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Richard Riddle Feb 2017
From September - 2016*

"Comforting", it is-
in its application"

"Calming", it is-
in its purpose"

is its message"

Whether applied to an infant babe in a crib....
or making the tears of a crying child disappear...

or, simply giving a hug to mom and dad.......

or, your children.......grandchildren.........

or, to a friend.......

Channeled thru you... from heaven..........

The "power".................of..............a "touch"

r.riddle: 09-18-2016

*inspired by Pradip Chattopadhyay's "Distance"
Richard Riddle Feb 2017
from June, 2016*

An hour before sunrise,
not long before  going home-

It's still, no breeze, this Sunday morn-
silent......... serene-
As I step into the woods

I know they're watching,
those denizens of the forest-
Raccoon, possum, birds, etc.

I purse my lips
emit a soft whistle-
No reply reply

A few more steps......then..
the soft 'coo' of the Mourning Dove-
"How gentle it is", comforting... in it's greeting

A raccoon appears in front of me,
the 'sentry' for the others, who are still hiding
In the underbrush, and in the trees.

They are "The Angels",
"You are safe with us", his eyes tell me-
It is then I know,  it's going to be..... a "good day."

r. riddle 06-26-2016
Richard Riddle Feb 2017
from November, 2015*

"How do you know which one to choose", my granddaughter Emily asked , as we pulled into the parking lot of the shelter. "It will be the first one that gets up to meet us" I said, with a bit of anxiety.
After registering at the desk, we began the walk down the aisle, looking at the occupants of those cages that lined both sides. All of a sudden, about 10 feet in front of us, a grey and black striped leg with a white foot, came protruding out from the front of a cage. The paw began "flexing", as if signaling, "Hey! Over here!"
As I held her, and Emily stroked her forehead, she emanated a very strong, exuberant, vibrating, purr; contented, unafraid, her head tucked into the crook of my arm. We had found my Guardian Angel!

I whispered to her as softly as I knew how:

"We are going home-
I will always keep you safe,
I will never harm you
You will always have shelter, food, and water-
I will keep you warm in the winter........
and cool in the summer.......
You will not 'want', for love."

As I whispered those words, her purr grew stronger, her paw flexing against my arm. For you see, I am convinced that God told her we were coming, and to give us a sign to let us know where she was. It was He, who chose her for us. Some of you may not agree with that, and that's okay. It's important that me and Emily believe it. Regardless of which room I'm in(except the bath), she is there, as she is now, asleep on the foot of the bed as I write. My home isn't empty.... anymore.

copyright: richard riddle-11-11-2015

When my wife, Karen, passed away, the "angel" we had, Scheppes, stayed with me until she was twenty. Brie does not take her place, for she has her own place, and is doing quite well as a "Guardian Angel", in training!
Richard Riddle Feb 2017
from September, 2016

Your "Tree of Life" has many 'leaves'.......
not all are family...and friends

It's that person
   to whom you just said "Hi"....
While walking down the street

It's the driver of the car
   you let back out of that parking space...
and returned a wave as it was driven away

It's the homeless person
    to whom you gave a couple of dollars
without having been asked

It's that elderly person
    you let in front of you
in the check-out line at the grocery

It's those to whom you gave a smile
    those, whose name... you will never know
And may never......see again......

It's those acts of un-selfishness
     that seem to be 'minor' in scope.....
But, those addressed-

These are the 'leaves'
      that are on your....

*'Tree of Life'

Keep yours"watered", everyday

r. riddle 09-25-2016
Richard Riddle Feb 2017
from October, 2016

Ragged cliffs loom o'er the shore-
as waves punish the rocks below -
is their roar..........

A fleece, a blanket, of mist...and fog,
muffles the 'pleas'
From the 'sailing ships'.....
moored in the salty seas

Out from the mist...
alone.........she comes-
"A battle waits.... to be won"
says this maiden.....from Avalon

With arms outspread--
and opened palms.......
She 'chants'...for the sea to lie "still.... and calm"...
says the maiden.......from Avalon

"Oh God of Nature....of  all men -
I beseech thee..........
To shield these men of  gallantry".....
'Chants'...the maiden from Avalon

As she speaks.....
the waves subside.....silent, is their roar
The solar longer hides....
As the brave doth come ashore.

Is it magic, myth, or simply......lore?
perhaps, a tale not told before-
But....... when all was said, and done......
"Blessed be the maiden".....

"From Avalon"*

r.riddle- 10-29-2016
Richard Riddle Jan 2017
He's old-

Has seen
many places -
many countries

If only he could talk-

Opinions would be bountiful
recalling adventures - delightful

My literary friend-
my notebook

r.riddle 01-30-2017
Richard Riddle Jan 2017
I never know when its going to happen-
waking up in the middle of the night and not seeing you,
or feeling you..... next to me .......

"She fell asleep again on the sofa", I say to myself-
Quietly, I get up, walk toward the living room-
it is then I realize, again, that you had left this mortal earth-

Nine years ago.

Love never dies, does it?

copyright: richard riddle Febuary 06, 2015
Complications from cancer, January 29, 2008. I will repost this piece every January.
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