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marianne Feb 8
Separate from all I see outside of me,
the other
the cold beyond warm fire,
the other
by lessons learned, watch out!
the other
by a culture of want, that teaches to take
from the other
by a secret kept
from the other
by time and promise and pain held close,
I am alone, apart from
the other

Separate by so many oceans
that warm to rain
when her heart opens
and she smiles with new light

Her skin blurs

I accept this gift, held out to me by love’s keeper,
life’s source
and move beyond the bounds to what I see
outside of me

My skin blurs, I am
the other

You are my second skin
The sweetness after my mum's open heart surgery, and while reading (the mind-blowing) "Ascent of Humanity" by Charles Eisenstein.
Sharon Talbot Jan 20
Time slips backward over little slivers
Of love and broken lives,
Gathering them up, using the soft mess
Of once-blessed feeling mixed with
Grand passion,
Until it knits together the pieces of
Hate and love like a potion:
Unseemly, neither black nor white...
And we refuse to see it.

Time rolls forward as we ignore it,
Over hurt as well as joy,
For we have taught ourselves to lie,
To say that nothing matters in
The “grand scheme of things”...
And so our life passes us by.

Until, one day, we discover
We are alone even as we stand
Beside those we love.
And we know them not.
Where love resides,
There loathing and resentment
Peek from amidst the ruinous
Muddle, which we created,
Simply unaware.

We two may stare into each others’ eyes,
As if two strangers,
Wary of false hopes and lies.
Stale passion bonded to forgotten vows
Leave us helpless, caught in a patterned
Web of half-truths and hidden threat.

Soon we are reduced to stiff civility,
“Sly apologies and polite regrets”.
Love dies more slowly than the ability
To end the dance or forget.
We settle in, like corpses in a crypt,
To the slow departure of ourselves.

As the mind rises up above the scene,
We take it in, gawkers on a highway,
Aghast yet unable to refrain
From still more self-flagellation.
Another empty day drags by
And in our lonely, separate prisons…we stay.

Rediscovered on January 20, 2019
Thankfully, I'm in a much better place than least for the present, which is all anyone can really say...
Ruby Nemo Jan 14
little fantasies floating above my head
a honeymoon so dark, dear boy
can we recover? do you think we can hold?
never a moment so still
as the moment you loved me in the middle of the night.
there are many ways to love, but yours is my favorite
take hold of my dreams. . .
open my eyes so I can't fall asleep,
so I don't miss a moment
of laughter or snickers or tears.
Gabriella Jan 11
Now that we're apart
My food still has taste

But a flavor of salt is always added
Because water falls into my bowl
Every time

Now that we're separate
My friends are still with me

But I always wish to sit next to you
Because being held is all I desire
For tonight

Now that we're going away
My life will still continue

But it will be odd for a while
Because you won't be there for me
Just going through a breakup right now. Trying to organize my feelings
Sutherland Jan 9
The waves pull part,
our sails fill,
our ships depart.
Off you crest,
the marble's arch.

Away, away,
the swirling mass steals thee.
Away, Away,
my sail steals me.

To opposite bay.
To differing stars.
The infinite plane,
the blue in the bars.

Away, away,
oh, gem of the sea.
Away, away,
This has caught a lot of attention so I’ll give a background as I do with my other poems. My significant other and I are separated most of the year by work and study. I wrote this days ago when she left again.
Your disposition
My recognition
Our ignition
Difference of
Life long
Hiding in
The admiration
From the
My friend,
Life long
Battles of the
Despite the times
We ring
The chyme
The wind blows
The conversation
About the betrothed
Heart break of
The road
Life crashes down
With a blow
The most... wasted
Treasure trove
exist Oct 2018
either i have butter fingers
or happiness is coated in butter
because i can’t seem
to hold on to it
sad “happy” sad “happy”
Seanathon Oct 2018
The rain falls heavy on my heart
Directly and fervently
With a subtle patter to be heard in part

Reflecting only as tired can be
In being our separate, you and me
We are bound by these, such worlds apart

With ribs thrown open like lighthouse doors
And parted seas, as shallow as these
Such broken chances leave their marks

In pouring self out ever slow, in all these ways
The rain, it falls heavily every day
My life is kept from you apart
Perhaps separation is a matter of perspective. *Nods* And this may sound terribly dramatic. But context. (:
Bee Sep 2018
He was bound to the skies,
She was tied to the seas.
They spend their lives apart yet,
the way they glimmer at the horizon is prepossessing
Aaron Layton Aug 2018
The river runs dry
As my heart cry
I don’t know what to do
Without you

Everytime we separate
I miss your heart rate
Cause I love you
That much is true

For when we are together
My life feels complete forever
My smile never disappears
And my thinking is clear

Love always shines
Through darkness and grapevines
For you I give my heart
Cause you're the one that gave me this fresh start

Forever and always
This isn't just a phrase
It’s a promise to you
That this won't be the last adieu
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