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nawke Jul 2018
once in my sanctuary
it came in a loud gallop
followed by a wallop
my sorrowful lumbar
detaching the fear
of a clumsy blunder

shifted away from
the law of physics  
an emptied vessel unmoved
like a sealed vacuum
certain a final curtain
pin drop in code of silence

light time alliances
whooshing me into
ethereal plains
a sublime hemisphere
of infinitesimal space, time
an indescribable beyond

gentle breezes
feathery light teases
soon a star-gazing eyes
darted through a
zero gravity galaxy of an
endless empyrean expanse

a’turnin spherical sight
orange white stripes
rosely red spot
churning roiling clouds
speckled dusty rings
what beauteous it shrouds

why am I here
a knowing voice appeared
melodically close but I
can only behold afar
of an ethereally existential
interstellar manifold

questioning mind
told of convoluted ways
as seen and heard
the rhymes and seasons but
for one and the only reason
mankind's whisper'd words

entrance to the portal
as did my dawned immortal  
met a peaceful assembly
I lay in days, this rapturous gifts
what divine effulgence of
a truly cosmic lift
July 2016 - the trip to somewhere
I long soon, to come and see you, again and again
D A W N May 2018
my dear
would you explore
the galaxies
would you
the cosmos
milky ways
and place it
in my
just to
my galactic heart
down the depths
jonni inferno Apr 2018
their readings ruptured
now run around
in panic-stricken circles

How can this be ?!!?
What shall we do ?!!?
Ceres is Gone !!
Now Pluto too !!
Who shall be next ??!!??
Jupiter ??
Neptune ??

We know their plans
and they've been confirmed

- No -
it's not Saturn...
- sshhh -
Be quiet now
- Please -
Do Not Squirm
They only want

from a planet
to a planetoid
and if they keep going
a lowly

just a comedic finish to "Pluto, Thou Hast Fallen"
included the link to the pic/poem at the end
we are a city of shattered dreams;

of fractured souls philosophising away

the hours in drunken stupors

pity was a double-edged sword;

a Jovian to your puerile naïveté,

dimestore hypocrisy to the wiseman

I beg of you some modesty;

your blatant satisfaction pains me so

yet of course you can never know.
Hadiy Syakir Nov 2017
There is no passable route
to the eventual soulless rite
skidded floors,
frozen painted walls
enclosed in jupiter's rail
embossed in eyelids tail
contradictional theory
off the Savannah 101
piroutting our own soul
writing off our own role
state of devastation
lifted off the barley field
stuck in a time warp
the sky has been waiting
and turning and rolling
tired of never ending doubt
flung towards the soul
aghast with how it ends
the kingdom never arrives
but with face full of joy,
you rob everything off us.
ollie Sep 2017
Wish you could hold hands with your best friend
It's a casual thing
The song Drops of Jupiter comes to mind
Imagine that
Imagine your best friend always sticking up for you
Imagine sailing the sun
That's what I want to do with you before our life is done
And remember there's an apartment waiting for us in New York
We're such dorks in all the best ways
Make each other laugh, make each other cry til our dying days
Neither of us have long
Can you imagine us living in the same apartment until we're old
My friend
You're too after love
So am I
But not with you anymore
Love was an open door and then we both kind of opened a new one
Hey, that's okay
Like the club It's Okay To Be ***
We're gonna help people come out of their shell
And maybe we'll help ourselves
Remember the infomercial we made in English class about shampoo
And our class should've lost it
Cause that was funny as ****
And maybe a bell rings when I remind you of Eoth
That dumb project we made
A dystopian world
I still stand by the fact that it was wrong to steal the name from a book
Remember how you would scream out the way you felt, always
Remember how you like my poetry
Remember how I don't
Remember how I told you I ran away once
Remember that's how we become friends
Remember aidswich
Do you remember me, quiet me, saying "are you implying the sandwiches had ****** *******?"
Remember Hamilton
Remember my 13th birthday
Remember our memories
We are actually ******* idiots man
And I know that you would send a lenny face to that
Remember the nights we would cry together
Remember how there are going to be so many more
Hey man, I choose you
So if I lose you, I'm going down too
We made a pact and I swear I will swallow my fear and keep to it
So please don't die
Remember how we're ****** and made a pact never to have *** until we're 18
I feel like someone will break that
Remember when I was crying
You've never seen me cry
I assure you
I am right now
Really it's because I love you though
No **** though
Yeah, just kidding, I'm **** as ****
Y'know I have a lot of best friends
But I think you're my favorite
And I wanna call it quits
And I think you're why I don't
I don't
I don't
I shouldn't
I can't
I'm alive
Hey, long as we have each other, maybe we'll be thriving
There's an apartment somewhere in NYC
That's just waiting for you and me
So, best friend
Remember that
Cause we've got more things to remember up ahead
This one is about Levi. I wrote it awhile ago. Safe to say I cried.
Xander Kyle Jun 2017
Hatred. Poverty. Discrimination.
A storm that’s tearing down your house and rocking the foundation.

“This too shall pass.”

I hate to know it, but life is more than an aphorism.
One thousand years ago they didn’t know that the ship would land here.

That Great Red Spot won’t stop
And the red clouds make it quite clear.

Across the surface we see it prove relentless.
You can’t wait out the storm. Silence is not progress.

So if you love your babies, give them the right gear
To brave the climate
Because if one storm passes, the next is just behind it.
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