By Arcassin Burnham

Wrong place,  wrong time, two nickels make a dime, but I just don't wanna fail.

Too many heartbreaks plus hardships,  set sail for through fiery hell.

Life is hard,  we all know,  the same scenario,
It's not hard than you portray.

Good things,  good days,  come and go,
Melting away.

Do you see the shame?  That you threw on me , laughing and scheming afflicting the
Meaning of pain,
No respect given in this life will leave you in suspense , making it harder to sustain.

Arcassin B Jan 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Do you know all that peace brings in May?
Love you give is strange , gives much malaise,
If every word you say is true , mark the words you say,
other than that I do not have time to waste,
My life never goes anywhere but in flames,
could your douse my fire , I don't wanna escape,
Or we could lust til the sun comes up in this open space,
then after you hate my guts and then delete my page,
And you know,
we only got one and one is not enough in a system
and country corrupted with minimum wage and a half
decent plate of food that could be poison,
how can you maintain?
only with the words you say and you know.

Arcassin B Jan 9

By Arcassin Burnham

Followed Illusion , Persuade A conclusion,
You don't know what I've Been through.
Juvenile Institutions , Unnecessary Retributions,
Should have had a better virtue.
People stepping over, while ignorance will linger,
trust me I've been through worse.
Heaven shines the most in summer, Collects souls in the winter,
I hope that yours get up there first.
To live for eternity is easy if your born with a good heart
and to the beyonder every time you fall in rock bottom like a
lets hope you skipped the ripples,
don't be the man in the middle.

To have somebody waiting for you is joyous even when you fall so short
in a life unexpected thinking how it could have been if he came down from
his throne to talk to you,
Live life to the fullest man cause you've only got one in such a short amount of time
looking at the past you had,
don't be so sure that time for you is running low,
people are poisonous like Salmonella,
but you just say whatever , look what you've done done done done.

Arcassin B Jan 5

By Arcassin Burnham

My Eyelids can't hide , from the light , it gives,
instincts don't dry in order , to , survive to live,

babies born while being bathe, all , in sin,
relationships torn to pieces , daddy's gone again,

And i wish I had a pass port to drop from the world in
a space suit guarding my life , just trying to hold on.
Every moment in these tragedies we spend wondering
why the good lord won't come down , you just gotta be strong.

the mistakes we make will always be there , don't you know,
the world can't extinguish , we need , these kids , to grow,

Give them a chance , give them a spotlight to thrive ,on and shine,
with love anything is possible , but with , hate to defend your life,

And i wish I had a pass port to drop from the world in
a space suit guarding my life , just trying to hold on.
Every moment in these tragedies we spend wondering

why the good lord won't come down , you just gotta be strong.

Arcassin B Jan 2

By Arcassin Burnham

Crystals covering my heart like the chocolate around
A peanut in my simple request to find out who I am or
Where I am for I am nothing but a talking pile of shiny
Rocks filled with so much purpose in my state of mind
Or maybe perhaps in God's beautiful eyes I am just as
Perfect as his loyal companions in the clouds but
Simply let the flower sprout and I am in the
Kingdom serving from what I can gather is the queen of
All of us embracing her facial features like a lost puppy
Looking for its master entertaining each and every piece
Of loyalty til I'm tired making decisions for my life that
Is endured quickly,
No time to sit and cry little soldier and your mother's got
List of chores for you to confront in your life,
Don't ignore it for even a second,
Such a buzz kill..

Arcassin B Dec 2017

By Arcassin Burnham

Heart and pride that remains strong in a human while
facing other matters knowing you could get between,
The legs of female that creates life, your faith in
women are isolated , you cant do right,
Don't let enemies avoid your pride , cause you to do suicide,
blame all your family members that didn't reside,
Mad at the world cause you simply can't provide,
keep fighting,
everybody knows the government will keep trolling,
they tell us keep looking for a light but nothings brightening,
especially for a black man ,
a good man,
that let the system and the drugs take hand,
forgiveness is something the law enforcers don't understand,
We came up off of poverty, don't tell a man that he can't,
its a sticky situation that'll never end.

  Dec 2017 Arcassin B
WendyStarry Eyes

Scatter kindness
Within our world
Each and every day
You will be shocked
It does not require as much
Effort as some may say
A smile, a helping hand
Just holding open a door
What you will find is that
Your positive attitude will begin to soar
Human existence is not meant to be alone
Yet, still we chose to live in a solitary zone
It takes effort for us to share our love
Oh,  but when we do we are blessed by Our Savior above
You will see
The world open to a life
That will lead others to believe
A mission which lies
Deep within our heart
To achieve
Scatter kindness about
BELIEVE, it is a start

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