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Arcassin B Jul 2022
Hard to believe that we used to know each other,
Your mom knew my mom , you were a angel with feathers,
Wishing I could tell you so much in this crazy reality,
But I feel , that one day I could steal a piece of, the heart that,
I deserved, I've loved you since first grade,
If I gave you my love would you stay?
Mold me , console me , program me to be, your one and only,
I hope one day , we could make memories,
I'll be with you til we're both 90,
Find out my secret, I could be , your savior in this life,
Call me your tiger , we'll fly in the city,
In city lights you look pretty,
As complicated, as we are , you're my star,
I'd rather be with you MJ,
I wanna be your superman, or Shazam,
Let me be the one to take you by the hand,
I'm Glad I told that I'm Spider-Man.
Arcassin B Jun 2022
"come and take walk with me, if you wanna go to the promise
land , if you wanna go deep in the earth, if you wanna go,
come and take a walk with me , if you wanna go to the beach and vibe ,
If you go get some sage with me , if you wanna go,
come and take with me , if you wanna go smoke so much ****,
If you go be someone else , if you wanna go,
come and take a walk with me , if you wanna go just find yourself,
If you wanna make some art with me, if you wanna go.

glitches in the matrix okay,
portals in the matrix some day,
future is already concrete , when the world goes to **** where would we meet?
Would we explore birds and bees before you perish and its only just me?.."
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Arcassin B Jun 2022
By Arcassin B

"Nerdy kid from Queens in the city that never sleeps,
Single moments without the peace and ability to be eased,
Simplicity to finding your dreams replacing the deeper means,
With a Genius intellect, No these kids can not rival me,
I was brought up and taught these things and took the blessings,
A misconception in human minds don't get the message,
Babylon in full effect ,is where we're all headed,
One day I'm gonna be something,I think manifest it,
My teenage years were pretty weird and wasn't kind to me,
Richard and Mary Parker was just distant memory,
If anything I found myself a remedy to cope with thinking why
I found all of this as a stranger dreaming,
Who knew one day I actually become a man?
Who knew one I'd actually have a real friend?
Who knew one day that I would be bitten by a radioactive
engineered Spider in the very end?.....

(New Poem Titled "Responsibility" to Spider-Man Project Coming soon!)
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Arcassin B Apr 2021
"either tears or blood,either way a flower grows atop the burial,
its gon' take  a lot to ease her mind but she not scared of you,
all she want is money and a man to live in her virtue,
don't call her *** and walk off mad , don't know her story dude,
she make you feel like king if you treat her right,
wsh clothes , cook and clean just like her momma side,
lexi in the kitchen with the chitlins and the pies,
you gon' need a woman like that on your side."
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Arcassin B Dec 2020
By Arcassin Burnham

Girl what is your problem?
still sipping up out that bottle,
having fixations with darkskins for their
mythical ****** performance,
you still ignore who lays dormant,
stuck in your euphoria,
thinking you got the best of both worlds,
while our brown skin men are getting shot like a *******,
i'll back away from you if your skin isn't mine and
although some of y'all have a ****** likeness.
you think most of  us like this,
i was a slave at one point in time but you no different
from a white *****,
ever since i opened my mind i started looking at mixed and white like they
were the same, awareness to blame,
fitting seeing as how everytime you go on a dating
app they ask for **** or a plug, you dumb ***** give up,
of course as always this is simply my opinion,
whites and lightskins are the same ,  theres no difference,
i hope you get the message and the picture.

Arcassin B Nov 2020
By Arcassin B

Tie my hands , don't let them go , just hold me back,
don't let them know,
I know how to control my mind,

Safety first , contain the world , theres not enough to tame the world,
I could finally open my eyes,

ode to love when there is none , then I walk off,
the day is done,
maybe I just need a friend too,

paint the town , bury it in gold , brush is my heart,
so is my soul,
I know who I am , so who you?

Looking for a real one.
Looking for a real one.

short timing for everything consisting of more bad things to come and push and pull at my strings of shame in agony in this matrix along with the bots,
wanted all the fake **** to stop, you can not rely on cops,
Crying wolf to ears that rot, somebody could've gave me a shot,
But in the end I always got shot,
Everyday was like recovery, while staying in a box,
I was,
Lost and confused with who I was and not I'm found like this the end of an era with show and tell,
Don't show and tell anyone anything nowadays cause the hate is real like the hate never left the cycle like an ongoing loop of **** to come,
When the stuff you're ready for comes for you,
You better run.

Arcassin B Nov 2020
By Arcassin B

Lord please don't let me fall into this sadness,

please don't let these thoughts end up in madness,
I'm turning all my lamps off,
dimming my hatred,
easing my mind to heal my soul today,
I'm not okay today , get out my face today,
**** love in every  different way, I part my soul today,
putting myself on a lonely road , trying to find,
my way back home,
I felt I made a big mistake,
a mere take away from what I normally cherish,
wish these memories would perish,
but I digress ,  I'm looking for my soul again in which I find
roads of the end,
I meditate to come peace alone today.

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