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Jul 2018
There are times when you feel your heart shatter,
You'll hear it break, but it won't matter,
You'll reach a point when you can't care,
And emotions become a weakness you can't bear.

What breaks you, you'll never know.
It could be a friend or a foe.
You try and try to hold on tight,
But nothing you do turns out right.

You lie awake, night after night in bed.
You don't let anyone see the tears that you shed.
And in that one misguided moment you decide,
That your only way out is suicide.

The idea of death consumes your mind,
The thought of not hurting anymore makes you blind.
And when you finally reach a dead end,
You welcome death like an old friend.

There's nothing inspiring about this subject but I wanted to take a different approach for once. To spread negativity or to promote this isn't my objective. Its just a thought.
Written by
Wayward  19/F/Universe
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