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Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
If I say that I'm hungry ,
My mind isn't on food.
For my people I'm angry
Those I left in the hood .

This is not about bread.
But for knowledge I fight
Without a future I'm afraid
The poor will have no right.

God kindly give me wings
To fly home to my people
With loads of all the things
I've gotten from the hustle .

If I would ask for anything
I rather ask for benediction
With it I would do one thing
Help the poor with education .
One one ima return to my hood like a give my people a helping hand
Mark Parker Mar 2016
Unsanctified benevolence
comes down like a benediction,
but swarms as killer bees
on an unwilling target.

A Tyger on the lose
is most likely to attack
you in the bathroom.
I'm not sure if it's poetry, but I definitely learned from writing it.
K Balachandran Mar 2016
Round and round,
a flash in fluid motion,
in the desolate ice rink
she skates and dances
embracing freedom,
my sense of time
shrinks and expands
at her  own sweet will
the fiery flight of an angel,
it's spirit  hits her lover's heart
but only tickles and explodes
in a rain of bright love signs.
I've been watching this
breath taking phenomenon,
without batting an eyelid,
how long, I lost all estimates,
my  sins go up in smoke
when  my heart,is up in flight,
benediction is the result
of watching her write poetry thus.
K Balachandran Feb 2016
Pure in it's gleaming marble white
a rare conch shell, well formed,
with 'reverse turning spiral',*
he holds, in both palms with reverence
closer to his naked chest, where
his beating caged heart tries to create
echoes, as if it, in an unknown
mysterious way, represents
a myth entwine him with pure nature.
An intriguing remains, retrieved,
from the accumulated deep sea secrets,
where still his memories vaguely roam
in another life, as a creature of the deeps.
The conch he is aware, hides tender notes
that bridles air, water and fire, cosmic ripples
prods him subtly to accelerate  his quest,
a swim towards the maelstrom of inner core,
commingling with the music cosmos conducts
every moment, with it's billion piece orchestra grand.

She is a flame burning in clarified butter,
his consort,her eyes reflect a concurrent spirit,
both her palms she bring together ,makes a lotus thus
and a red blooming lotus is nestled between palms.
Her lotus speaks of  fecundity,from which flows love and life
generations, descend find succor, in the gentle fragrance,
and warmth, the lotus, protects, even at the midst of a freeze.
Her eyes are blissfully half closed immersed in the fragrance
wafting in the air spreading in waves far and wide.
Conch shell with reverse turning spiral--Magical, mystical properties are attributed to such conch shells that are rare..
O My Lord, greatly blessed are You!
I’m thankful and trying to express
the growing gratitude within my soul;
however, mere words lack the finesse

to exalt Your full grandeur… properly!
You are my sun and protective shield!
Let your righteousness flood my soul;
unto You alone, will my spirit yield.

Don’t let my ignorance and sad sighing
imply a lack of personal satisfaction;
I’m joyful and pleased from accepting-
Your Son’s, eternal gift of Salvation!

I’m humbled by Your grace and power;
Your wisdom defeats the inner violence
that seeks to isolate me from You;
quiet my thoughts with divine silence,

as I focus on our ongoing relationship.
Permit The Holy Spirit to blow over me
with a portion of Your sacred essence;
reveal the blessings that You foresee,

regarding my humbled heart and life;
make me sensitive to Your touch and will;
teach me to be productive with my time;
allow Your purpose for me- be fulfilled.
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Phil 4:6; Psa 34, 84:10-12; 1 Thes 5:18

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

may your penship be worthy
may your heart be bold
may the parchment that beckons
be edged with pure gold.

may your sails be caught
by a breeze off the sea
may the coasts where you sail
be nations free.

may your mast be lofty
a pen full of might
may your skies be scarlet
only at night

may your stars be bright
as you sail where you will
may ink flow like a river
from an angel's quill.

may dimensions make music
may your muse scream
may you dream your life

may you live your dream.


Thanks to all the poets here
who inspire and bless me.
Hello Poetry has been the
best poetic experience
I have ever had...
Thanks to all of YOU.

A special thank you to
Thomas A Robinson
He knows why...


— The End —