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Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
We always look at the moon
admiring its light
holding hands with one another
wishing upon a star
that lies around the aura of the moon's brightness

we seem to seek out
only what makes us happier
instead of appreciating
the dark side
sprinkled with inverted light
we don't appreciate
the beautiful disaster
that showed us
how to grow
with the pain
Chanel Dior Jan 8
Most days I smile,
most days I  rule the world.
most days I let people see me shine
most days I conquer sadness
most days I am a dreamer.
most days I let my mind set sail on my wildest requests.

But not today;
see today I am in a bed of tears,
drowning helplessly in my sorrows.
Today I let the world see my dull eyes and worn down smile.
No see,today I lost to my sadness and it conquered me,
defeated me, today I feel like my heart is six feet under.
Today I dream of better days,
I dream the dark clouds could vanish with a wave of a hand.
Today I dream I didn't hate myself so much.
Today, my mind has gone on a quest to find happiness,true happiness.
Though today its hard, its hard to collect my thoughts when they've only been scattered like breadcrumbs.
Today love feels undeserving.

Maybe my tomorrow will be promising,
or maybe not.
Maybe i'll continue drowning,
losing myself and others around me.
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mysilentvoice Dec 2018
That was the night that everything
The night I no longer felt beautiful
When I felt less like a person
And more like a body.
That was the night that I lost all my
When he says he just wants a cup of coffee
But I expect something more.
That was the night that I truly felt
Towards him.
Towards myself.
I gave him the wrong impression.
I never said no.
It was my fault.
It was my fault.
It was my fault.
But maybe
Just maybe
It wasn’t.
Summer Nov 2018
“Poem for Paul”

He carries a revolver in his hand
He tells me he hopes he’s going to the promise land
Playing Russian roulette wishing for death
He carried that revolver for around for 12 hours never feeling safe or sound
His soul weeped and his heart cried
He so badly just wanted the pain to step outside
He smoked and he drank to feel more than just pain
He said his heart was broken and it could never be replaced and his sins couldn’t be washed away
He said his soul was like black tar ******
And after those words I knew I would never see him again
I knew the old us was the end us
But my heart still beats for him and I wish I could comfort him
His soul was purer than he thought
He used to talk me out of my suicidal thoughts
Losing him would be like losing my other half
I would be dark and cold submerged in a bath
His voice is so sad and his eyes are so black
I wish he wasn’t being attacked
I just wish I could win his soul back.
Milan Oct 2018
I am a lair, I am a cheat
I fooled myself to believe
everything around me, I understand,
but now I can't, I can't pretend,
I'm losing my ways, my soul's been hit
my life is headed towards a bottomless pit.

Abandoning the oasis, I pursued a mirage
ended up in a swamp now I can't get away
I'm being pulled down by the gravity of hate.
On this fathomless desert, I'm stranded; alone and scared
scorching heat, freezing cold; fearing life that I never cared,
Each day clinging to the flickers of hope
that one of these days someone will come to my rescue,
a wanderer such as myself or an angel, I don't know
or I'll just be drowned here without a clue.
Tired and lone now I laugh at time's stern jape
knitting the sad iffy dreams of my escape.
Craving for freedom from the prison of existence..
Milan Oct 2018
Cranberry juice spilled around
coffee stains on her shirt,
motionless her legs
emotionless her heart,
cold breeze tickled her ear
her dog wanting to play,
all anxious for her song
yet not even a word she would say.

Mother called her a thousand times
"baby wake up! it's getting late",
father with intention to lure, asked
"Who will eat this chocolate cake?"
But still to no avail
while the day grew warmer, her feet went cold,
aesthetic was that smile on her face
pearly tears from her eyes, they rolled.

Into a dream, so alluring and big
she ventured far and forgot to come home,
she ran afar from here
into a nirvana, so snug yet forlorn,
The angels welcomed her with songs
mother fare-welled with stopped heart and teared face,
father sat there frozen and weak
her little doll now gone, staring that chocolate cake,
whispers all around, blames on god
the dog still looking for his friend to chase,
who will tell this little puppy now
that heaven stole his friend, never will he see her face,
now in heaven surely there would be dance I swear
but on earth, only dark clouds and tears of blood everywhere.
Into an everlasting dream...
I have always been
the one with a hungry heart.

I will swallow you whole, even
if it tears me apart.
Keisha Felix Aug 2018
Why does it feel like I cannot come to terms with the inevitability of heartache?

My body is in the process of failing me, because the war inside my head is never-ending.
I am not your safe place.

My hands have become cowards, unable to hold onto the last little hope I see glimpses of.

Why does it feel like I have failed you?
I have dug myself out of the darkness, convinced that you were the light, but I cannot be that.
I am not your safe place.

Why does it feel like I am suffocating the both of us?
I hold my breath. I release it.
Have I given up? Is this me giving up?
Why is this lump in my throat bigger than me?

You cannot cry with me. Why is this room so quiet? The silence is deafening. I have become a war-zone, fighting demons that are not my own.

I am not your safe place. I am not love.
You are the epitome of dysfunction. I am poison.

Why can I not see further than this pit of brokenness I find myself in?
I am sorry. I am not your safe place
danahslade99 Aug 2018
Melt in lands
In an abyss of

Harm supressed;
Between two palms pressed
Remind us we are

Descending to a
Solitary fate
Where days

Glue me
To my memories
Cold cruelty and

An attempt at shadowing
The untamed.
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