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insomniatrical Dec 2021
Set me free
I beg of you,
Hear my plea
Take this darkness
Away from me
Give me a brand new
So Mote It Be
nif Nov 2021
do not attempt any magic
when the full moon glow
during dark magic hour
powers are dull
we are already dealing with more than we can handle
so draw a bath
burn Palo Santo
Light a candle
and rest your precious soul
when the full moon glow
it will come
we will cleanse
it will go
it will leave our magic low
only to regrow
and overflow
until the next full moon glow

~take things slow
11/19/21 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
I S A A C Oct 2021
kites riding the eastern breeze
inner child hiding in the canopy of leaves
singing to the tune of the birds
lies being highlighted by the omnipresent sun
bring to light what you buried, sweeter than my metaphorical cherry
you cannot escape what you have done, you must remember the ones you have shunned
even if it's only to take note of, what not to do
even if it feels too much, I know you could
even if the world is too rushed, you know what to do
going down the wormhole, deep dive
my memories come in handy, high five
to save my sanity as I live life
getting my light underneath the full moon
Natalia Jun 2021
Candlelit and sage,
The pendulums are swinging
The black cat's crying.
When the wave touch the sky
Everything will come to you at the perfect time.
Tweets,  think souls song poetry. I love the music, I love each and every  song. I appreciate each individuals view... because really its like looking at another piece of you.
Moon's eye opens
I look at her,
She gazes back at me

I can't help but wonder
If she feels
A little lonely tonight

The moon was full,
The rose had bloomed,

The stars were twinkling,
Her scars were glistening;

The dew dripped down,
Her tears trickled down..

The Sun had set,
Her grief left her wet

She lay down alone,
The horizon was her own.

With no interruption, on the side,
She could scream out, in the void….
She could scream out in the void.
I S A A C Nov 2020
The only consistent thing having my back is my corset
always try to build connections but will never force it
I have come to peace with oneness, I know its all about how I perceive aloneness
Cannot say that some days I do not sway
Teardrops mimic the rains, falling falling away
Each day different energy to conquer
An ambitious rida like my anthem by Tupac Shakur
Summer perfumed memories making me hate the chilly breeze
Such a beautiful array of colours but my mind is stuck on green
Memories of the nights we laid underneath the moon's eyes
Everyday communication through the 3 and 5-D
Forget how much I loved my own eyes, vivid green that can pierce through lies
Hips blessed with the holy fruit of the divine
With you and without everyone I will continue to thrive
As long as I can inhale., I will thrive
As long as my hands are mine to control, I will express my thoughts on my mind
As long as my spine allows, I will climb that mountain no doubt
Always extending the lands I have touched.
Fell in love with my own piercing gaze
Dani Jul 2020
The moon rises high in the sky
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the sun goes away
The wolf comes out to play
The man goes away
And the wolf comes out to play
A ***** of flesh it desires
A primal instinct it requires
It runs with the wind
On a hunt for those who have sinned
To eat their hearts full of mud
It's mouth dripping with dark red blood
Sharp teeth and ragged fur
Protection you cannot procure
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the moon rises high in the sky
The form of man goes away
So the wolf can come out to play
Inspired by my daughter playing in nature!
Cayley Raven Jul 2020
Luna, Luna, up the sky,
I am yours and you are mine.
As always, the full moon has got the best of me.
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