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How can I describe
A night like this?
The exquisite joy?
The heav'nly bliss?
Jesus bent down
With a kiss!
I wonder now
How I could miss
The blessings coming
With this rest!

Wrapped within
His loving arms
Kept, protected
From alarms
Yes, in the Rock
And safe from harm

To this church
God had me brought
I never knew
How hard I'd fought
No I never
Gave much thought
But deliverance
Is what I sought!

I now know
And I agree
I was blind,
but now I see!!
My enemy was
Really ME!
But, at last,


Catherine Jarvis
(C) 10/7/2019
I went to a revival tonight & was delivered from a LOT of oppression. Praise the Lord! ♡♡♡
Through a golden wood it sings
Ruby heart with silver wings
A lithe young lass a'sitting there
Emerald eyes and onyx hair
A harp she plucks
With graceful hands
To her left a stallion stands
Right a stag with ivory rack
A griffin eagle at her back
Before her is a raging fire
No lad can pass in his desire!
No one can find her for the trees
But all can hear her melodies.

Though they tripped
Through glade & fen
People long to hear again!
For without the slightest sound
The maiden put
Her soft strings down
And vanished

never to be found.
I am writing a book of poetry. It's being illustrated by myself & two other artists. I want to illustrate this one!
A poem by
Kimberley Gayton

Gazing through to the other side
Hearing all the sins they tried to hide
What am I supposed to do
What am I supposed to say
A few Hail Marys will
make it all go away
But who keeps a tally
Who takes the toll
Knowing all the secrets
Only Gods supposed to know
Gazing through to the other side
Watching them squander
All I've been denied
Trying hard not to give in
Watching all the little boys
As they come in
But I'll be forgiven
I'll be all right
I've committed no sin
I only try and bring joy to them
I leave no scars, there is no pain
Me and the little boys it's just a game
Now I've grown old,
And they've grown up
They hide in the shadows
They run from my touch
But I'll be forgiven, I'll be OK
I am one of the chosen...
or so they say
Handpicked by God
In His service I'll stay
Who can I confide in
Where can I go
Is there salvation
For my ****** soul

Kimberly Gayton
March 8, 2017
This is a poem written by my friend of 50 years, Kimberly Gayton. I wrote it down exactly as it is written on the paper she gave me, with a few exceptions of breaks in the sentences. She wants exposure for this poem, but is not on the internet. Thanks for reading!
Her cheeks a'blooming
Fresh petals
Assuming a charm
All their own....

Flesh roses
In a flute of bone.

Her arms are strong wings
Ethereal beauty, poised
For her journey, as a
Tern is
On its long feathered flight
From the North
She wings her way

To the South
Only to meet
The arctic waste
Once more...

Yet the flesh roses never fade

For they are
frozen with tears.

Catherine Jarvis
Another poem for the book. This illustration done by Sarah, who has a skilled touch & wonderful imagination.
Once there was a jungle
Every creature great & small
Was given special gifts there
God, he gave them ALL.

He gave monkeys humor
He gave gazelles grace
But the peacock was quite special
He gave HIM the fairest face!

Now, as with all great blessings
This one had a curse
The peacock... quite spectacular!
But he had an **** VOICE!

Peacock screeched displeasure!
He spread his tail... and then...
He saw his greatest curse of all
His VERY plain PEAHEN!!
Another poem to go with the illustration done by my friend Steve. A beautiful drawing!
There was a pearl Palace
In a land so far away
They said it glowed at midnight
And sparkled in the day
In the pearl Palace
A lovely princess stayed.

She walked The Halls a'dreamin
Of a handsome man
To take her from the golden Halls
Of that foreign land
But her company was peacocks
She didn't understand.

A Wizard's spell had captured her
To keep her in that place
Where no one kept her company
Tears flowed down her face
She was kept quite comfortably
In her Silk and Lace.

She knew the great volcano
Would erupt for miles and miles
If she left the Pearl Palace
Where she was kept in style
And so she stayed there all alone
A sad and lonely child.

Catherine Jarvis
Another poem for the book which my friend Steve is illustrating. I wish you could see this visual ... it's absolutely beautiful!
Deep within the grass & kelp
'Neath Posidon's briney waves
A stable of seahorses live
And in the corals sway

They blend into their background
With their leafy fins
With bubble eyes
and puckered snout
They hope a mate to win!

Poseidon doesn't ride them
Tho he breaks the tallships sails
He'd rather be amused by them
Their odd shape & curling tails!

The seahorse is a character!
Who loves the shadows deep
Poseidon there hides pearls
For his seahorses to keep.

Catherine Jarvis
Another poem to go with a piece of artwork drawn by my friend Steve. I hope he likes it!
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