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Jay Hankare Dec 2018
It's no more rainbows and ponies as we are now moving headlong into an era of darkness ,

The smiles have melted into tears and are dripping down my cheeks as i drown in my own fears ,

Those happy moments of a Family have corroded and is now replaced by a grim old loneliness reminded by empty seats and silence ,

We are now reaching the end of this journey and it was supposed to be me and you but as i look along i can't find you ,

Is this how it's gonna be ? is this the end ? i don't know , but i will fight and i will keep fighting till my last breath allows me to ,

And i will be waiting for you on the other side  for i have a dance i promised you along with a future that we never had .
Bragi Sep 2018
Like a hammer that’s too short.
Like a wall that feels lacking.
Like a land of giants, vanished.
Like a god among gods who aren’t your own.
Perfect in an imperfect world or

imperfect in a perfect world;
your imperfection shown.

Yggdrasil overgrown and all the options leave you empty.
At first nine worlds seem plenty
but soon you hope for twenty,
finding no treasures tempting.
Your desires in the waters 

of three holy wells reflecting
a thing that seems calm and collected:
an ending to the ending;
soft but not,

like a pillow made of rock,
you rest your head upon
the thought of Ragnarök.
Mantas May 2018
Hear, worshipers of thunder
Pure evil rises from under
The masks of fake kindness
To fight us in our blindness.

For what we are to define
What was gods’ design?...
Maybe vice meant divine -
Are we headed to our decline?

Rise, worshipers of thunder,
It is now our task to wonder!
Are we righteous in our vision -
Be blind or not, that’s our decision.

For life is not just black and white,
And it is hard to tell what is right.
In this confrontation with morality
We face the paradox of our reality.

Fall, worshipers of thunder,
Your quest was but a petty blunder
You believed in virtuous humanity,
Found only the true form of insanity.

Fallen from gods-given grace...
You failed the human race,
You defied the Nature’s way -
Terrible price You now must pay.
When the Earth made you, she flecked your skin with seeds,
Tossing handfuls of black soil all across your shoulders
And sowing in your body the strength to thrive.
Your hair grew like man’s first fire,
Red and thrashing like a fish in the sea,
The sea where, now and then, your mother feeds you the flesh
Of the scorched men whose ships fear your fanned red skies
And find their burial mounds in the deepest sands
          under the flash of your light;
Men who feel your firm black soil again at the doors of your hall
And make themselves full with food and drink
And Hellos to friends so long and fervently missed.
This poem is praise for the god commonly known as Thor, and it is written in "Galdralag" (lit. "the meter of magic spells), which harkens back to the cultural magic of the Ancient Germanic and Norse peoples.
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Thor is a place with birds in a pond.
Many birds; some small, some blonde
Few birds come as the seasons demand.
Come and visit Thor with Sanket to remand
All the known and unknown birds beyond.

Thor is a place with birds in a pond.
Let it be cashew or nut or almond,
Bring any thing for birds with monde
And see many types of birds beyond
The island, colours that birds donned.

Thor is a place with birds in a pond.
Few birds are black, and few blonde;
Canteen ready with food on demand,
Garden with plants having leaves frond,
Pond with birds different on demand.

Thor is a place with birds in a pond.
Security guards allow us, on demand,
To take cameras to view and shoot monde
Of varied birds here and beyond.
So, visit Thor with Pari Style in a pond.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
Alex Fontaine Jul 2017
I am the son of Thor.
The blood of Odysseus runs in my veins.
I breathe thunder.
My heart is the ocean.

Do you think I am the son of Cain
To trade my inheritance for your bowl of soup,
For your shiny things that vibrate and spin,
For your **** and violence,
For your ***** pills and swimsuit models?
I will close my eyes to your neon lights.
I will hold my breath against your sweet poison.
I will close my ears to your siren call.

I will dive below the cluttered surface of my consciousness.
I will seek in the darkness and find the spark of the sacred feminine
where she slumbers in the cold stone stillness,
Lightning will surge through my nerves
and I will explode into flame.

Your filth will rise from me like smoke,
Your carnal lies will fall away like ash,
I will smash your idols like twisted mirrors,
And you will remember god.
At what point does it become your job as a man to question the stereotypes that our actions support? Where do they come from? Who are they really serving?
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015
wraith of white
you wander wild
the hinterland
Valkyrie's child

your breath pants mist
in icy caves
you have made
10, 000 graves

your image is
in winter skies
its crystal glitters
in your eyes

loping through
the cold chill wood
its secrets you
have understood

born to lead
long of fang
through the glaciers
your voice rang

lonely in your Lycan heart
you made the ****
your kindest art

wolf of legend
wolf of lore
you'll reign untamed


(C) 2/16/2014
Rewritten 6/12/2015
Dornish Bastard May 2015
When you take everything from a man
And his trust has been betrayed,
That man cannot be trusted
But you can trust his rage.

That man will stop at nothing.
He'll be ready to take the fall.
In his rage, he will seek vengeance,
And he will want it all.
Inspired by Loki from Thor: The Dark World.
Big Virge Oct 2014
So, what is it ... with ... ???  
who think they're slick ...  
but ... act the fool ... !!!  
Well, here's my view  
your moves are crude  
as well as ... lewd ...  
In fact I ... Think ... ?  
it's fair to say ...  
you're the, "Weakest Link" ...  
in a ... Paper Chain ... !!!  
Making claims ... and ...  
Calling names ...  
as if your words ...  
are well observed  
when ... clearly YOU ...  
are living proof ...  
that fools refuse to ...  
face the ... TRUTH ... !?!  
Instead they choose  
to hurl ... abuse ...  
when those not dumb ...  
start to ... "Question" ... ???  
Moves they make  
that prove they're fake ....  
They make false claims  
without a case ... ?  
which is a mistake ...  
they should not make ...  
So ... why is it ... ???  
that they resist ...  
things that they ...  
should choose to ...  
...... " Enlist " ....... !?!  
Like .......................  
Knowing when  
they should accept  
that their nonsense has .....  
.... " No Defence " ......  
When a man presents  
Good Common Sense  
they should reject  
BiggING UP ... their chests  
under false pretense ...  
and making threats  
to make things tense ...  
Because ... in the end  
when they reflect  
at home alone ...  
things they have said  
will fill their heads  
with thoughts of stress  
they can't deflect ... !!!  
But many I guess ... ?  
will still deny  
to face the lies  
inside their mind  
Lying to yourself ...  
proves you need help ... !!!!!  
People Like You ....  
have got ... "ISSUES" ... !!!!!  
I've got some toooo ... !!!  
Believe, that's true ...  
but ... not the type  
that insights fights  
inside my mind  
or .... otherwise ....  
I deal with mine ...  
every time I write  
about termites ...  
of the Human Kind ... !!!!!!  
Oh & face to face ...  
I'm just the same ...  
I choose to engage ...  
rather than show rage ...  
Engage with brains  
that can relate  
and ... conversate ...  
on ... "Higher Planes" ...  
Do you get what i'm saying ...?  
If your answer is ... NO ...  
What you are displaying ...  
is ... " Ignorance " ... bro ....  
People Like You ...  
accept the road ...  
to the "Dark Hado" ... !!!  
A road that goes ...  
to down below ...  
where darkness GroWS ...  
from ... "Devilish Roots" ...  
PEOPLE LIKE YOU ... !!!!!  
PEOPLE ... like you ... !!!!!  
Can anyone school ...?  
People ... like you ...  
Well, my answer is no ...  
and that's no joke ... !!!  
but ... at the end of the day ...  
I guess many would say ...  
that they have to live Tooooo ... !!!!!!!  
cos that's just the way ....  
of .........  
"People Like You"  
Those with no manners  
and NO ... Common Sense ...  
The type ... Dr. Banners ...  
Hulk Up ... to Distress ...!!!  
and ... bring war like Thor ... !!!  
with Hammers for heads ... !!!  
Yes ... Heads like YOURS ... !!!!  
A shark with no jaws ... !!!!!!  
As usual ... your flaws ...  
will bring your downfall ...  
See ... it's people like you  
who end up on all fours ...  
spread out ... like a ***** ...  
because of ... abuse ...  
that they choose to use ...  
Now ... I'm NOT about that ...  
but like Terminators ...  
Believe ... "I'll be back !!!" ...  
if you play the Hater ...  
when i'm chatting ... Facts ...  
See it's people like you ...  
I'm talking about ...  
Those who exude ...  
what comes out down south  
usually when ...  
They Open their mouths ...  
Eeeeuuuwww .... !!!!!!!!!!!  
It's people like YOU son ...  
People ... like ... YOU ... !!!!!!  
What should man do huh ... ?  
with .......  
People ... Like ... You ... !?!?!?!
We all know one or two !!!
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