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Jul 2018
I was in love once, my young heart believed as much.
I dreamed of romance and the jitters began in my stomach.
A feeling so raw, a feeling filled with passion.
That erased all flaws and flooded compassion.

I was in love once, or so I assumed.
I wish I had realized earlier but I was too consumed.
An emotion that strong could ruin me anytime.
But I strung along despite knowing it was a crime.

I was in love once, well that was a joke.
I fell down a hole, and saw that it was a hoax.
I finally had the courage to open my eyes,
To suppress my cries and see through the lies.

I never knew what love was, I realized with regret.
It choked me to death, that was its effect.
Someday, an honest true love might approach,
'Til then, this young heart rests alone.
Well, I don't know what I was going for in this poem. I just let the words flow out. I think it has a few mixed feelings, but I wanted to represent misinterpreted young infatuation, as love. We've all been there xD
Written by
Wayward  19/F/Universe
     Fawn and Rick the shoe shine boy
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