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With such longings
With much strife
My heart mutters lies,

Take my belongings
Take my life
My soul flutters... flies!
I've been gone a long time... life's been distracting me from HP. I still think of my friends here, and wish I could be more a part of this community...

This poem is just an observation upon how we can be distracted from what REALLY matters. Our eternal destiny.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2018
Looking down upon the earth
Where there you kneel to pray
We know there is such grief for us
As you search for a way
To bear grief's wrath,
And find a path,
But this is what we say...
The sky is deep, an azure blue
There is no dreary gray
There is no cold nor biting wind
Where we are today.

There is no snow in heaven
The leaves are always green
There are roses here aplenty
The biggest ever seen!
It'll stun the eyes
And bring surprise!
You'll know what we mean
When you finally get here
And see where we have been!

There are angels singing!
You won't believe the sound!
There are colors never seen
And diamonds on the ground!
Don't be sad! You will be glad
Although we're not around
We who have been sickly
Now every wound is bound!

Yes, we look down upon you
Have compassion on you all.
We rejoice in your happiness
And soothe you when you fall.

But most of all we beg you
Not to grieve too long!
We are beholding Jesus!
Bursting into song!

And though the world grows weary
As on you have to plod
There is no snow in heaven...


Catherine Jarvis
In loving memory of Clinton & Gladys, and for all who are grieving loved ones during this holiday season. I'm sorry for your loss and praying for you.

Blessings! ♡♡♡
SøułSurvivør Nov 2018
Stars out in their billions
Above a living sea
Seagulls sleep on beaches
The wind blows to the lea
Old Mexico is haunting
A place of History
To these graceful sandy shores
You invited me
Your residence so gracious
Where I could be free.

I picture Starry Starry Night
Swirling colors, yellow, cream
Italian Cypress blowing
The deepest darkest green
Vincent must have such a Muse
What would he have seen?
If he came to Mexico
To stars like in a dream?

We exist neith different Skies
In these shells of flesh & bone
But we both seek the same prize
We are NOT alone
I would give all that I have
To soothe your road of stones
Yes, I'd give all that I have
I'd give all that I own
To give you all these billion stars

And a place you could call HOME.

Catherine Jarvis
To a dear friend. Blessings my sister!
SøułSurvivør Nov 2018
Song written for a friend...

In the trials of your winter
When snow, in floes,
Blankets the soil,
You have frostbite,
Your toes burning,
You're exhausted
From your toils,

When you're under
Heavy burdens
And your feet
Drag o'r the ground
I can see you
Trust in Jesus
By the peace that
You have found!

I can see you trust in Jesus
Through storm and calamity
I can see you trust in Jesus
By the love you have for me!

It's quiet here
Inside your circle
It's restful here
Inside your peace
I find joy
That's Everlasting
In your faith
May it not cease!

I know, my dear,
You Trust in Jesus
You have praised
Him o'r and o'r
Jesus! Jesus!
Precious JESUS!
You have faith to
Trust Him more!


Catherine Jarvis
To be sung to "Trust in Jesus".
SøułSurvivør Sep 2018
How do I even start this text?
What words to use?
What should come next?
In my body, no longer vexed!

I can't remember this good feeling!
My mind is giddy!
My senses reeling!
I finally received a healing!
You best believe
I have been kneeling...
No devil brood to do more stealing!

I was ill. Terribly cursed.
I went to the doctor
Expecting the worst
His response was not rehearsed...
My kidney problem was reversed!

I had a problem on many points
Uric acid in my joints

I had a fog inside my brain
I felt tired, my body strained.
My whole system felt restrained.
My tears made my pillow stained.

Oh! But now I am so elated!
All the symptoms have abated!
Everything in us is related!
More progress anticipated!

I might even find a job!
There's Someone I wish to applaud
Don't find it strange.
Don't find it odd...

I give ALL the PRAISE TO GOD!!!

Cathy Jarvis
My kidney function has reversed! I was nearly in kidney failure... But now I am healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ! I will be bold about talking about HIM. I owe him everything. The uric acid in my joints has gone down significantly, and the same had affected my brain. There are a lot of other changes, also. Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡
SøułSurvivør Sep 2018

In heaven Satan was the best,
The worship-leader, very blessed
Magnificent, all would attest
Thought he'd be above the rest

He thought he should be in God's place
That he'd slap Jesus in the face
He fell from honor... fell from grace
In the end he lost the race

God is TOUGH.
They'll scream & shout!
All Satan's angels in a rout
In the end they got kicked out!
Satan thought he had a plan
Yep. He thought HE was the MAN
Finished before the Book began
He was like lightning as he fell
And in the end he'll go to ****.

YEAH. God don't play.
Don't take no guff.
There's a point
He had enough!
Had His fill of
****** stuff...
Let me tell you,


Pharaoh thought HE was all that.
On a golden throne he sat
Yeah, he WAS a mean ol' cat
Hebrew sweat made his land was fat

Put the Hebrews through a LOT
But MOSES had another thought
Pharaoh's heart was
Hardened... caught
Through Moses God
Caused Egypt's rot...

Because of Moses' bravery
Pharaoh ended the slavery.

God is TOUGH!
They had no hope
God gave Pharaoh
Lot's of rope
Through Moses
God brought on a curse
Plagues of sorts which
Were the worst!
Pharaoh thought
He would be first
But it played out
As though rehearsed.

End of scene. Act. Then show!
Moses cried, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Pharaoh did as it appears
40 YEARS!!


On the mountain God he wrote
The Ten Commandments
That he spoke.
They were written for the Folk
His very finger carved them out
As Moses stood up on the mount.
Moses came back for to find
His people had just lost their minds!
A golden calf is what they'd wrought
With the gold that they had brought
Moses made a golden draught
And made them drink it as they ought.

He begged with God
Not to destroy them!
Other tablets to deploy them.
To God's ways. There were Ten Commandments
So the people's have a moral fence.
God brought order. The Law was sent.
So the people would repent.

God is TOUGH! So don't be fooled!
He will judge... And by His rules!
Those who follow are as jewels
Those who don't are Devil's tools.


Now God has a dispensation
To save the people! Save the Nations!
God left heaven as a babe
So the people could be saved!
So His people could be well
From spirit's sickness - Satan's spell.
They called His name Emanuel.

From God's seed and divine birth
Jesus came and walked the Earth
His little flock he taught & gathered
He was teaching of the Father.
He taught goodness & great wisdom
He taught us how to
Find the Kingdom.

The Pharisees in anger brought
His death upon Him, for he taught!
He cast out demons. Healed many!
Gave the people food aplenty!
So the givers of the Law
Hated him for what they saw
Accused him of sin and vice
So they crucified the Christ.

God is TOUGH!
Jesus was cast down
With bitter gall and thorny crown
He put him in a criminal's grave
So that many could be saved!
Stripped of clothing and of pride
The wrath of God was satisfied
He put him in a criminal grave
So that many could be saved!

By his blood and by his death
He brought out the Lost, bereft.
For three days he was Underground
The women came and then they found
He had come forth! He had the keys!
From the devil took with ease
****, death, and the grave
He took all these!


Now, Christ in Resurrection stands
He's the greatest of the grand!
He gathers people from all lands
To bring them out
With a mighty hand!

But you'd better take advice...

Accept MERCY....


Cathy Jarvis
Slam poetry + Rap = SLAP!

Thanks for reading! I know it was long, but I hope it was worth the effort... I really put a lot of effort into it myself! God bless you!
SøułSurvivør Aug 2018

My apologies!
I can't figure out how to cut & paste.
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