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by Arcassin Burnham

Praying for you that you pray for all the others,
stay with these words for the weak
won't shadow over the strong but to make them stronger,
the key to life is belief and wonder,
I really do , about the things that could bring darkness,
instilled in ones mind to keep them tarnished,

pray for the living and souls that partake,
and even all the evil ones , the rules that they break,
but who needs those,
forever be your own hero,
however this time goes, faith follows.

Arcassin B May 11
By Arcassin Burnham

Shout , in my face,
That won't mean , I can hear you,
I'm , not a friend,
More than you,
Could ever know.
Pushing all the odds of being enlightened by your own hands,
Carrying you under flaming wings is my pleasure,
Take my burning wings as a good faith and good will my love,
I will always be deep in your heart,
Take me as I am searching and loathing for comfort but,
I can not find ways to start,
Silk , dressed in gold,
they won't hear , as your light shines,
Peace , comes in time,
As they go , deep in gallows..

Leave , but don't go,
Don't take long , I'll be waiting ,
You , could be free,
Shut me out,
I'll forgive you.
these major things that appear in our lives go by,
Mind over , lapping matter,
Remember love rules over all, and all things that,
Materialize , doesn't matter to you.

Arcassin B May 5
by ab

Not the poster child for torture,
It's hardly enough.

Turning people crazy exposing
them to greed and madness.

I've seen all this happen when suicide comes into play.
the voices will linger , but they play no part anyway.

The mind can not take it,
Transformation ensues.

Depression creeps up on your
Shoulder and intros sadness.

Brains are like paper crumbling infrastructure.
I would not ever wish this fatal fate on another.
Arcassin B Apr 26
By Arcassin Burnham

Speak to my sanity like you would do my dad,
convey me like you would do my mom,
i was born in a world so untamed by the evils that
clashed , homeless people don't even get a pass,
masses controlled , careful don't cut your foot
on this thin glass,
don't care about mommy and daddy's past,
if anything I'll be smart enough to see what they did,
as they look back,
Hi nice to meet you , I am their little one,
first born and hopefully the only one,
I got an open remedy for the stars and sun
peaking into the universe like I ain't never done ,
wrong my loves , if you don't love me than I sure
understand, I know my parents will teach me the ways
to be a woman or if I'm a man, I will be as noble like the
Gods in greek , as poetic as my dad, like my mom too sheek,
now tell me , what's harmful about this peace?

Arcassin B Apr 20
By Arcassin B

overall special specimen simply super sensitive to sunlight,
god body at 22 leaning for no attention in this world,
Poisoned individual just like my brothers and sisters living,
moth to a flame bang loud like a shot in the dark , better duck quick so
put all my hatred behind me because I know my enemies won't,
you put me in a bad position , if you say you miss me , you don't,
there are a lot of faces I don't want to see , but I know I can't be like that,
everyone is just a memory in my eyes , I don't wanna go back, so Im'a
Be a different species , a different species entirely,
If you can confide In me.

Arcassin B Apr 12
By Arcassin Burnham

We gotta do better , when you find someone
In pain , do you rob and protect them?
Do you speak or just nag them?
Tears and lies create destructive minds in awakening time,
this world is violent that even some people would take a
trip off,
So they use pills and different things to cope,
Get out the car if you can't stand smoke,
You brainwashed mind will leave you choked,
Up in the sky , you could see it cloaked,
Treat people how , you know the saying,
Cause if we come together there's no way that they can stop
Escape the terminus , don't get bashed in by negan,
You either sink or swim, there's no debating even,
Speak to me nice , them words you won't have to eat.

Arcassin B Apr 1
by Arcassin Burnham

peace out to the fellas, peace out to the ladies,
that think life might be crazy,
while carrying dreams under wings in a life so
unseen but their ways that they claim to portray
in their own grief,
angels sing so loudly to commute these events weather if
you're a sinner or just praying,
I'm just saying,
you don't have to gravitate or give in to the
words that I'm saying,
seeing the era of my ways would motivate,
but you're just playing, yourself,
bring my peace to the table , allow you to snack,
but it got cold , and your excuses for dying
got tired and old, you must enjoy that,
but things get gone,
friendships break up,
family isolates,
and you're all alone,
heading back to square one.

when your lucks run out,
everything gets cold,
promises broken,
and so is the mold,
heading back to square one.

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