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Katja Pullinen May 2019
When apple was fall down on Newton's head.
He saw the light and got a clearly understanding.
He was sitting and realized that head is hurts.
He run to home for more concentration and focus.
To learn his experiment and make a discovery.
He planing, he manage, he work very hard with the science.
He had a high motivation and calmness.
His brain get a flash and deal got a success on time.
And now we know and understand the Newton's Law.
It's easy like a day light. And we remember that like
,,Newton's law of universal gravitation''
If we will throw something, it will fall down on the ground.
Oh, Newton, you are so smart guy. Thank you for the science.
Don't throw nobody on the ground :)))
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Stop me if you've heard this before
but I feel this feeling fleeting,
running opposite me
to lands unknown
where lost dreams go to die.
Why are words so fickle? Leaving at the lightest touch,
the barest hint of anything new.
A world, undiscovered,
lies within a place I can reach only when I am most bare.
My purest form of self,
mewling and screaming,
pulls from me this insatiable insanity.
Yet with the slightest digression my sleeves roll themselves down
and it's gone again.
I am lost into reality like some suited being,
honking at the other monkeys in futile attempts to make up for lost time.
Was it worth it?
Is that loss of captivation worth an ounce of conversation?
Bring me back to that place.
I want to feel the pen warming between my fingers again.
That smooth ink feel on dead, life-giving friends.
Is this the closest I can get to holiness?
David Abraham Aug 2018
I want to feel.
I want to cry again at night
so I can't lose sight
of what matters.

I want to feel.
I want to be happy even when I'm not empty
so that I can be so happy I'm as nice as can be.

I want to feel.
I want to be so angry that I can cut myself
without needing to make up a reason
for just wanting to see myself become a ****** mess.

I want to feel.
I want to feel so much terror
at seeing myself again
that I keep fighting until Monday,
and the next,
and the next,
until I can't keep living.
Jon Thenes May 2018
within The Thinker
a wastegland produces fantasy
a training of media guides The Inner Thirst
applies The Racing Brain
it bats Senses dumb
and brings The Being to a standstill

cut off from a navigable point
in The Shared World
I pinch concentration
and seek out The Simple Breath
Skye Dec 2017
She's tired.
She has been for a while now.
Sometimes she forgets things she shouldn't.
Or she thinks too much about death.
But she's just tired.

She's staying inside more often.
She hasn't met her friends for days.
She gets a little sad sometimes.
Maybe she should text them.
But she has a lot of homework.

She can't concentrate.
She tries revising but remembers nothing.
Her grades are getting worse.
She's trying as hard as she can.
But she's just tired.
Jacques Gerber Apr 2017
four thousand thoughts
trying to make sense of
four thousand thoughts

one simple meaning
trying to become
one simple meaning

constant chaos
trying to organize
constant chaos

thoughts thinking thoughts
thinking thoughts about
the thinking thoughts

but don't.
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