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Jupiter the planet
of wisdom
Jumbo in weight and size 2.5times the weight of
All other planets together
Fetches barycenter
From the centre of the Sun
Out of its surface
Both revolve around
The barycenter
Jupiter not around the Sun
They thought
They were heavy weights
And I light weight
Barycenter would coincide
With their centre
Making me revolve
About them
It turned out
An illusion
Like Jupiter
I took the barycenter
Quite away from them
We revolve in our own orbits
I not around them
Illusion removed!
Barycenter is the centre of mass of two or more bodies in a planetary system in astronomy.
Sap Jul 17
You leave just as quickly as you arrived
Brief, beautiful and human
Just out of orbit
Ken Pepiton May 10
Joy as a weapon, Jah's joy's d' strangth
goodness known, damnation o'd'lie
what a concept,

in times of social turmoil
when no one is sure what's right,
and every two or three agree to fix it,

the we way, way we agree to do, and do,
or die by our own will, pop like a bubble,
mythic warrior cult trope from TV
projected to the spiritual warrior cattle
praying, Jesus, guide me, I believe,
it is the unbelieving part that's
givin' folks cognitive dis-son-dence
dense-thick wall of farfarfar out tide

- serious OD on Campbell hero story maps to DID re activation in the novel event
Now, some team of writers has writ
a Jesus Freak Super Hero,
called Utopia,
with serious Freudian Daddy *****-ity
and I am hoping
this is 2021 camp, OP Art
like wham bam
thank you mam, Batman,
circa 1961, I think, lets check, Holy
ROM AI KNOW 1966, January 12, POW
times they keep achangin'

From then you see,
this is my future you are re
balancing re
ality in mere ifity, and yes

yes we cleared the code, the Utopia virus.

Note: the dumbness in the now sense,
stupid and dumb are identical one thing.
Kant's pure is this realm's mere, Voltaire agrees.

We had this assignment in the novel.
And you, the poet in tune with the zeit
via Netflix, see
called us to witness the premier, and
some piles are seen from here as bullshat,
can everybody see that?

Truth can take a punch, by faith.
Semper Fi, tuff little devil dog

impossible in the frame of categorical
imperatives, and no
in this flow, I ai give you google agency,
fact check yo'own self.
Judge Netflix Jupiter's something, comic book close to fifties kid propaganda,
but i  got off on it, as one of the characters in my head determines the worth of wondering where the show pitch said it would go. Who buys the meassage?
Martin Boško Apr 10
Followed by many
Giant among the giants
With an orange mark
max Feb 22
these things i see;
growing to become something i never thought i'd be,
shaking with blood all over me,
towns people speaking of a beast,
could this beast be me?
glowing white eyes,
beaming blue veins,
sending sonic booms
into the now forever wilting trees,
snarling through sharp teeth,
fragile hands growing into black claws,
am i here to save or destroy?
maybe killing him will save us all

the King of gods,
now is your time to fall.
i can't say his name, he's listening
eden Jan 12
perhaps i am simply
not of this world

maybe i was
born on venus
or even saturn
perhaps i came into
on one of it's rings
or what if i am from neptune
or one of the
fourteen moons
surrounding it
the blue planet
encompassed with
the hydrogen
the helium
the methane
in the atmosphere

what i am used to
is an environment where
i can't breathe
maybe i like toxins
maybe i like chemicals
because i feel comfortable
being exposed to them
constantly bordering
along the thin lines
that seem to
beauty and chaos

the earth is not
my home
alienated on this planet
i rest and reset as the sun
moves through the sky
i move through my days
and they feel
repetitive to say the least

i wish i was born here
but i don't think
i have ever felt more
out of my body

what if i was not formed
on any planet
maybe i don't even exist
at all

a void in and of itself

i may just be a sad
and empty
never ending
black hole
My Moon went missing
and My Mercury kept rising.
So I took a brisk walk,
around the Rings of Saturn.
As My Heart wept Tears,
forming a sad Pattern.
I went searching for Her,
On Jupiter and Mars.
Venus had seen Her,
with the "Shooting Stars".
Pluto suggested that,
I may find Her on Charon.
As it rhymed well,
with Her Name Sharon.
Uranus and Neptune,
said "Why not try Earth?
U may find Her,
at Her place of Birth".
Krad Le Strange Dec 2020
To my Saturn
After years of waiting
Aimless orbiting
Kaleidoscopic space-time bending
Our paths finally converge
Admiration and excitation surge

In this great conjunction
it showed me this one great revelation –
this is the closest we would ever be,
this is the closest we could ever be
Only in this lifetime, hopefully…

Even if it is just a brief encounter
I would not trade it for another…

Until then, my dearest Saturn...

-Your Jupiter
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Great conjunction
You call
They remain 400 million miles apart
Appearances are deceptive
Mood is festive
Saturn, the planet of justice and punishment
Video conferences on the celestial screen with
Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge
Decide modalities ending
Corona war
In deference to Jesus Christ
Merry Christmas!
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