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Ashley Chapman Sep 2018
In kisses showered,
through cupped hands,
you cross
from beryl eyes,
and rest in me!

Your tender face,
in mine

An impression forms,
of no other,
no boundary,
where neither I
nor ends!

I gasp,
as both the outer,
and the inner
a single eye
SøułSurvivør Aug 2015

C'mon baby, don't be shy!
Oh, how fast the time goes by!
Don't come up for air to even sigh!
Don't argue it, don't question why
It feels good, and that's no lie!
We feel like our hearts can fly!
I'm your girl, and you're my guy
The passion's there, my oh MY!
We're so lit up we could cry!
Together we could touch the SKY!
Yeah, kissing is a contact high!

Watch those hands tho...
don't you TRY... O:-)

(C) 8/5/2015
Love is something you can't buy!

SøułSurvivør May 2015

two little love birds
sitting on a cloud
one said
"Kiss me!"
right out loud!

they flew down
upon a log
they preened each other
and they


and they snogged
A snog is a deep, passionate kiss

I wrote this poem for the
kissing site


— The End —