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Feb 21
Stone cold, is my soul.
You want it Satan? Consider it sold!
I want to scream it loud,
That I’ve got no hold,
On what I’m gonna to do,
What I’m gonna say,
Who I’m gonna be, anymore.
I feel myself slipping away, it ain’t no joke.
Now let’s not ignore the person I was, Before
He, the Lord,
Decided I had to be ripped apart and torn,
Burned down to the ground.
That person had to be mourned.
From the ashes, I rose.
I couldn’t feel anymore.
The numbness inside me roared.
Love couldn’t be restored.
What am I doing? What exactly is my role?
Now that I’m stone cold.
Why do I write such sad stuff lol. Tell you what, I'm going to write about something happy for y'all next time xD
Written by
Wayward  19/F/Universe
     mercy party, Over-Complicated and ---
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