By Arcassin Burnham

My queens , My queens , the only thing that means so
much to me is how much you wear you skin so
So lovely ,lovely , like black diamonds standing in the
rough , you could have short hair ,I'd still want you.
Don't try to be something your not, we all know how this goes,
You just want to impress your ghetto friends.
Two eyes , three eyes, I could see love that's pouring out of
you, you're divine, babe I need you now.

Melanin Queen,
Queen , Queen.
Melanin Queen,
Arcassin B Nov 3
By Arcassin Burnham

At one point in time , I was apart of you.
I replaced my soul with a pile of wool.
Covered all over me, no you were a distant memory.
I wish i could stare down at that lake again and wonder.

I was a,
Teenage **** up, a social pariah,
I was a,
Force to be reckoned, and sensual liar,
I was a,
Little boy to you when you were a woman,
I had no,
Time to be around a girl calling me her man,
See I had,
So much nervousness, I could barely breathe,
There was too,
Much in this world to endure for me,
I ain't no,
Scared little kitten, I'm too much of a Liger,
There is no,
Time nowadays to change the past , inspire.
Arcassin B Nov 2
By Arcassin Burnham

Baby don't you push me away,
Cause baby I ain't waste my time on you
for nothing,
I'm a good guy , guess that I was good for nothing.
Baby don't you push me away,
you put me through so much **** with my
people that its hard to call them my fam,
So their people to me, just like everyone else.
A lot on my mind , can't pass the time,
I'm in a loop,
I use to be a victim to the love thing , but it
took over and grew,
Soul searched for the wrong one , and now
this a requiem,
she could tell all her friends if she wants , I
don't have time for them,
You'll never take the confidence I have in
myself to see brighter sunshines and moonlights
and crimson dawns and all its beauty sparkling
a future that is only meant for me with
the right girl and right set of boundaries,
Not white girl that's so **** privileged,
she'll just down me,
I don't care if you push me away.


Enough of the racial slurs,
is there life in the stars I'm not sure,
Everybody in the world isn't pure.

Trust no one , hide your stash,
life is a check , don't get cashed,
reminiscent about what you had.

had a lot on your mind , you need air,
but there is certain things you can not bare,
life is telling you please grow a pair.

what you waiting for , At your peak,
nightmares at night when you sleep,
to have pride in this life , you can't keep.

sit up,
stand up,
sit down,
everybody gets a piece of the pie and the crown,
the moon,
running through a grass field and the flowers stay bloomed.
Arcassin B Oct 31
By Arcassin Burnham

Come a little closer let me tell you about the time me
And the bat met,
Even though it's bad , it's things that I don't regret,
A secret is a secret and I hope that you keep it,
You're gullible so you will, step inside my world a little bit,
The horrors that await you , other men could not compare
To what I've been through, whatever I say intrigues you,
Telling me it's not too late to save myself, and bathe myself
under the good mens water, but all the waters poisoned, so what
The ****,
I could tell you throwing a man off the side of a bridge was
exhilarating the first time and you'd still be okay with,
working here *****
My stories were so good too to you , that you shared yours and I admired that,
But I just wanna get out of here and never see you again,
Can you live with that?
I'm crazy and sadistic, ****** becomes simplistic,
Not taking any hostages , I'm so satanistic,
Patiently waiting, moving in silence , I'm too distant,
So lady you couldn't handle what I'm throwing , can you catch it?

Know what I think I'll call you harley , would like that?
You listened to every story I told , I lied but you didn't know that,
I'm clearly on some **** that'll make your exes wanna step back,
I'll probably **** them anyway standing over a their corpse as I
Besides all that your beauty speaks to me in calms of a hundred
Infested oceans , bet you didn't know that I was a poet,
There's a thin line between how much I tell you and you misinterpret,
I wanna know if your love is worth it,
If you let me out of these restraints,I'll take you out,
I'll ease the pain , you quit your job, we go rob banks,
Treat you like **** , make you go down for all the things
that I just did, I do not kid,run from the bat,
He captured you and I attack, your too attached,
We fight , we argue , I give you a smack, we laugh and
then relax , on piles of money, life is funny,
Finding someone like you makes you feel in luxury,
Making memories, clown princess of crime you mean so
much to me,
I'm sucker for your lovely body, and even in my deepest circumstance
I'm glad to have a harley.
Arcassin B Oct 31
By Arcassin burnham

All you could do is laugh,
Do is laugh when they throw ****** ****  your way, it feels so right,
I swear it only takes one bad day just to
make a mans old memories just die,
The bat was the cause , he better not lie,
I'll have the pleasure of encountering this ***** again,
It doesn't even have to be so serious, why?
Or does this good guy routine make up for former sins,
I'll watch the world the burn for amusement , it's not
a serious thing when it's apparent to say,
But you have to come to this biblical conclusion,
Won't the world end in fire anyway,
I got missions to do, people I gotta save (****),
I would have loved to put a smile on that face,
In fact don't worry, cause when these *******
go to hating,
I'll be sitting with a big smile to the taste,
All I do is laugh.


When I start my voyage, I'm entitled to, whatever I do
And that's law,
Descend into madness on the streets of gotham , after
All the things that I saw,
I see the world in flames , there's no better picture that
I would paint for this moment,
To have a plan of attack , while fighting back the bat,
A drastic measure was chosen,
I'm in my Prime , this is my true form, I'm in on a joke that
you're not,
Separated from reality , balanced actually, all praise to
the onslaught,
I'ma put a smile on that face,
**** everyone in this place,
Bomb the whole thing , my guy I do not choke,
But you'll never get my joke.

You'll never get the joke.
You'll never get the joke.
My guy I do not choke.
Arcassin B Oct 31
By Arcassin Burnham

Spare the details , scratching with these nails,
One look at me and your body will be mangled while being
I'm not a ****** or a murderer , I just love to create art,
Where ever my pencil will take me and I'll I feast on the fact
that I'll let you relish in that,
I'm emotionless to pain even when it's brought by the bat,
Experience hatred for a world where men will slaughter other
Where evil thrives and the man upstairs won't come down
to defend,
The idea of killing my boss in the past , it'll had made me
laugh , how can I pretend?
Where is my purpose in this life when that purpose is
clipped from under me?
As far as I'm concerned , there's more books to burn
of a past that no one knows,
I'd rather isolate myself while watching the *******
world set a blaze in a perfect cemetery.
Arcassin B Oct 31
By Arcassin Burnham

Die if your a witness,
You could testify , go ahead , it's a crooked justice system,
Gotham ain't no better,
Even if they could quiet my storm, ain't no perfect
Wayne's take the feather, tickling us with it,
And you wanna be stable in this *******?
I'll let you do the ***** work for me,
Y'all slaughtered each other for centuries,

Joker your the one to talk to if there's nobody.
Yeah I talk to myself,
Saying that your building a better future for all
when all of y'all don't take care of y'all selves,
Have to better y'all selves,
Turn back the clock for the weaklings,
You say you want a better world? Maybe?
And y'all still look at me and say I'm crazy,
I use to have a life before this lady,
Before I ever met my dear harley,
When the bat knocked me down , chemically,
And when it made me crazy eternally,
I'll never stop killing but you know the bat can't **** me,
Taking a life is inner peace for me,
Learning experiences all up under me,
25 lives in a distant memory,
Crime Prince Of Crime Signing Out,
Am I Really...
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