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Moonlake’s ripples glitter,
Desires sown by full moon;
Wistful night ahead!
Lexie 6d
I am a crime scene
There is blood on the walls
You heard the screams.
Renhui Sep 10
On a full moon night
I cradled my heart in my hands
Looking for those I loved when I was young
My grandma, my mom and sister
And the boy who shared my desk at school

My grandma has departed
My mom still enjoys good health
My sister is busy with her kids and grand kids
And the boy - I do not know what he has become

I cradled my heart in my hands
Standing on the earth's western hemisphere
The red soil has turned to yellow and grey
My neighbors enjoy lights more than the moon
And my husband loves moon-cakes more than the moon

The full moon
Holding my heart on a string
Travels the globe, west and east
The moon in my adopted land is as full as
    in my hometown!
Jean Fisher Aug 26
Oh, ascendant Moon
resplendent, wax~ed gibbous
Earth tide is turning.
Uta May 29
Nothing will shine brighter and be more beautiful than the full moon.

Not even the stars who surround it will ever be noticed more.

The way it shines and gives you the energy as if you were controlling space and time,

The way you see the darker gray spots on it,

Makes you feel special within.

The moonlight will show you the sad truth which will later lead you to freedom,

and always will stand by your side and lift you up into the sky to fly with it and the stars.
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The full moon caught a glimpse
where the billowed clouds parted
Saucer size Dogwood blossoms
echoed an urging reflection
through wide open window ;
the diffused moonlight reached in
touching the open palms
enduring in an empty void
lay down beside

Softly burnished reflections
lighten blanched flesh petals
swaying in the wakened
     spring cadence
Rhinestone memories
tethered from somewhere above ;
as if manipulating puppet strings
dangling down through
the seesaw cloud gap ―
scattering candlelit sequins
like unmapped constellations
brushed by the moonlight
in the dale of your leafless breasts

The fragrant breeze
of your memory
gathers a sweetest taste,
teasing wishful thirsty lips
into a gentle smile ...
Tracing unbounded memories
with wandering fingertips 
upon your intimate
canvas oasis in my mind

Fallen petals floating gently
across still waters
induced by whispered breeze ;
quiet reminders that ripple
the mesmerizing silence
with the lonely breath
an unheard evanescent sigh
The open window
let the moonlight in,
illuminating lingering
shadows of the past ...

you feel the waft
of spring breathe ...
but you just can't help
where the wind blows

Jesse e. Stillwater
29th  April 2018:   2 am
Rone Selim Feb 7
She represented freedom
With her humble clothes
her burning red hair,
have i ever witnessed something so pure

She smiled with her eyes closed
as she danced just for herself
She was not dependent on the crowd's applauses
She only moved for the heart's desire and love of the folk music
She had captured gazes,
without a single look.
The witness of her radiance gave hope, but she was oblivious to her affect on the people

As with every valiant step she took,
her subtle curls were tenderly
shown affection by
the cool breeze of the night
She had known the woods better than anyone in the town
As if she had not walked alone,
which only made her light radiate ever so bright.
She wore mud as her shoes
and used the howling voices
of dusk as her armor

It makes you question;
if the moon was created just for her eyes, they seemed to get brighter
and shiny every lluna plena.
I closed my eyes one night and i had visions of this girl.. The whole scenario was too beautiful not to be penned down.
It speaks of the potential, integrity, strength, greatness, a sense of freedom and justice in us. May you keep the light on your torch forever.
Camryn jones Jan 31
That desperate correspondence
Of a salty conscience
... falls two droplets
Leaky prophet
NO, I have lost it!
Touched too much hot
Of the water faucet
Red hands
They remain this way
'Til they know what they're for..
Camryn jones Jan 31
Speak easy
Hit the peace pipe
Hate is fleeting

Don't make a peep
Hear the sounds
Draining around you
Feel my silk skin
And forget




Dear blood of my blood
Moon and my stars,
Do you really
Have what it takes
..To be wild
Truly and irrevocably wild
With me
And Leave everything behind
Sometimes I doubt if I do
But I need to be your hero
So there's no room for second guessing
All there is to do is just
Lately I've been booting with leaving society like I've always wanted, bit fear and anxiety get in the way. And starting a new relationship during all this is not the best idea .. But i know I've been given this prize for a reason and it's always easier and more fun with a partner. Hopefully I'll find out the know-how here shortly
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