calm inside me,
Because I don't get into trouble.
I watch the flying words of hate and anger,
Curling its hands around the throat of its victim.
They don't know, you cant choke someone who doesn't breathe freely
Amidst the noise, my cry for help is still the loudest.
If only someone were to hear me.
I don't know. There were fights around me and I wanted to be the better person and not respond to any of them. Hence this lil piece was born.
May 2020 · 149
Do you?
Wayward May 2020
Do you?
Tell me, do you feel all the space between us?
All the unsaid words?
Is it just me that suffocates in silence?

I wonder if I drove myself to this insanity.
Thinking. Feeling. Thinking. Worrying
Why do I do this to myself?

Do you?
Tell me, do you feel the break in your heart?
The fear that surrounds you
The fear of being lonely

I wonder if I could have saved myself
What if I never felt the warmth of your love?
I wouldn’t have to feel the winter of loneliness that creeps on me

Do you?
Tell me, do you long to go back in time?
A time where nothing mattered but each other
A time where you loved me freely

I wonder if I hadn’t taken those times for granted
Would I be pining for one more, just one more kiss?
Would I feel the same hollowness that swallows me whole?

Do you?
Do you still love me as I love you?
Apr 2020 · 262
Maybe If I Knew
Wayward Apr 2020
Maybe if I knew it was the last I could have held you closer
Maybe if I knew it was the last I would have loved you better
I’d kiss a little slow,
And hug a little tight
Prepare to fall and not break apart,
I’d do it all again,
If I had another chance,
I couldn’t give up without trying
Maybe if I knew it was the last I could have held you closer
Maybe if I knew it was the last I would have loved you better

They teach you to love, but not about the heartache,
The pain becomes too much with every breath that I take.
I can’t stop asking why,
We had to say goodbye,
You can’t just say it’ll be alright.
My scars know that’s a lie,
My tears have all run dry,
Can’t even get through this night.

Maybe if I knew it was the last I could have held you closer
Maybe if I knew it was the last I would have loved you better
I’d kiss a little slow,
And hug a little tight
Prepare to fall and not break apart,
I’d do it all again,
If I had another chance,
I couldn’t give up without trying

Maybe if I knew it was the last I could have loved you better
Maybe if I knew it was the last I would have loved you harder
Well, it's been a year since I had an inspiration. This is based on someone's true-life story.
May 2019 · 342
Demons and Clowns
Wayward May 2019
These pools of black, and heart of glass will not survive the pain.
The ups and downs, demons and clowns will haunt me till the end.
And I can't help but wonder,
If I can get through without a blunder.
Maybe we could go back to the place we were,
The smiles in pain, the lies, and cries, and heartbreak,
The love in hate, the real in fake, could we get past these mistakes?
Because these pools of black and this heart of glass will not survive the pain.
The ups and downs, demons and clowns will haunt you till the end.
I'm going to build a song y'all
Mar 2019 · 461
Wayward Mar 2019
What is it about you that holds me smitten? Is it,

These hands,
These hands that send me to ecstasy.
These hands that entwine with mine.
These very hands that hold me close to you.

These lips,
These lips that caress my body, loving me, kissing me.
These lips that whisper "I love you".
These lips that entitle me as yours.

These eyes,
These eyes that look into my soul.
These eyes that hold promises of tomorrow.
These eyes that are drunk with love, love for me.
These eyes that see me and accept me for who I am.

This heart,
This heart that cares for me.
This heart that would chose me over and over again.
This heart that loves me.
This heart that belongs to me.
Oh the fantasy.
O hope y'all experience a love like this
Stay weird, stay wayward!
Much love xoxo
Feb 2019 · 501
Stone Cold
Wayward Feb 2019
Stone cold, is my soul.
You want it Satan? Consider it sold!
I want to scream it loud,
That I’ve got no hold,
On what I’m gonna to do,
What I’m gonna say,
Who I’m gonna be, anymore.
I feel myself slipping away, it ain’t no joke.
Now let’s not ignore the person I was, Before
He, the Lord,
Decided I had to be ripped apart and torn,
Burned down to the ground.
That person had to be mourned.
From the ashes, I rose.
I couldn’t feel anymore.
The numbness inside me roared.
Love couldn’t be restored.
What am I doing? What exactly is my role?
Now that I’m stone cold.
Why do I write such sad stuff lol. Tell you what, I'm going to write about something happy for y'all next time xD
Feb 2019 · 480
A Strangled Cry
Wayward Feb 2019
A strangled cry,
A scream.
As loud as a whisper,
Screeching yet unheard.
Who's to save this damsel?
Who brought on her distress?
A heart of glass she bore.
Were the shattered glass pieces.
On and on she picks what she can find,
But what's lost is gone forever.

                                                       ­                           -Wayward❤
I don't even know what this is. This is a little different from my usual writing style. Have fun lol
Much love! Stay safe, stay wayward!
Dec 2018 · 485
Wayward Dec 2018
Family: a group of persons of common ancestry

What is a family when they make you cry?
What is a family when they don't hear your sobs?
What is a family when they let you down?
What is a a family when they don't help you back up?
What is a family when they condemn you?
What is a family when they don't appreciate you?
What is a family when they can't support you?
What is a family when they don't value you?

Why call it a family?
Being bound by blood does not justify the term.
Where is the love, the respect, and the happiness?
Don't they see the suffocation they put me through?

Been a little isolated from my family recently.....
I don't really like this poem lol but I wanted to let it out somewhere
Dec 2018 · 483
Strangled Whisper
Wayward Dec 2018
It's easy to pretend like everything's okay.
Smile and nod. Smile and nod.
Repeat the process all day long,
Until you're drowning in your tears, back in the safety of your room.
Let the river of salt wash away your sins and sorrows.
A smile creeps back when you're done, manual and mechanical.
And you go on and on and on.
Repeating the process all over again.
Till you choke and suffocate in your own pool of tears.
A strangled whisper escapes your lips, but is there anyone out there to hear you?
"Its going to be alright", they said.
Soothing lies. Bitter soothing lies.
Will you ever be able to pull yourself out?
Or will you let the fingers of your past strangle you?

                                                           ­                     -Wayward❤
I don't know guys. This was written in between a mental breakdown lol. I thought it was relatable. Anyway, if you're going through the same ****, I'm sorry for you and let me tell you this: It gets better, but it takes a lot of time. Stay patient and ignore the **** world. Work on yourself and become the best version of yourself. Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Nothing feels better than that. Much love xoxo
Nov 2018 · 3.9k
The Girl Who Fell
Wayward Nov 2018
She watched as the predator made his move,
Red flags of caution flashed in her head.
She knew his feelings wouldn’t be true,
Yet she couldn’t stop thinking about him as she lay in bed.

She had seen far too worse in the name of love,
But something about her predator seemed to captivate her.
She promised to be careful, that was her vow,
But every time she saw him she knew they’d end up together.

A glance turned into a chat and a chat turned into a touch.
With every passing day he stopped being a predator.
She told herself she'd be stubborn and not budge,
But she was breaking and his affection was her sedative.

It wasn't long before their hearts bridged the gap,
It wasn’t long before their lips met for a kiss.
It wasn’t long before she fell into the trap,
It wasn’t long before she couldn’t resist.

She was finally being accepted for who she really was,
And could bid her insecurities farewell.
She allowed herself to move on from the scars,
And cherished being the girl who fell.

                                                          ­    -Wayward❤
This is a chick flick in the form of a poetry. So I tried my best to portray an alternate rhyming scheme. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Oct 2018 · 566
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Wayward Oct 2018
I look into the mirror, admiring what I see,
Oh the soft curves, there's no one else I'd rather be,
Is she a queen or is she a slave?
Who is the girl that I see in front of me?

Now I see a woman, independent and sweet.
A respected wife and a loving mother of three.
Is she really content or is she just compromised?
Who is the woman I see in front of me?

As time goes by, so does my age,
I hate what I see, we're no longer on the same page,
All these liars praise my non-existent youth,
But oh the mirror shows me the truth.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why are you the cruelest of them all?
Show me the day that I once believed,
That I was the prettiest maiden that ever lived.
Beauty and vanity is such an unexplored concept. We spend hours admiring or hating ourselves. It takes a certain level of maturity to love yourself and accept what you are. Much love xoxo
Sep 2018 · 710
The Fallen
Wayward Sep 2018
A fallen angel, is what you are.
They cut off your wings and left a scar.
Uniquity was a crime that was unforgiven.
And forever you were banished from heaven.

What dragged you down to the depths of hell?
Was it really necessary to rebel?
It was your courage to take a stand.
Even when you knew you’d receive reprimand.

Fallen or not, angel you remained.
Follow your dreams, love, don’t be ashamed.
You don’t need wings to rise high,
You are your own limit, it's not the sky.
I'm at a cross roads in my life right now. I recently dropped out from an engineering college to follow a field of my interest. Somewhere in the middle of all the drama around me, I whipped this little poem out.
So, for anyone going through a similar situation, don't let anything stop you from following your dreams/passion.
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
A Beautiful Mistake
Wayward Sep 2018
I told myself I'd never fall again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I wouldn't love again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never trust again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never truly smile again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never be able to laugh again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never be loved again,
Yet here I am.
I  told myself I'd never be happy again,
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd stay happy.
Yet here I am.
I told myself I'd never cry over you,
Yet here I am.
I told myself you'd always be there for me,
Yet here we are, far apart.

Oh the beautiful lies and the false hope we gave ourselves.
When will we learn to descend
From the fantasy that we built
Farewell love, I'm glad that we met
Random, hazy, raw, and true
That's what I was going for.
Exploring out of the rhyme scheme and basic metaphor.
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
The Pleasure In Pain
Wayward Aug 2018
The silver light reflected off of the blade.
She knew what she had to do to numb the pain.
She had seen too much, but lived too little.
She couldn't go on, her heart was brittle.

The light that reflected, danced in the night.
She blocked her memories, and blocked her fright.
She reminded herself of the reasons she had,
And forgot about the ones that weren't that bad.

She watched the blade tickle her skin.
And blinked the tears that ran down her chin.
She looked at herself for one last time,
And pushed all her thoughts out of her mind.

She felt the blood gush out her veins.
She let out a sigh, and took pleasure in the pain.
She felt the life slip out of her body,
And let those around her feel sorry.
This is completely inspired by 13 Reasons why.
Aug 2018 · 492
And Her Castle Burned
Wayward Aug 2018
She watched the flames consume her land,
She watched her castle turn to ash.
All she wanted was to be saved.
But there was no King to her salvage.

She knew she'll make it out alive,
But she looked out at her kingdom with a sigh.
She knew she built her walls too high,
Locking up everything she loved, inside.

She knew it was time to move on,
All that she'd ever known, was now gone.
Her frayed gown swayed to the wind,
As she walked away, leaving her kingdom behind.

I have no idea why I wrote this or what I was trying to convey. Probably, my worst ever poem. I'll work on a nice one today. This one's specifically inspired by Alec Benjamin.
Aug 2018 · 13.9k
As Free As A Bird In A Cage
Wayward Aug 2018
She laid in her cage, her feathers combed,
She was a beautiful red parrot.
She was taught what to speak and taught how to be,
But she lived imprisoned in a cage.

She was looked after well, and she lived with class,
But this wasn't where she longed to be.
She stared out the window, at the bright, blue sky,
And wondered how it would be if she could fly.

She had everything that she'd ever want.
But why did she feel so dull and lost?
What would her life be outside this cage?
All these questions burned inside her with rage.

She longed to live of her own free will.
She wished she could be released.
But alas! She'd live and grow old in age,
As free as a bird in a cage.
This is a little inspired by my own life I guess. Strict parents and all that. Another quick shirt one! Hope you like it!
Jul 2018 · 17.6k
Mr. Cuddles
Wayward Jul 2018
I was born out of fur and cotton,
With eyes that were shiny, black buttons.
From the store rack, I always watched the distant tree.
But one fine day, this little girl picked me.

My owner handled me with great care.
I was, after all, her beloved teddy bear.
I seemed to be her biggest comfort,
When she couldn't sleep or she felt troubled.

Years passed by and so did my time.
The little girl didn't need her teddy when she cried.
As I lay with the other toys in the attic,
I realized that my short life was quite tragic.

"Mr. Cuddles! Your child's best friend!"
But who's going to care about me in the end?
I played my part. I stayed with you.
But in the end this is what it came to.

Mr. Cuddles, the lonely one.
Who lies in the attic with his fur undone.
The cotton keeps falling out of his limb,
The once happy bear now lays grim.

I attempted personification for the first time. I kind of relate to this poem though. I feel like Mr. Cuddles. And that somehow is my greatest fear. I fear being unloved and forgotten. I hope I got the message delivered in the poem.
Wayward Jul 2018
"A pen is mightier than a sword", they say.
But what does a pen do better than a blade?
Slay a dragon, slay a man
One draws blood and the other brings emotion.

"It's a waste of time", they all chimed.
A silly allotment of words that rhyme.
A metaphor lies deep inside,
To understand it, they lack insight.

"Why do you write?", they repeatedly ask.
"Is it for fame?Or just a fun game?"
I write to express what I fail to show.
It's my little escape from all the chaos.

It's rather short but it's a random one so I'll let this one pass through xD
Jul 2018 · 78.3k
A Broken Heart, A Lost Soul
Wayward Jul 2018
What is it about you that haunts me?
I let you go so I can set you free.
You meant everything to me and we were forever,
But it isn't our time to be together.  

I was completely lost before I met you.
You gave me reason to live and direction to follow.
But now we're back at square one,
And the loneliness has already begun.

I promised you I'd never leave.
You promised never to let go of me.
Yet here we are, far apart in distance and in thought.
I wonder how we'd be if we hadn't fought.

Blocking is a blessing, and you used it well.
I regret my decision, now I'm in hell.
A life without you, is no life at all.
I just wish you'd pick up my call.

With several attempts I lost faith.
I think it's goodbye, this is our fate.
I'll always wonder if I made a mistake,
If I could've avoided all our heartache.

                                                     ­             -Wayward❤
I didn't really know how else to let go of my emotions. Its really bad, I agree, but I needed some sort of an outlet for the hurt I was feeling. Much love.

It's really sad that so many of you can relate to this poem. I'm so sorry for whatever you're going through. Stay safe loves!
Jul 2018 · 768
Is It Really Love?
Wayward Jul 2018
I was in love once, my young heart believed as much.
I dreamed of romance and the jitters began in my stomach.
A feeling so raw, a feeling filled with passion.
That erased all flaws and flooded compassion.

I was in love once, or so I assumed.
I wish I had realized earlier but I was too consumed.
An emotion that strong could ruin me anytime.
But I strung along despite knowing it was a crime.

I was in love once, well that was a joke.
I fell down a hole, and saw that it was a hoax.
I finally had the courage to open my eyes,
To suppress my cries and see through the lies.

I never knew what love was, I realized with regret.
It choked me to death, that was its effect.
Someday, an honest true love might approach,
'Til then, this young heart rests alone.
Well, I don't know what I was going for in this poem. I just let the words flow out. I think it has a few mixed feelings, but I wanted to represent misinterpreted young infatuation, as love. We've all been there xD
Jul 2018 · 476
Suicide, A Song To Sing
Wayward Jul 2018
There are times when you feel your heart shatter,
You'll hear it break, but it won't matter,
You'll reach a point when you can't care,
And emotions become a weakness you can't bear.

What breaks you, you'll never know.
It could be a friend or a foe.
You try and try to hold on tight,
But nothing you do turns out right.

You lie awake, night after night in bed.
You don't let anyone see the tears that you shed.
And in that one misguided moment you decide,
That your only way out is suicide.

The idea of death consumes your mind,
The thought of not hurting anymore makes you blind.
And when you finally reach a dead end,
You welcome death like an old friend.

There's nothing inspiring about this subject but I wanted to take a different approach for once. To spread negativity or to promote this isn't my objective. Its just a thought.
Jun 2018 · 523
Wayward Jun 2018
It’s time for you to let go,
For me to learn and grow.
To spread my wings and fly,
As my goals are as high as the sky.

It’s time to see from my point of view,
Not many choose this path, just a few.
All I want is for you to believe,
That at the end of the day I will succeed.

It’s time to bid goodbye.
Not for long, just for a while.
Life’s a game of hide and seek.
With each one’s journey incredibly unique.
Jun 2018 · 444
I wish
Wayward Jun 2018
I wish I never never met you,
I wish I never loved you,
I wish I never let my world revolve around you.

We try to make things right,
But lately all we do is fight.
I’m so tired of crying myself to sleep every night.

I try so hard to believe,
That there’s no reason for me to leave.
But you keep pushing me away,
Even when I fight so hard to stay.

I wish we had a happy end,
But there’s so much for us to mend.
I wish you all the best,
To God, I leave the rest.


— The End —