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Johnny walker Jun 2019
I've seen things  I never thought I'd live see done things I still regrets that have led me back to
where I'm standing
Made so many mistakes lost count of how many
to many words I've said I
never really meant to really
but all to late to change
It now once Its Is all said and done to many wrongs
never had a chance to put right
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
A petition for forgiveness
Filled with happy lies and conniving rights
Sourcing change from numerous why's
Oh my, what a life to hide.

Building hope from where the past has been
Only to grieve from what has been
But never have I dream't of love so divine
Until I met you, and it all came alive.

But why do I cringe at all that I have
Only to weep to have it all back in mind
I'm sorry, isn't what you desire
But my love, its all I own in this life.
21st NOVEMBER, 1999
Are you flying or are you just a cloud?
Am I
Flying or
Am I
A cloud?
Are you flying or am I just a cloud?
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Johnny walker Jan 2019
How many times do have to tell myself that many times In my life I've been wrong
But pride and youth stood In way and always
put barriers to prevent
me from admitting this to be so
But older and wiser much further down the line, I see more clearly of the things I did wrong but too long ago to ever put
Never the less a small comfort I know but at least I've now admitted
this to be so, the wrongs I've done In my
So many wrongs In my life far outweighed the things I did right but at leaved I've admitted this to be so
April May 2018
Shakespeare said
To die- to sleep-
But sleep without a morning’s light

Hamlet said
He fears the dreams-
But dreams are what makes the night

And he spoke of
Wrongs, and suffering,
But wrongs without their right

And though Hamlet despaired,
And refused to go on,
Our joy is not out of our sight
jas May 2018
your heart is black
you taste like honey
don’t care about anyone but the money
retrace your steps back to where our paths crossed
went left & that’s where you went wrong
i followed you and your impure thoughts

lick my lips as you taste so sweet
too bad your soul is as dead as can be
but there is no stopping me
from falling in love
with the wrong things
Apporva Arya Jan 2018
Life is a game,
Made for all.
We all at different levels,
Dealing with same wrongs.
Passing pain & pleasure,
Sunshine and rain.
There will be loss & gain.
But we must smile
Again & Again. !!..
Who cares for gone past and still unborn future when today is all what I have to build a legacy. Me must choose to smile looking bravely in the eyes of adversity.
Äŧül Aug 2017
You can right the wrongs,
Just get in my bed ****,
And throw away your thongs.

I will be your buddy & dude,
I will take you for long,
And it would be so lewd.
My HP Poem #1651
©Atul Kaushal
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