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Bongani G-kay Sep 2020
I thought she was the one...
I thought she was mine forever as she vowed...

I thought she loved me...
I thought wrong...

I thoughtful...
I was a fool...
To think you will stay...
I was fooled...
I didn't even notice...
What you were doing behind my back..
I was wrong...

I loved more.....
I loved more....
More than i love my self...
I loved the wrong one...

I can't right my wrongs....
What is gone is gone...
Maybe i really deserve to be alone....

Am lone...i feel empty...
Without you...
I still love but no one will love me back...

Right my wrong...
I can't...
Cause i can't erase past written....
Right my wrongs
Karly Codr Jun 2020
life is hard
but i have discovered
that you learn
from your wrongs
and you learn
from your rights
and it's okay
to make mistakes
and it's okay
to have bad days
and it's okay
to love yourself
and not hate yourself
because you are scared
that people will see
the true ******
or nerd
or ****
or whatever you are
and it's okay
to let that person show
too many people
today judge people
because of what they love
and who they are friends with
and you know what
it's okay to be friends
with those weird people
because i have discovered
that you should love yourself
not for how the world sees you
but for how you see yourself
Sam Swaratsingh Jul 2019
Committing the sins that I have,
I've turned the warmest days into the darkest nights.
Looking back on my past,
the most I can do is forget my wrongs and do what's right.
People have opened themselves and provided me with a home
forgave my mistakes and with my sins,
they've helped me atone.
Now that mental and physical scars have healed,
and I've found the one I love most,
I can finally say my fate is sealed.
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
A petition for forgiveness
Filled with happy lies and conniving rights
Sourcing change from numerous why's
Oh my, what a life to hide.

Building hope from where the past has been
Only to grieve from what has been
But never have I dream't of love so divine
Until I met you, and it all came alive.

But why do I cringe at all that I have
Only to weep to have it all back in mind
I'm sorry, isn't what you desire
But my love, its all I own in this life.
21st NOVEMBER, 1999
Are you flying or are you just a cloud?
Am I
Flying or
Am I
A cloud?
Are you flying or am I just a cloud?
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
April May 2018
Shakespeare said
To die- to sleep-
But sleep without a morning’s light

Hamlet said
He fears the dreams-
But dreams are what makes the night

And he spoke of
Wrongs, and suffering,
But wrongs without their right

And though Hamlet despaired,
And refused to go on,
Our joy is not out of our sight
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