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Steph Nov 2014
december 2011:
soulmates? something out of a fairytale!
handsome Prince Charming and the sweet Princess
are unlikely childhood sweethearts
their scripted fate tucked away under my bed.
april 2012:
soulmates? it’s just like in the fairytales.
we flirted with chance but knelt on destiny
my eyes were bright and wide as
true love’s first kiss hangs promised in the air.
april 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale wasn’t mine.
I tried to fill in the gaps with ice cream and picnics
but we were a jigsaw puzzle missing half its pieces.
don’t worry, I thought, I am still so very young.
july 2013:
soulmates? the fairytale forgotten
I threw myself at people hardly worth the toss
mistakenly discarding pieces of myself
I didn’t expect to need later
november 2013:
soulmates? a fairytale of treachery.
you sleeping beauty, wide awake
I tore myself to shreds on your wall of thorns
tread carefully, for fate is a dangerous game.
january 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale, for now
I cast that suffocating doctrine out of my mind
frozen in time, I decided now was what mattered
a love like one I’d never felt before beckoned
may 2014:
soulmates? a fairytale assured
I don’t know what the future holds, or how my story will unfold.
happiness is everything and care is not for this world.
love is abounding and soulmates can wait.
october 2014:
soulmates? they belong in fairytales.
chipped and damaged hearts don’t become more whole
just by finding comfort in another broken soul.
all the world’s a playground
these grown-up children
just playing pretend
because nothing’s really meant to be
after all.
Saylor Kay Jan 2016
Soulmates aren't lovers
You dream when you sleep
Soulmates you fight with
While you dream
Soulmates aren't perfect
As some have you believe
Soulmates cause messes
That you have to clean
Soulmates are annoying
And drive you insane
Soulmates are friends
That will dance in the rain
Soulmates make you laugh
When tears fill your eyes
Soulmates don't always understand
Though they try

Soulmates are the ones who stay

They stay when you're down
They stay when you're up
They stay when you rock
And they stay when you ****
They stay when you love them
They stay when you don't
They stay when you're hurt
And need them the most
They stay in the end
After everyone's gone
They stay in the end
So you're never alone

Soulmates are the ones that stay
Soulmates share two pairs of arms
But what if one pair is wings
While the others are mere arms?

Soulmates share two pairs of legs
But what if one pair is fins
While the others are just legs?

Soulmates share two pairs of eyes
But what if one pair sees only metaphysical
While the other sees only physical?

Soulmates share two pairs of arms, legs and eyes
But what if the Soulmates no longer share;
What if they were no longer together

And the three pairs of two were split

So one had wings while one had arms
One had fins while one had legs
One saw metaphysical and the other saw physical?

Would one fly above the other that crawled?
Would one swim beneath the other that walked?
Would the metaphysical float by the physical unable to see?

But how could one fly without the other?
How could one swim without the other?
How could one see without the other?

How could Soulmates survive and not share;
How could Soulmates live without the other?
Murredith Mar 2015
I do not believe in soulmates because my mum got six kids out of a fourteen year marriage, but she also got two weeks of drowning herself in alcohol to **** the pain, followed by another man who does not quite keep up.

I do not believe in soulmates because I spent sixteen hours sitting on the bathroom floor with my Aunt on her wedding day while she threw up alcohol along with her arguments to her new husband as a honeymoon.

I do not believe in soulmates because my grandmother stayed with her abusive husband for seven years just to fill the void space in her heart, simply because she was dying, even though she was wise enough to know he was not 'the one'.

I do not believe in soulmates,
But I do believe in us.
Cathyy Aug 2014
Maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe we could still have a connection
I know that you're taken, baby..
I should just accept it..
But somewhere along the lines,
Of you and i..
I know you loved me too..
(I hope somehow you still do)
So maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe God made me for you.
:) just a sneak peak of a new song i wrote,

Speaking of music, check out my latest youtube cover;;
manicsurvival Nov 2015
soulmates never die
they rest in your heart's valves
hibernating from the love that was yours
they sneak up on you occasionally
through hidden lyrics
through words unspoken
through social media, god ******

soulmates graze your heart like dandelion blossoms
they make you feel whole and loved and welcome

but soulmates are not always mutual
they are the one way street you do not want to drive down
the dead end you encounter each time you try to get close to the end

your heart may meld into my mold but perhaps yours needs growing
perhaps the valve pumping blood to your heart is reserved
for someone you have not met

you have met me
you have met my grin at midnight
my tears in your car
my forehead on your shoulder

soulmates never die
you will rest inside me till i forget what it was like to love you

i will always love you
you fit my mold
you rise like magic out of a storybook

your words will never be forgotten
for i live to hold your memory

may it rest comfortably
and may it find a home
in my heart, I hope
effaced Apr 2015
we are soulmates
she and i,
and no, not of
the romantic kind.
we both believe that
soulmates arent just
who we are to marry,
but, soulmates are the ones
that we are supposed to
meet and love in life,
and never ever forget,
even if you grow apart,
your soulmate is that
one person who you'll
tell your kids and
grandkids about,
the one who you loved
and had to learn to live
and now, thats what im doing

brandon nagley Oct 2015
She knoweth what I'm going to sayest
Before I sayest it;

She understandeth mine heart and pain
Before mine blood displayeth it;

She layeth me to sleep
When I get sleepy;

She layeth her head virtually upon mine chest
When I'm in weeping;

She Whisper's she loveth me
Before I canst speaketh it back;

When I'm on the wrong road, losing direction to mine soul,
Her and God get me back on track;

When I feeleth lonesome
She filleth up that lonesomeness;

When the anguish get's noisome
She giveth me her all, her best.

Earl Jane nagley is mine soulmate
Tis I'm more than blessed;

We art both preordained, from the beginning, eternal flame's
We art life, life is us, we art soulmates.

We art soulmates!!!

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication ( Filipino rose) soulmate of mine
©Hari and Reyna incorporated
Our tears touch-
They mingle
And smear together,
Becoming one;

Tiny vials of our soul-
In the form of tears,
Each half empty,
Until they meet as one.

Our lips kiss,
Sparks fly,
To and from, joining,
Becoming one.

Our souls leap
To meet each other,
To send sparks,
To announce the union.

Tears we cry,
Kisses we give,
All are glimpses
Of our souls,

Finally meeting ever so
Slowly but surely
They mingle
And caress.

Yours and mine,
That have searched
For each other
For all time.

Let the tears flow,
Let the kisses rain,
For you have found me
And I have found you.

For our tears mingle,
Our kisses send sparks;
They speak to the heart:
You and I are Soulmates.
Graced Lightning Feb 2014
I'd like to believe that soulmates are forever.
That you can fall in love with someone
who is meant perfectly for you.
Someone whose body fits next to yours
like two pieces of a puzzle.
Who curves in all the right places
to fit in to the gaps between your heartstrings.

A soulmate isn't forever.

there is a kind of intimacy that comes with being a soulmate
and it's so much more than just ***
or skin on skin
with clothes on the floor
and the lights turned way down low
and tangled sheets and secret smiles.
It's an intimacy that comes with knowing
their hopes and dreams and secrets
having a deep connection that can't be replaced.

Soulmates aren't forever.
But oh, how I wish they were.
I'd really like feedback on this. I wrote this after reading many poems dealing with the idea of a soulmate and I don't really even know what a soulmate is or how to find one.
Jordan Nov 2014

Looking at him, She thought he was everything she needed in life but in the end, he was what truly drained the life from her eyes.

Overcome by the shame of her ignorance, she flooded the pages with her tears. This is why she never loves. This is why she only fears. This is why she never opens up and why when he opens his mouth, lies are the only things she seems to hear.

**** soulmates. The only real gift love brings is suffering. The ones we would give anything to have, cause us the most pain. It's a foolish cycle that never seems to break. And no matter how many times we fail, it's always from this same mistake.

By now, you'd think we would have learned. And from this stupidity, you'd assume we would have turned. Sadly, there's no hope for the things we can't change.

It's ironic, yet strange, if I'm being quite honest, though, because, you see, the more knowledge we try to gain, the more we actually seem to go insane.
Kasey Jun 2013
We're not soulmates
I'm pretty sure.
Not meant to be
Not meant to hold
Not meant to love each other.
But that can't stop me from dreaming
Of dancing with you
To Ray Lamontagne songs in the moonlight
And growing old with your hand in mind.
We're not soulmates,
I'm pretty sure,
But that won't stop me from loving you
With everything I am.
petalsofhope Nov 2013
Do you believe in soulmates?
it is indeed cliche and overused
but i do
i do believe in the miracle of falling in love
each of us are destined to be with someone
someone who brings sunshine
when your days are rainy
someone who gives you hope
when you're out of faith
someone who holds your hand
when your ride is bumpy
your soulmate is your other half
they might be thrown across the world
they might also be living next door
how will you know who your soulmates is?
you see, some say you don't
one day you just take the jump
and wait till fate catches
have you ever met someone for the first time
but your heart feels as if you’ve met them before?
the moment you meet someone
that capital S someone
you'll feel an inexplicable attraction to that person
your souls are drawn to each other
that's the thing about love
logic can never do the math
there is someone, somewhere out there
who you can just love and love
no matter how tough the journey is
no matter how constant the drift-aparts are
you will always find your way
back to each other
"We were not making love, we did not even kiss, but the unexplainable intimacy we shared left us wordlessly and hopelessly locked into each other's gaze."
mk Jul 2016
maybe it's just easier to deny
the existence of soulmates
than to accept the fact
that everyone has one
*except for you.
-feeling used but i'm still missing you
Deb Jones Dec 2019
There are plenty of soulmates
For each one of us
I clique with so many people
Someone who laughs with me
When no one else sees the humor
Thats a soulmate
Someone that shares my pain
The pain I keep hidden
Thats a soulmate
Someone that comforts me
When no one else can
Thats a soulmate
Someone who listens to me
While I listen back
Thats a soulmate
Someone that carries my secrets
While I carry theirs
Thats a soulmate
Anyone that touches my heart
While I take root in theirs
Thats a soulmate
It doesn't matter the gender
It doesn't matter the age
A soulmate is a soulmate
In a variety of ways
Lets not limit ourselves
Chrissy Jul 2017
Paper soulmates
Drawn together by fate
Glued into each other's lives persistently
As we are paper soulmates we are prone wear and tear
Torn paper is truly unfixable
You can only try to sellotape together what has been torn apart
Scrunched paper can't truly be smoothed out again,
there is still going to be evidence of past experience
Our story Inked onto the pages of our body
Stained by water, the ink smudges off of us
Our stories ??
Tammie K Apr 2016
If soulmates exist
I think it's an awful thing
How one person can own me
And have me know
There is no other
That fit quite like them

That every embrace
Just won't do
Not quite like theirs
And every breath I take
Without them
Is not quite the same
Not as full-filling

I mean think of the horror
Of comparing each moment
To each shared with them
Each laugh not quite as hearty
Each kiss not quite as breathless
Each encounter just not enough
For you could have more with them

I just can't comprehend
How nobody else will do
Not quite enough
So in everyone
I spend the moments
Looking for them
Waiting for them
Wondering if I passed them
Maybe in the street
Or in a bus somewhere

So if soulmates exist
I am afraid
I don't want to meet mine
Time stood still that day we met
The way you looked at me, I will never forget
I can't imagine my life without you
And as the days pass, this becomes more true
So hold me close and never let go
You are my soulmate, but you already know
To the love of my life. Words cannot express how amazing you are and how much I love you.
Styles Jan 2016
Thinking of you,
wishing you were here
reminiscing about your lips
the sweet scent of your hair
our tongues touching
my mouth, breathing in your air
our bodies so close;
temperatures so hot, we melt the air
     as our flesh mesh      
distance disappears
I can feel your heartbeat,
the feeling insane,
two bodies becoming one
as you take me in vein
Your body paralyzed by my tremors
I whisper your name
you pulling me in closer
deeply impaled by my frame
your pleasure is mine
its ours all the same
two soulmates
together we remain.
Jasmine Jan 2015
I do not believe in soul mates - that there is a being on this earth for you and only you.
Love is a matter of circumstance, timing and the feelings that are developed with these.
But I do however, believe that sometimes we fall in love and think 'this is it'.
This happens only once.

we are not meant to spend our lives with everyone we fall in love with.
But when you get that 'this is it' feeling, when you truly feel that -
That is the closest thing to 'soulmates' anyone can get.
mk May 2015
oh what a joy it is
to finally find someone
who can excite
your mind
your body
Natt Dec 2018
Do you believe in soulmates?
If someone had asked me that question 2 months ago I would have said no
But a month ago,
I met you
And you changed my world
Now I see it in a new light.
You appeared out of no where
And yet you were right in front of me all these years.
So do I believe in soulmates?
Yes I do.
Because I found mine
And he’s the one that completes me now.
Ruthie Aug 2014
I never really put much thought into love.
I figured it was something imaginary.
Parents say I love you.
But then they scream at each other behind slammed doors.
Boys tell you they love you to get in your pants.
Girls seem to love everything whether it's fluffy, pretty or just **** attractive.

I've never been one to believe in it all.
It never made much sense.
Always a meaningless word.
Signifying as little as four simple letters.

But then I met you.
And it may have been a sunny day.
And everyone may have been in high spirits.
But we walked.
And we talked.
And I think I felt our souls bounce off each other.
Like they were old friends reconnecting.
Catching up.
Yet you were totally new.

And two days.
Two days is all it took for my soul to understand that it found its long lost friend.
But then we were separated again.
And our souls are struggling to stay in touch.

But I feel deep down that you're not gonna be gone long.
We'll see each other again.
And we'll be Soulmates.
And I know for a fact I will run anywhere with you.

Because the feeling I get when I'm with you.
It's as if those four empty letters are full at last.
And they're full to capacity.
I know it's not lust.
I feel it in my soul.
This is love.
Amelia Crake Jun 2014
you're mine,
but am i yours?
6 Word Memoirs No. 13 (I think)
ephemeral Jan 2015
what if your person is
someone else's, too?
what if they're not yours
at all?
what if your person doesn't consider you to be their person? what if they don't have a person at all? what do you do then?
The song for this poem is "pretty when you cry" by Lana del Rey.
brandon nagley May 2016
Played on piano-

My kindred spirit
Flesh of my bones;
Don't be in anguish,

My empyrean baby
I'm going nowhere;
Don't you know we were best friend's,
From the times in the air.

So don't ask no question's
And please do not doubt;
We will meet my love
And with God figure it out.


So do not cry
And don't ask why,
Everything has a reason
In God's due season.


Akong gugma
Nimo tinud-anay;
Gihigugma ko-ikaw
I'm here to stay.

Magandang umaga
Magandang araw;
A kiss to you at dusk-
An embracing you at dawn.

Hihintayin kita
Hihintayin kita;
Hihintayin kita,
Hihintayin kita.

Chorus once more-

The end fading out piano.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Ninth month anniversary song to Earl Jane sardua Nagley!!!

Note- happy nine months my dear!!!my queen, my Reyna! Mine soulmate life and love. I wanna thank you for all the prayers you've given me and my family.. By your prayers and your friends and family's prayers God heard those prayers as he hears the richeous prayers and those who truly seek his help. He heard your prayers to heal my father!!! And protect my mother in her accident ... You truly are a blessing to me and my family Jane. As I always tell you Reyna! God brought us together at the most pivotal and vital time two soulmates can come together with all that is happening in this world. He brought us as one. Not to be seperate but to come together in patience... Tolerance. Love. Peace. Happiness..  Not in fear. Or worry. Or anguish or restlessness. Our God gives us peace through Christ!and Christ alone! You've always been there for me now nine months and I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my soul! Your a beautiful elegant queen-like young woman with the heavens in front of you awaiting the return of one of its angels!!! You mine love!!! Don't forget who brought us together!!! God did queen. God makes and made all happen! All the blessings even through your trials and tribulations and mine! We are so blessed!!! And we must continue giving love and forgiveness and showing christs love to one another to those who know him and don't know him!!! God is in the son and Savior Christ. And Christ in him. But also Christ lives in us. Show Christ to others!!! Continue showing thankfulness for what we do have amour yes we may be thousands of miles away! But love mine Jane, has no border nor boundary love has no cell holding two soulmates back! We will meet. Yes patience me must endure and trials and tribulations though through it all! We will come out through the fire refined! Pure!!! A love untouched through God mi amour!!! Mas mahal kita my soulmate... My one, and only queen....happy nine months mine all! Mine everything!!!!! My life!!!!!!!! Mememememememememmmmmmemenenenenenenenenenenenenenene more pookie!!!!

Your soulmate best friend and love.  And preordained
Brandon Cory Nagley-
Decided to write song tonight though haven't recorded it yet just let Jane hear it regular recording without piano so far.  Wrote regular style tonight not old archaic way since this is a song for Jane...I'll post song tommorrow on my SoundCloud account...
Word meanings-
pagtatapos- means completion in Filipino tongue
Note- nine is also my number I've always been entranced by spiritually it means completion spiritually as Christ died the ninth hour (completing prophecy of dying on cross) on the cross meaning 3 pm in Jewish time. My b day is September 23 of 1988. I always had fascination with nine as child always writing nine as my Jersey number and found out nine is the most important number spiritually and in all senses. It represents death to the other side making a completion of this life traveling to the next higher realm ( heaven) completing this life.  That's why you hear forever 27 famous stars so on dying that age. It means completion... 2+7=9. Numbers  have everything to do with gods creation and the universe and us. People seem to forget that. Sorry fun facts lol. Nine also means judgement biblically... So yes very important number as always has been to me... And implicates bigger things to come! In all senses especially spiritually!!!
Mahal kita - means I love you. In Filipino.
Akong gugma Nimo tinud-anay; means my love is real.
Gihigugma ko-ikaw- I love you Filipino tongue
Magandang umaga- good morning Filipino tongue
Magandang araw- beautiful day .
Hihintayin kita- I'll wait for you....Filipino tongue.
Diana Mendoza Aug 2014
I am not required to love you.
Let's get that straight.
Neither man nor woman
Is obligated to profess
And show their undying love for you,
Just as the sun doesn't revolve around the world,
The world doesn't revolve around you.
A series of acts showing your "kindness"
Is not a contract for a relationship.
The very fact that you have to shout
How you are a "nice guy"
Shows how you aren't;
Kindness doesn't need reassurance.
To be frank,
This whole delusion
Is getting a bit out of hand
(see: the "****** Killer",
a guy so sexually frustated
He killed people
for not giving him the right to get laid).
Maybe, hear me out here guys,
it's not because girls only look for "bad guys".
Maybe we look for soulmates,
Not Good Samaritans with hidden agendas.
This may come off as a shock for some of you,
But all-around goodness isn't equal
to treating girls nicely
Only because you might have a chance.
So if your mating dance
Consists of acting like you're an angel And simultaneously complaining
About the blindness
And insolence of women,
It's high time you should stop.
Put down the fedora while you're at it.
It's become a symbol for gentlemen for you,
But now it's a warning sign for us: "Beware the self-entitling guy!"
Honestly, we cringe every single time.
And darling,
Nice guys always finish last
because they whine
Instead of running.
derelictmemory Aug 2013
She was the type of girl
who tried her best to love
but recieved none in return

He was the type of boy
who didn't care for much
who didn't crave any touch

She was the type of girl
who place dandelions in her room
to remember that one day
everything would fly away

He was the type of boy
who rode motorbikes by choice
the thrill of the risk
to be close to Death's kiss

She was the type of girl
who had a firm grip on insanity
and often gave way to reality

He was the type of boy
who believe in the realistic roads
and never thought twice about ghosts

She was the type of girl
who didn't believe in choice
but believed in broken toys

He was the type of boy
who rode around all night
looking for misled fights

They were soulmates
But they didn't know
Passing each other in the hallway
Because they thought no one
could understand their pain
Kiara McNeil Apr 2012
Anyone can share their body.
But to bear ones soul to the eyes
of another is the epitome of being naked.
To expose your barriers,
to open up to that person,
knowing that at any moment they could change their mind.
Looking past make up,
skin tones,
weight and self esteem, there lies an entity all in its own.
Strong, but yet a piece is missing.
A piece where you find you fit perfectly.
If only they would allow you to cradle and nature their soul
with the care of a mother to an infant.
But then you spot it,
a hint of distrust.
There is no such thing as free lunch, or so they say.
You cut down your barriers,
Pushing past the walls you’ve built up,
And past the trust issues.
You lie there, open, vulnerable,
Just as they and you understand their distrust.
Distrust not for them but for the carelessness of man.
To carry a soul is not like carrying a purse, or a knapsack.  
You swallow it.
It becomes a part of you, and you apart of it.
You find yourself becoming one with something bigger than yourself.
And it’s terribly frightening, isn’t it?
You can feel it can’t you?
Two hearts, and yet one heart beat.
Four lungs, and yet one breath.
You can feel the blood gushing to your ears as you carry
Around this burden if you think of it that way.
But it’s a beautiful burden, one you nurture, you allow to grow,
and yet it scares you as it grows.
As you can’t find yourself as yourself.
It becomes “we” and no longer “me”
It becomes “Us” and no  longer “I”
The change in the air is palpable.
It’s frightening,
For both of you.
You can count the heart beats of a lone cricket until you meet again,
Until you kiss again.
But the kiss is different, not entirely in its taste but in it’s dress.
It’s like being kissed by a star.
You’re not sure where you begin and it ends.
You don’t want to, do you?
Now there’s a permanent lazy smile plastered across your face.
As if you’ve got a secret riddle that no one can solve.

But you don’t.
You’ve found it.
What scientists search for.
The meaning to life resting in your heart
and dancing just on the outskirts of your sanity.
It’s funny.
Soul mates always sounded like something Hollywood
Would use to get you to purchase a ticket.
Now your soulmate has brought you to purchase
An Investment.
An Investment in them and life.  

*When I typed in the title, the read squiggly line came up at the bottom, I realized soulmates isn't a word it's a concept. Possibly might change the title later.
michelle reicks Dec 2011
I don't know if soulmates exist
                                               (two souls, traveling from life to life,
always in search of its match)

but if they do

then the Lord

                          is a *******
playing sick games.
Shelby Azilda May 2014
I believe in soulmates,
Watching Netflix,
And the playful fight that leads to,
First kisses,
And giddy smiles.
I believe that even the simplest of things can be beautiful with you by my side.
Melody Claire Aug 2015
Do you believe in soulmates?
I do.
I just don't believe that I have one
My soul is too jagged at the edges
I have a chameleon soul that drips water colors onto white canvas.
What soul can get close enough without
wounds or stains?
Sorry to the ones who tried.
I really am.
The left eye does not need
the right eye-
to be able to see.
One eye can distinguish as much
as two.

Dust that falls
in the left eye, however,
also makes the right eye

do not mean codependency.
it means existing
as one.
Please follow @ineffable_ticker ticker on instagram for more :)
Madisen Kuhn Nov 2014
i think we still exist
somewhere in the universe
behind the sun
where all of earth’s abandoned
soulmates go to rest
i think i can see us
when i look up at the sky
and squint directly into
the rays of light,
your brown eyes burning
into mine

i think we are together
in the time that trails behind
the present, dancing
in circles until the last stars
fizzle out

i think that our promises
seeped into the soil, like
february rain, our souls sown
together, tucked in
beneath the world

i think what we had is
somewhere just out of reach,
pulsing in the dim spaces
between heat lightning

and although, in this lifetime,
we became nothing but shadows,
monsters that linger on bedroom walls

we are there, we are alive,
and we are still in love.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Life has run away from me as I play this game of chance.
One at a time you have fallen before me, you fabled soulmates.
The scars run deep, my heart crusted over with the soles of those
who have so carelessly trod on my lifeblood.

You who have made me, could you not have shown me the danger of a love untrue?
I have been chained to the players of hearts throughout all time.
You have been quiet for too long.  Can you not hear my call?
Why do you keep silent in my time of need? Why do I not hear your comfort, your voice?

My soul calls out to find a love that binds with more than a gilded ring,
created from a spirit so true, intertwining with mine and becoming my own.
I’ve searched my whole life through for such a love;
one who is drawn to the life and soul of the me within.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
tenielle Feb 2019
maybe people are meant
to fall in love
but not meant
to be together.

i was coming to terms with this
only to find out
we werent in love.
i was.
you never loved me
you didnt feel anything for me
you tried to,
but loving someone isnt something
you can make happen.

we always said we were meant to be, right?
perfect for each other
you said our love was pure
and real
and unbreakable.
look at it now,
its shattered.

falling in love with you
was the easiest thing
ive ever done.
falling out of love
will be the hardest.
i guess the [lovers] code has been cracked.
Wild-Youth Aug 2014
I believe that once upon a time we all did have a soul mate.
Then people started ruining it.
7 billion people in this world,
and you have never left your town.
You really think you found your soul mate there?
You didn't.
You settled.
With someone else's soulmate.
So then that persons soulmate had to settle for someone else as well.
And took another persons soulmate.
See a pattern?
People don't believe in soul mates until they find them.
I promise you won't find them in a town of 300 people.
Get out and live your life.
Explore the world.
Find who you are meant to be with.
Stop settling with someone that you love.
You can love anyone.
Find the one that you are in love with.
There's a big difference.

— The End —