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SøułSurvivør Sep 2015


blue grey clouds
of crushed



embers of
delicate peach
ignite flames
of fuchsia

the orb of
sun burns colors
away to ashes

blown into floes
of white


tiny bird
settles restless
on the



the weathered stones
cries then whispers

the children
who lie within our ribs
to break free
and sing


wears her

sings to
her babes


(C) 9/13/2015
beautiful day rises up
out of the ashes
of a flaming


To a special friend...
... thank you!
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015
be washed away

(with spoken word inserts
by soulsurvivor)

When I die don't cry for me
In my Father's arms I'll be
The wounds this world
left on my soul
Will all be healed and I'll be whole
Sun and moon will be replaced
By the light of Jesus Face
And I will not be ashamed
For my Savior knows my name.

- chorus -
It don't matter where you bury me
I'll be Home and I'll be FREE
It don't matter where I lay
All my tears be washed away

SS insert -
Persecution I'll expect.
It's not surprising. Folks reject.
Still I LOVE my Lord so dear
I'll forgive and have no fear
Faced with evil on all sides
In the Lord I will abide
No force of hell can remove Thee
It don't matter where you bury me


Gold and silver blind the eye
Temporary riches lie
Come and eat from heaven's store
Come and drink and thirst no more
So weep not for me my friend
When my time below does end
For my life belongs to Him
Who will raise the dead again

- chorus -

SS insert -
I will pass. That much is clear.
I'll leave my tabernacle here
Life is short, the time doth fly
So I'll go to kiss the sky
Then I'll know all mysteries
It don't matter where you bury me

A song written by Julie Miller
Performed by Emmy Lou Harris
and Selah (this version is below)
With inserts by SoulSurvivor

I feel SO blessed to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I have reposted this song as I believe it to be a VERY important message.

I don't doubt that the Lord waits for those who are faithful. He delivers them out of their troubles. You don't have to die for this to happen either. If you are redeemed by His blood you've had a transfusion and are HIS CHILD. If you think your earthly dad was protective he was NOTHIN' compared to GOD!

Sorry I have not been able to read much. Or respond to comments. I have elderly parents to care for. And every time I go to get on site I get the "bad gateway"!!! Are you all experiencing this as well???
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

I used to think men
should be more like books
Both you cannot
judge by looks...

If I didn't want to finish reading
I put it down... no heart was bleeding

A book will never fuss or fight
It will stay with you
through the night...

It doesn't smoke. It doesn't drink.
It won't leave toothpaste
in the sink!

It doesn't binge... it don't eat...
It won't leave up the toilet seat!

It don't forget. It doesn't mope.
It won't hog the TV remote!

It doesn't have to have
The last say...
It doesn't have legs

to walk away.

But it's not soft. It isn't warm.
It doesn't keep you
safe from harm.

Even though it makes no fuss
It can't think. It can't discuss.

Even though it has its charms
it can't hold you in its arms.

It doesn't pine. It doesn't miss.
It can't hug and it can't kiss.

So now I think on it again...
... I think BOOKS should be
             more like MEN!!!

SøułSurvivør Dec 2015

shivering stars with horn
moon trumpeting like
mystic swan sailing
the scintillating
scintillating the
sailing swan mystic
like trumpeting moon
horn with stars shivering

(C) 12/11/2015
Dedicated to Jeffard Stier... I so much appreciate your support of my poetry! Happy Thanksgiving!
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015
wraith of white
you wander wild
the hinterland
Valkyrie's child

your breath pants mist
in icy caves
you have made
10, 000 graves

your image is
in winter skies
its crystal glitters
in your eyes

loping through
the cold chill wood
its secrets you
have understood

born to lead
long of fang
through the glaciers
your voice rang

lonely in your Lycan heart
you made the ****
your kindest art

wolf of legend
wolf of lore
you'll reign untamed


(C) 2/16/2014
Rewritten 6/12/2015
SøułSurvivør May 2015
etched under my skin
flame roses blister

scars on the palms
of my hands bleed
stigmata thorns

my eyes freeze to crystal
the tears around my neck are
fashioned in lace black obsidian

my lips - the color of amber
and fire - are vows
never broken

my moons are scarlet
my stars are cold
my sun is silver
and beaten GOLD


SøułSurvivør Sep 2016
Creator of all things.
So Glorious and Beautiful that
not even the angels can look at Him.
The seraphim fly around His throne,
two of their six wings covering their faces.
They stir the Holy Waters into swirls and eddys of translucent rainbows. Then they sing and sing and sing of his Glory and Majesty. I believe not only because they were made to do so... but also because they glimpse His Shekinah Glory between their feathers!

Accolades to the Most High.
The river of life, The Fountain of truth,
where wisdom dwells and love is alive.
The true physician, salvifically laboring
to heal warped characters of
despondent creatures.
Will you drink from the eternal spring
and be revived?

There are many springs,
there are many wells,
from which to draw.
But they are empty holes
which cannot fill.
Broken cisterns...
which cannot hold water.
Will you come to Him?
To the True Well of all wells?
To the Fountain of Living Waters,
Who alone can quench your
soul's thirst?
All praise and glory be
to the One who alone is
The Water of Life.
All praise and glory and honour
to the One whose voice is like
the sound of many waters.
Will you come to Him?
That you might never thirst.

Jamie King.
The Faithful Dreamer*.
What an honor it is to work with these two talented poets! Thank you so much, Jamie and TFD, for wonderful writing! You're awesome!

The God we serve is so awesome, also!
Worthy of Praise, Honor and Glory forever! Thank you for all you do, Jesus!

Thank you for reading us... We appreciate you! God bless!

Arcassin B Sep 2015
By Arcassin B , wolf , & soul

AB : staring at the lady in the corner wearing make-up,
Selling flowers to earn money
For her son's college fund,
Take three patterns then reverse it,
Bring them back to reality,
The way people maintain jobs nowadays
It isn't fun,
But a.. takes a rose to help
Cure the pain of whats to gain and
What you've lost,
To find a way to piece together a suffering flaws,

SS : /////Electric rose
In all your neon splendor
I touch you and remember
No more

I ***** my thumb
Upon your thorn
And in death
I am reborn

I gaze rapt into your night
I am drawn into the light

Rose of Sharon, petals soft Blood red dreams sent aloft

To your power I will yield
'Til I look once more
On heaven's fields,/////

WS : in fields of Elysium await with gentle memories
and flowers of every hue
reaching into forever
from that street corner in modern blight
where a mother's love was the noblest fight
and she would give her all for one
that worthy offspring, her beloved son
tarry ye not, on that dreadful shore
pennies for Charon to ferry Styx
close thy eyes and weep no more
there's nothing that true love may not fix,

SS : /////Electric rose
In all your neon splendor
I touch you and remember
No more

I ***** my thumb
Upon your thorn
And in death
I am reborn

I gaze rapt into your night
I am drawn into the light

Rose of Sharon, petals soft Blood red dreams sent aloft

To your power I will yield
'Til I look once more
On heaven's fields,///////
SøułSurvivør Nov 2015
is like biting into
a scrumptious bar of chocolate
and tasting the wrapper.

(C) 11/19/2015

SøułSurvivør Jun 2015
to soulsurvivor?
did she go insane?
did she have a
breakdown 'cause she
couldn't stand the pain?

what happened
to soulsurvivor?
is she still on her meds?
or did she just stop taking them
got messed up in the head?

what happened to soulsurvivor?
is she back on drugs?
maybe she needs help?
maybe she needs hugs?

what happened to soulsurvivor
the poet friend we loved?
now she's on a God kick
given sanity the

--- *
just want to reassure you
I'm not at madness' door
I'm actually doing well
better than before

I'm going back to worship
I'm back into prayer
although a lot is on my plate
I'm not in despair

I have to make my time count
there is a great cost
I have to let my light shine

though I seem all doom and gloom
I have joy to spare!
because I know that I'll be safe
I'm not in despair!

I will not be "raptured"
from the pain and strife
but I will
I will not



I'll read as often as I can!

SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
Thought I'd have a cuppa
to assuage my carnal thirst
I didn't know what I should drink
who I should have first

I thought of my friend Jack
Daniels to his friends
Life of the drunken party...
But it's only 9am

Then I thought of Harvey
who'd come in from the coast
But i really do not like him
'coz he's a milquetoast

Ah! I know who's perfect!
Tho I could be wrong
But he's tall, dark n handsome!
So very hot and strong!

He's uplifting! RICH!
He makes my heartstrings tug
He is bold yet mellow...
... and that good lookin' MUG!

Yes. I think I'll try him
he's got get up and go
He's the deep and "brew"ding type

he's my cuppa joe!

(C) 1/23/2016
For a friend... to liven up her day!
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin B , quinfinn , wendy , soul , kate , mosaic , king , liz , Joel , susan & corinne


I'll Always be there,
Is a very strong line,
So benign,
At how so many liars use it,
Make their levels rise,
Put your lighters in the air,
For the lost love,
Like a volcano without eruptions,
Embedded in a time frame,
Freeze for the camera of deception,
This ain't who you fell in love with,
Fell too deep in the demons pit,
A devil with pretty features,
You had time for conversation,
But you wasted it,
By punching in your clock for another lover,
That I had in fact thought was my friend,
So when you say you want to be there for me,
Please just dont pretend.

here within the dormant, still holding fire
what lies beneath cannot be concealed
by the test of time or the trials of amore
give truth as you wish it to be given
turn existence into the art of living
i await you under dreams of purpose
and ours will stand the tests ****** upon them
words mean little when not secured to emotions
and we have swam these tempestuous oceans
define me with your loyalty
and count and what will ever endure
the better nature of you on me.

Do you fathom my eyes,
Blind to your smile,
You believe,
I'm ignorant with bliss,
To be honest,
There are times when your right,
I pray you reach a day,
Of satisfaction,
Come to realization,
There is no other love,
Secure or comforting as mine,
I'm just waiting for...
This true peace to waive upon you,
Until then your just,
Wasting life in turbulance,
Not meant to be true,
Just remember,
I too have a heart of fire,
If appeased by another,
Quite possibly released in desire.

Have I been thus?
Well, guilty as charged
But not for another LOVER
I ain't a vamp gal at large!
Sometimes I just got bizi
If I couldn't go out with you
You knew that goin in
You know what's at stake
But now you're in the grass
Like a cold blooded SNAKE!
I see through the veil
I see your ways
Now YOUR face is pale

Just go away....

please don't play them games 
I know you aint going to be with me forever 
I see they way to look past me 
you were a real smooth talker 
Why would you ask me to stay 
I guess it was never ment to be 
I just wanted you to see
their isn't anything like us 
your devil eyes 
dragged me down to my knees 
when your broke the heart of an angel,
now you see you've made a devil outta me 
im replaying your lies to others 
Playing the same game you played .

You said you were there
But just like my hair
You fell out
Truth like a Baby Ruth
And I ain't biting
Search. High then Low
For the lost love,
Like a tide with no moon
This is just a card game
No goldfish. No direction. Joker. No hearts.
This ain't who you fell in love with,
Flashback, looking at the sky
No wings, Should've of known this was a lie
Drunk on her beauty, 
But she was dehydration
And like a clock, 
You were two timing
There at the the secondhand,
Stood who I thought was my friend, 
You said you were there,
But you were just lying.

Baby, we encounter the waste every day
Bottom feeders posing as prophets
Can’t you smell the decay
Throwing false promises around 
Like it’s some kind of game
Look inside yourself
Deep in your heart
Before you rip my soul apart
Do I appear anywhere within
Now, are you strong enough to be genuine.

Being true holding the line, 
Counterfeit promises, 
Ain't going to be for me, 
So cool it with all your excuses babe, 
Love is the realest of deals, 
You can't stuff me around, 
The reel of our misconstrued movie,
Don't plot a genuine gamut, 
It'll only ever be an sickening compromise, 
Caring is the juice I need,
So feed me no more sucker tricks, 
Babe you're stringing me out, 
To be there,
Yeah right, 
That togetherness jingle rings in my head, 
Don't bait my tender hook, 
Then up and leave, 
There ain't any future in that for me,
On a cold and lonely road.

Your receding steps
echo upon my forehead
like dripping torture.

Drops of memories
patter down gently, wet your
unused pillowcase.

A gulf of unsaid
endearments erode the shore of
common happiness.

Silence, like water,
a universal solvent:
breaking down years of
bonds which held us together,
watching love spiral away.

carry on as though we've never met
use your energy towards lighting 
someone else's way
with the unfueled fire of your burning promises
and careless words never meant for me.

Lies steeped in wanderings
of a discontented mind
looking for what it may
potentially never find

musings of another
not to be left wanting
lingers of what could have been
often can be haunting

* taking leaps of desperation
without a single care
for one who would assuredly
always have been there

This a fickle flittering flame
down it sure will burn
leaving a heart full of love
undue reason to yearn*.

Feast your eyes on the best collaboration in the world , hell!!! Maybe the universe I don't know lol I just wanna thank everyone that inspired me to do this , I love each and every one of you guys and for the people that collabed with me I love you guys and you inspire me to do this poetry everyday , and I thank you , now let's make history !!!!!!!✊✊✊✊✊
SøułSurvivør May 2015

the argument ends
he won
i am martyred
in silence.

(c) 5/19/2015
It takes more guts and integrity
to be silent when you know
that you're in the right.

I'm not conceding out of cowardace
I give up for the sake of peace.

SøułSurvivør May 2015

two little love birds
sitting on a cloud
one said
"Kiss me!"
right out loud!

they flew down
upon a log
they preened each other
and they


and they snogged
A snog is a deep, passionate kiss

I wrote this poem for the
kissing site

Richard Riddle Jun 2015
Reading the works by Sally, Vicki, Catherine(SoulSurvivor), Ryn, Deborah, Elizabeth, and Pamela Rae, is akin to drinking champagne from a crystal flute. Me, cheap beer from a Mason Jar.

copyright:(revised) June 03, 2015
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

orchids languish
in the sauna steam of
the hothouse
halcyon days
arrayed in the
rain forests

(C) 7/2/2015
SøułSurvivør Mar 2015

a smile upon
a practiced face
is no longer
a smile

doll heads
are just painted
they use
cunning, guile

but you can see
through the

ask for honor
real truth
and watch

they'll find
hunting ground
but their eyes
will be

the baby blues
that look at you

(c) 3-18-2015
SøułSurvivør May 2015



(c) 5/24/2015
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

Our iniquities and theirs
are different...

but not any better.

I think those ten words
say it all.
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015
Bright Eyes

A touch of brilliance in the eye
Like aged whiskey in a glass
Like peridot and emerald
Crystophase, oh lass!

O lad! How we do gaze
At the pupils, aye!
Shining, black as onyx
The apple of the eye!

How we do gaze at the pool
Who could know the depth
Of pleasure it illicits
The mystical lure of ***.

Perhaps the lovely iris
Is a dark ceurilian blue
But the open pupil invites in
and says

I love you!**

(C) 2/14/2014
Rewritten 2/14/2015
For someone special
and anyone who is
in love with love!

SøułSurvivør Nov 2014

our perception is
as the full moon
viewed through


(c) soulsurvivor
"The future's so bright
I gotta wear shades..."
From a song about a kid
Going into the field of
Nuclear physics... to work at
A power plant.
Very tounge in cheek...
SøułSurvivør May 2015

hurt hearts breaking
and souls shaking
of knives cutting
the bone to
to bone the
cutting knives of
shaking souls and
breaking hearts hurt

(c) 5/18/2015
this is my first palindrome

it is written in
much pain and sorrow

SøułSurvivør May 2015

this is a day of
high clouds

my mind
roams up to
where they are
in the upper stratosphere
cold christaline skies
a bowl over
the marbled earth

the sky cracked open
revealing the
black as a
stone egg

where stars waited
to be


(c) 5/12/2015
An experience in free verse

SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

lazy sunflower
turns her head to look at the sun
with one eye

(C) 7/2/2015
Arcassin B Jun 2016
By Arcassin , Chloe , Wolf, SE , soul , zeal , Brando , icy , irie , soulful , strange , and wendy


Not Even I,
a mere human being with limitations and
Wants and needs to stay away from the business
suits that only want the greed and the finer things
Distributing cigarettes to these young kids is what
Nobody else needs,
To live in this wickedness , you'll see,
Where does the tax payers money go?
Learning all of the secrets that rely on history to
Keep us up and about with drugs that we use on
Our day to day schedules for whatever contingency
planned for,
No sign of a Grail to be explored,

Remembering those who have lost their lives in
The wars that gave us the hope and chance we
Needed to make America great proceeding to give
The freedom of speech a new motive behind it,
That's why I write everyday to keep the demons inside,
Senseless killing in America makes my stomach turn in
Ways that I could not fathom dreaming that I could believe
What lies ahead won't be pretty for us,
I guess that I'm delirious,
Pray for Orlando
When judgment day comes , I hope he cares for us.

CZ (Chorus)

Every struggle in life we are built to fight
we know that in the end there will be that light


i'm appalled with the world the way it is
our politicians carry on with the same old biz
protecting the rich, taking from the poor
usurping the world , like our cheap little *****

our city streets are in disrepair
the infrastructure is in a terrible tear
no education, no social equality
and the bill is payed by you and me.......

we're gonna need a bigger boat
to keep this broken thing afloat
don't preach me your democracy
your lies, you vain hypocrisy

give the people back their right
we're mad and ready for a fight
to take away all of your riches
and shitcan all you sons of *******.


we need an epiphany
a salvation re-orientation,
for will our judgement be
only what we thought?
or is hell what we perpetuate
on soil, on man, in greed, in hate?
we live as if to win is gain,
while poor lay dying,
shows our shame;
we live as if ‘tis loss to weep,
yet this the joy we each should seek…
in loving well the least of these,
to show in smallest ways,
a lighted path to those who’ve strayed
offer hope to any castaway;
might we in doing bring
heaven to this earthly scene?
for is not earth our heaven’s womb,
a battlefield, a testing place?
is not our call to light the dark,
and take our place among the stars?

CZ (Chorus)

Every struggle in life we are built to fight
we know that in the end there will be that light


Who is there minding the store?
We can't keep up anymore
All the news that we now see
Internet and our TV
Tell tales off horror
Tales of woe
How much farther will it go?
Let's be real! Can we talk?
'Bout a thing called
Cause this is true... and it is hairy
What's down the pike
Is downright SCARY!
Politicians deal & flirt
Don't matter if they wear a skirt!
Go to Georgia and you'll see
What is set up for you and me
There's some stones
upon that land
Telling all that they have planned


While they put on a great show
Underground is where they'll go
Let 'em go and live like trolls
Jesus Christ is in CONTROL.

Please consider this my friends
Everything will have to END.
Forget your prejudice and pride
You don't want to be on
Make a turn. Make a start.
Ask the Savior in your HEART!
Then I'll tell you what's in store



Something fishy in the air what happen to the black one?
I didn't see the fall until I saw Washington..
Women starting to vote and monkeys are still in the zoo?
In the 1950s they called black people apes but now I'm seeing that it's you..
Sense when did money made you feel like going for president?
"We the People" naa more like the congress are voting for you.
I think it's scam so I turn it to the kardashians,
There I find a better democratic presidential view ...why...cause she looks better lying about Mexicans,


There is no one at the other end of your string and paper cup telephone prayers There is no monumental, unconditional love awaiting you between or beyond the stars There is no concern for you in the imagined patterns of the stars, Nor do they carry a plan or reason for the crashing of waves, torrent funnel winds or the malice of men There is no promised land, no reward, no heaven when you take that final step.

But you do have the power of whispers in your fellow mankind’s ear It IS YOU that carry the ability for immeasurable, inconceivable love It is us who write the plan, who give our lives reason and meaning through it all THIS life, this gift of witness IS your reward, your heaven as you wish.

The tragedies have NEVER stopped. The killing, the senseless violence, the hunger of insatiable wrath………. But nor has birth of life in many forms. In dawn, in spring, in hope. We aware, true to ourselves in dismissing of ego stand strong and confident as the Ying, the light, the counter balance........


Sorrow fills this world to it's rim,
Fathers abusing mothers,
abandoning children,
Mother's cry out in pain,
little ones run in fear....
why is this world in such despair?
Born to love, born to hate, to judge, to accept...
though this concept is hard for some,
we live in this world, just hoping to survive,
Coming to the point where you never know
where love and hate draw the line.

Why do parents fight, and the kids are the ones who suffer?
Why do we make war, to find peace?
Innocent people cut down in their prime,
by those who find happiness in other's misery.
From mothers and fathers whose sons and daughter were
wrongly taken from them,
To those who are punished for being human...
Life as we know it, is going to hell.

Trust, hope, security, love, and respect for humanity
is quickly dying... The future, no longer ours to control.
From bullying to ****, to ****** and suicide, Society is no more.... We pray for things to change... for it's now out of our hands,


Movement of time collides
with tear drop melody
darkened angel
to final day symphony:

gun blasts in homeland
enter familiar flesh-
different tongues conceal
common threads that makes us

wounded souls call for God
in bomb dimpled lands-
far from American eyed reach
and inside

amidst spiritual sands

Treading with foot print patterns
around rock’s pure holiness
meditating in temples
laden in gold tributes

seeking truth’s distant comfort

guns blast in homelands
families wonder why-

pain embraces consciousness
dripping hints of salvation
into thick Iron pools
of Christ’s calling

red horse not so distant
seven seals awakening
run back to one
it’s time to find love

CZ (Chorus)

Every struggle in life we are built to fight
we know that in the end there will be that light


How old is the world?
Old enough to ruin the existance of 1000 suns
Old enough to show you what society is made of
Old enough to had withstood the apocalypse and blood shed of the technology, oil , and war on terrorism...
The world is now ruin
Perhaps I should start fron the beginning
When it was human, animalistic, with plants that existed
To understand this..
We use all the resources and save none for the next generation
We contemplate the singularity of humanism
Only using electricity to say we are wealthy
**** animals so harshly
Murdering outselves to show the superiority of the race of humans
Killing the world in which we live...
Getting deeper in to our stupidity
We solidify a type of money
Useless, smelly, germy, filled with hate
The money most people need and yet only few gave
The mentality is simple honestly
Don't give but take
No empathy just fake
Because thats how you make it
The tragedy in "third world country"
The ignorance in those who dont update their ios 7
The forgiveness in African mutiny
And the showing of ******* economy
The people had rights they told you
The people had freedom they told you
The people had justice they told you
Until the the world went to shambles when they actually figured out they had a right to seek and destroy a government....they had the right to seek and destroy a crippled foundation for it was seeking to destroy them,


They came in guns blazing
With no warning
Just the sound of hell raging in ones ears
So many screams then there was nothing
As the first soul was vanquished from its flesh and bones
Painting a blood mural upon the once white walls
Bodies floated down the crimson river as they cried their final tears
One girl prayed to her gods hoping to deliver one final message to her son
He was two and was soon to be motherless
Another young lad was seventeen
So prideful yet so scared as he curled in a ball screaming for his mommy
"I don't want to die" was their last comment,


Tragedy in life arises at birth Does not cease until Life comes to an end We cannot teach peace With one another Mostly because we do not Agree on religion It seems a bit simple And quite concise All we need to do for peace Is love one another And treat each other right
Tragedy always starts out In a human mind beautifully Equivalent to Eve's Desire for the fruit of Truth upon the tree.

CZ (Chorus)

Every struggle in life we are built to fight
we know that in the end there will be that light.
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

may your penship be worthy
may your heart be bold
may the parchment that beckons
be edged with pure gold.

may your sails be caught
by a breeze off the sea
may the coasts where you sail
be nations free.

may your mast be lofty
a pen full of might
may your skies be scarlet
only at night

may your stars be bright
as you sail where you will
may ink flow like a river
from an angel's quill.

may dimensions make music
may your muse scream
may you dream your life

may you live your dream.


Thanks to all the poets here
who inspire and bless me.
Hello Poetry has been the
best poetic experience
I have ever had...
Thanks to all of YOU.

A special thank you to
Thomas A Robinson
He knows why...

SøułSurvivør Jan 2015

i flow
from the
in the valley

SøułSurvivør May 2015

black light posters
lava lamps
purple haze
and mega amps

bright **** rugs
in pink and green
long straight hair
or Afro-Sheen

go ask Alice
how time flies
starships blast off
In her eyes

yellow ribbons
in her hair
Scarborough Fair

beaded curtain
leather n lace
brains are gone
without a trace

Mother Mary
let it be
flower power
love for free

you can find
a cause to bend
but it's hard
to find a friend

music blasts
what was "groovy"
now the past


blast from the past

SøułSurvivør Jan 2016







(C­) 1/31/2016
I have to throw away the flowers
I received on my birthday

They aren't white lillies
but the sunlight coming through
the window highlights them
and gave me inspiration
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

art in writing
art in ink
swirls and curls
to make you think

art in ideogram
which can't be bought
illuminated pages
full of thought

art as cypher
art as change
art as charcoal
chalk arranged

on board as black
as darkest oil
ink is art
our feignt

our foil

(C) 7/1/2015
SøułSurvivør May 2015

My memory of grandpa
Was that his hands were red
Showing me some pictures
A kid's book before bed.

The bones were raw and gnarled
The sinews looked all sore
The skin was thickly callused
Spotted, lined and scored.

They showed wear and tear
They echoed his toil
Grandpa was a farmer
A tiller of the soil.

Grandpa couldn't read
But we could laugh and look
His hands delicately turning
The pages of a book.

(C) 5/12/2015
This is one of my favorite memories.

SøułSurvivør Mar 2015


like a wraith your smoke doth rise
into sulphur yellow skies
a fiery raptor... awesome sized
where the sultry brimstone lies.

from the ash... so grey and dry
erupting with a piercing cry
as volcanoes steam and sigh
dancing on the sparks you fly!

the devil mounts your back to ride
over molten rivers wide
his golden spurs dig in your side
on the thermals... up you glide!

then you turn and make a dive
into the flames
where you may thrive
born of fire you survive
you were dead...

but now ALIVE!!!

(c) 2014
(c) 3-17-2015
SøułSurvivør May 2015

early morning
here I lie
alone again
water misting
from the eaves
fallen leaves
i feel my bones
are rearranged
in loneliness

in darkness estranged

An early morning muse
woke me up

Arcassin B Feb 2015
By Arcassin B & Soul

Medicine birds,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Weird spirits visited my bedroom,
Is something that I don't realize,
But you do,
And we don't,
We just try to find a way,
Pay some dues,
You're still wrong,
Also try not to perish away,

The trail was SO long
The sun beat like a sledge
I knew I'd never make it
I was past the edge.

As I lay there by a bush
I heard the strangest cry
I'd heard of them... 
The Medicine Birds
It looked me in the eye. 

I wept and said, "please
Help me! For I am bereft!
I'm lost in this desert
And have no water left!"

The magic bird flapped its wings
Water from the tips!
It let water from its feathers
Cool my burning lips.

Can make cold nights,
Handling Me,
Slighty scratch the sides of your brain,
Blocking memories,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Creating new prayers,
Is what we aim to strive,
Handling me,
I don't think you can,
Drop dead in he abyss,
We're the medicine birds,
You have to believe in this,

Beatific Bird!
Westward flying...
Sparks and rainbows
Flash from her wings

Beautiful healer
She is dying...
She bright and bronze
Prevents death's sting,

Early bird , gets the worm,
Wings be free from dying,
Lost in shambles,
Beautiful colors is the genre,
Or as well as a fling,

Peach pealer,
You're not lying,
Speaking in tongues,
No one knows what death will bring.

Medicine birds,
With only one purpose to maintain in saving lives,
Weird spirits visited my bedroom,
Is something that I don't realize,
But you do,
And we don't,
We just try to find a way,
Pay some dues,
You're still wrong,
Also try not to perish away.
Best collab I ever done :-)
SøułSurvivør Sep 2016
Sung to the melody of
"Be Thou My Vision"*

O King of heaven
How Glorious Thou Art
Lord of my spirit
O Lord of my heart
You're ever gracious
You're my victory
I was in darkness
But in You I see

Father O Father
Your creation I love
You painted the sunsets
Made heaven above
I will sing praise to you
All the day long
I am your nightingale
You are my song

O gentle Savior
You're awesomely wise
Show me your people
You are my heart's eyes
Give me compassion
Your mercy to all
Give me Your voice
To lost souls I call

O Holy Spirit
Come rain on me now
Fill me with blessings
Your river to flow
Give me the wisdom
To honor what's right
Let me be salt
O let me be light

I am but ashes
My works are but rust
You've made me precious
Tho I am but dust
You are my Father
My Lover, my Friend
You are my righteousness
World without end

(C) 9/16/2016
I wrote these lyrics based on this hymn:

"Be Thou My Vision"
Sung by Selah

I was singing to the Lord this morning and I came to this song. It moved me to tears. I had to write. I wasn't going to post today, but felt led of the Lord to write this. I hope you enjoy it.

I've dedicated this poem to Becky Ramsey for her enjoyment over Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year... Blessings!

Thank you and God bless!

SøułSurvivør Apr 2015

the eye myopic?
where's the eye that weeps?
where is the heart that spendeth
long before it recieves?

all you see is glitter
zirconium... fool's gold
you spend your life acquiring
and soon your soul is sold

all your plans are wasted
they unravel and unwind
as the eye atop the pyramid

the golden eye is blind


SøułSurvivør Feb 2016

in the birdsong and the wind
God plays his violin!

(C) 2/29/2016
Happy leap year everyone!
I am feeling much better! In fact I have a part time job with my family! So I won't be able to be on site as much as I used to be. Please understand I love you all. But I really need this job. Wish me luck!

SøułSurvivør May 2015

did you hear about
about the

he stayed up all night
trying to
convert a

(C) 5/26/2015
(get it?)

Other variables
Tonic gas
Sinc toga
So can ***
goin cats
Cans o ***...

— The End —