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I found out that with you,
promises were never kept
& forever,
was never long
so, I had to accept
that our love would last for just a song.
I've been writing again. Not my best but I'm happy I'm writing for the sake of writing.
Much love, N.
Someone said: it's always easy leaving someone knowing you'll return.
And since then,
I've promised myself that this time, would be the last.
I don't intend on coming back.
I still can't get over those words, they give me chills.
Much love, N.
Our beginning , like new life
was pure.

So far away are the days that like the horizon seemed filled with eternal promises to face
side by side.

First as friends,
then as frolicking fools
too blind to see the roads sharp fork
that would divide like a deep chasm.

Still, we rushed forward
on passions temporary fuel
hitting the first bump,
soon to be trapped in a cycle
of blissful agony,
like new life growing only to wilt
in the unceasing cold to come.

But, as a dead flower leaves a seed,
So did we leave scars,
that tells a tale to carry each of us
with the other as we move on.
A lesson learned or a wound
to be examined on colder days,
that like the markers along
a journey
guides us going forward.

So as dents display the wisdom our once
fresh bodies did develope on our trip,

We learned to seek out bumps to avoid
and though we drive different roads
In opposite seasons,
peace floods me as
the passing road markers
down memory lane become
like the grave stone on that forking road
where I layed each wilted petal
of the flower on the dash
to rest along the road on that autumn trip.
Love like a fresh flower on the dash of ones first car, where freedom is found, wilts in the sun as we drive forward on our paths, someday we may pull over in a beautiful field and pick a new flower after the petals from our first love have completely fallen off and we are ready to lay then go rest in an unmarked grave
Time separated us
It grabbed my heart and forced it into your chest
You now had a heart
I gave you everything
It grabbed "your" heart and gave it to her

I wish I could talk to you
But we are separated by too much time
can u put your mine craft bed next to mine
Avy Gaile Aug 16
Today marks the start of forever.
We will conquer the world, we will hope for the better.
I’ll take the left, you’ll take the right.
You will finish your battles, I will win my fights.

Today is the start of forever on my own.
I need to go on my own way for I have grown;
Grown tired & hurt of this roller coaster ride.
I want to escape, I want to hide.

Today is the start of my forever without you.
This is for the better, that I know is true.
I love you, but for now we have to be apart
but rest assured you’ll always be in my heart.

Today marks the start of forever.
We must face the truth, we can’t be together.
Once upon a time, we’re the stars of this story.
And we lived happily ever after, separately.
nanimono Aug 8
Rainy day such as a sign,

Last time I saw your hollow point smile

Smile that used to be your special abillity

Gosh... you aren't a cheerful girl, but really I miss your awkward smile at your pale face

Blue flower that you gave me still bloom at my mind

And still I regret my failur to convincing you

Anyway not everyone is a fan of a happy sunny day right?
Shadowhollow Aug 6
Things are better
This way
But don’t you wonder ?
If things could have been better
If we were more
Together even

But it’s better this way
Is there any chance can we hug one last time, like the way we used to be !!!!!
No worries no confusion
No stress no pain
Just love and happiness all around.
Hunter Green Jun 10
Does this wall that separates me,
From the chance I have to fully be free,
Require another, a strong and guiding future,
Some opposite to rectify, or is that just a rumor?

A rose in light dawning,
The life of the earth,
A season of thawing.
Oh golden light, leave me now,
This endless fight, something new to be found.
N E Waters May 21

When I had to leave, I think
I must have hidden you
I grabbed you up
Put you somewhere safe
Pulled you from me
Into a box, gently 
Opening up the walls of myself,
My old house
I might return to
And I placed you inside and
Sealed up my walls around you
Like gum
Or snow
Or sand 
She seals you
And left you there to find again one day
. . . 

Pulling down cobwebs
Through the ghost town of me
Don’t wake her
She’s still asleep
I know where to dig
Groping down
Like a survivor
Returning to their old home
Shake my bones
And retrieve you deep
From the heart of me
Where I always knew you’d be
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