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Wayward Aug 2018
The silver light reflected off of the blade.
She knew what she had to do to numb the pain.
She had seen too much, but lived too little.
She couldn't go on, her heart was brittle.

The light that reflected, danced in the night.
She blocked her memories, and blocked her fright.
She reminded herself of the reasons she had,
And forgot about the ones that weren't that bad.

She watched the blade tickle her skin.
And blinked the tears that ran down her chin.
She looked at herself for one last time,
And pushed all her thoughts out of her mind.

She felt the blood gush out her veins.
She let out a sigh, and took pleasure in the pain.
She felt the life slip out of her body,
And let those around her feel sorry.
This is completely inspired by 13 Reasons why.
XyL0S May 2018
But you only see the face
And the way I smile,
You wont even want to know
The number of flaws I hide...

The tales of parties, gossips
And my pictures online
But I might never let you know
The stories behind...

Cause you're too innocent to be spoiled
You're the reason I feel WANTED not REQUIRED,

      I might never let it show,
It could be recovery,
      I feel unworthy somehow...
It's just like when you stop arguing with someone when it doesn't personally bother you, but you need the sound of silence...becausw you feel the hurt of the other one, or the hurt another word that slips might give.

— The End —