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I wake up, I see green
Evergreen trees

Open the window, I smell water
Fresh rainwater

Walking outside, I see birds
Bee-Eater birds greeting hello

Socking in the beautifulness, I touch the flowers
Wildflowers grow in the distance

But, I wake up
In an aglow dreaming
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
The weight of life is reduced to a cloud
As raindrops of lysergic acid run free.
Their pitters and patters equally loud
As all of the colours that melt around me.
The womb of the universe beating its drum
And setting a pace for the flowers to bloom.
A force with such strength that all nature succumbs
As peacefulness floats in kaleidoscope flumes.

Empathy blossoms, arousing a smile,
That creeps from my lips to the end of the room,
Searing itself on a cosmic denial
That beauty like this shouldn’t gestate from gloom.
Floating, not unlike a dandelions seed,
Thoughts of anxiety flee to the Earth.
They carry but vapidness with the sweet breeze.
In nebulous nebulas they are dispersed.

Now what remains as a warm neon cloud
Is beauty profound and purpose pristine.
Unwanted, the ego is left disavowed
Dancing in memories of amphetamines.
Left in its place was the beauty and I.
Climbing like vines as it forces the walls.
Pushing them down with an ******* sigh,
Revealing a cosmos that rhythmically calls:

‘Freedom is such a deplorable word.
It offers ambitions too fruitful to take.
Though comfort or not,
As with fictitious plot,
It’s only as real as it’s fake.’
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Touch me not
I am not up for grab
I am everyone's dream
I am happy as it’s
sing me not your lullabies!

Live with me not
I am not for good
time with me is
gone so quick.
Before the cloud
rains down singing
and one response to a tweet.
Then why complain
without happy me
nothing is groovy.

Come to me not
I am not
first come first serve.
But when I come
happy me is spot on
everyone’s rose!

I belong to no one
get me for a song
but in no time
I could be gone.
Then why no one
forgets me not?
happy days are here
now go **** the messenger
'cause the beat's too much
© 2011  J.J.W. Coyle
SøułSurvivør May 2015

black light posters
lava lamps
purple haze
and mega amps

bright **** rugs
in pink and green
long straight hair
or Afro-Sheen

go ask Alice
how time flies
starships blast off
In her eyes

yellow ribbons
in her hair
Scarborough Fair

beaded curtain
leather n lace
brains are gone
without a trace

Mother Mary
let it be
flower power
love for free

you can find
a cause to bend
but it's hard
to find a friend

music blasts
what was "groovy"
now the past


blast from the past

Lydia Sep 2014
Whenever I start to worry
Or feel like life is a mess
or like I'm missing out on something
I pack a bowl
spark it
I do
The things
I don't
I love mary

— The End —