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thana evreux Dec 2020
you painted red on my lips
wider than my mouth,
reeking with insecurities
you pulled my teeth out.

you wiped my gushing tears
put mascara on my eyes,
pouring envy you stapled them
and bleed my ears with lies.

you tied a blue ribbon on my dress,
swore darkness in between my hands.
scathing my heart with loneliness,
you clipped strings on my arms and legs.

when the spotlight unfolds the curtains
a wild puppet show, their clap and cheers—
burried the screams of my agony and pain.
all they see on me was a smile from afar,
blinding flashes of camera hides all my scars.

after my tickets got sold—i surrendered
writing death on my palms, and when
i kissed the tip of blade with my wrist
that’s when i finally found my peace.

for you are a foe disguised as my friend,
and the death of me will be your only end.

a friend or a foe, 𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
Shain Brown Nov 2020
I cross the ocean for you
only for my ship to sink
not by fire or cannon
but by the simple toll of waiting


I feel the water squeezing my chest
replacing my air with your water
pushing into my system
that was never mine
A part of my skin burns,
the other patch numb with cold.
Torn between the extremes,
I crave water.
Hundreds of gallons of it.
Anticipating it to soothe,
to bless the charred insides.

There’s a puddle under the table
or under my hallucination.
I can’t tell.
I touch it with my face, dreamily.
Each gulp as confusing as the last.
I am not sure how to tell
if it can be a saviour or not.
Shain Brown Nov 2020
You and i were there
Watching as our worlds crash down
We repaired them
No, We repaired yours
And let mine burn down in the ashes
But that was enough for you

You let me freeze
Time stopped
Nothing moved

Until you pressed play
On my life
Then I lifted your world
And you left me in the cold, again

I tried to call out
I needed help
I needed you

But you didn't care as much you said you do
And went on with your new life
One of many

Next time your world will crash down
I'm not helping you lift it
You'll be alone
Like me
Retro Oct 2020
It holds the energy forever.
been awhile. hard to believe it’s been 2 years.
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
and in the last sonnet
You will blame love because of your lover.
G Oct 2020
• • •
Oh, lonesome 4:42am
Where I sit and crave for the things I cannot aim
"I'm falling again", as what it is on play

God. . .
What must I do?

For I no longer want to stay;
That I just wanted someone to take me away
Or go somewhere far far away

Oh, God. . .
Once more,
why am I stuck in this f x c k i n g cage of hell?

Thought things will change its turns and ways
But hey, here I am all over again
Tired of these pains I feel every single day
• • •
susanna demelas May 2020
do you ever notice,
how i won’t stop making jokes,
just to make you open the curtains,
let your teeth open the blinds,
as they peel apart, crescent moon shaped
letting your natural light flood over us,
even in the dark of mid-morning bleariness.

creating brown eyes glazed in honey,
my morning coffee).

but then somewhere above,
a cloud overcasts the rays.
minor eclipses, everyday
stealing the moment from me.

the sky has a way of telling you to look away,
i think.
but i’ve never been a fan of reality checks,
i don’t think.

as always, it’s bittersweet,
to see you in grey one more time.
a sepia photograph reminding me,
that sometimes what’s for you,
does goes by you, with the wind
never to be had or held again.

but instead of dwelling on it,
i weave these dulled threads into a blanket,
cotton, familiar, protecting,
to put over my heart.
because every time you look at me,
as the light comes in,
i can see exactly what she’s falling,
drowsily, wholeheartedly
in love with.

and i won’t tell a lie, old boy
it hurts.
Rey Lynch May 2020
Swirls of smoke In the air
Remind me of your scent
A smell I hated so much
Now it has become my oxygen
Rey Lynch May 2020
Hiding behind a smile
A girl with a glass heart
Too many cracks it has
Too many times she cut herself on it
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