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If I could turn back time
I would hit Backspace all day,
Id put on Caps Lock
and SHOUT what I say.

I'd use the whole Alphabet
To tell you hello,
Press seven Numbers
Til your phone is aglow.

I'd Tab through the comments
I didn't want to hear,
And use the Arrow Keys
To drag your body near.

I would Delete the harsh words
I didn't mean to speak,
And Insert the "I love yous"
I before couldn't leak.

I would use Ctrl to
Keep reigns over my heart,
And I would Escape lies
That tore us apart.

I'd Print out your photo
And kiss it goodnight,
Use the Calculator
To check that it was right.

I'd Paint you a picture
of us, you and me,
Then I'd hit Enter
Just so you would see.

Those are the things
I would do in my strife,
If only Backspace
worked in real life.
This is the first poem (that I have a copy of) i wrote that I actually thought was good. I was in seventh grade, twelve years old, and I wrote it for a newspaper competition. I knew it was really great but I didn't think I would beat all other applicants in the state in my age group. So you can imagine my surprise I'm sure when I DID win! That is the first time I was proud of my writing. So this one has a lot of special sentimental value. Thanks for reading.
Be the change you want to see
Try not to judge, let others be
The rain will stop, the storm shall pass
Pleasure is pleasing and love can last

Set up for sorrow, it's hard to see
Open your eyes, switch off your tv
Put down the remote and venture outside
Get out in to nature where healing resides

Turn off your phone, log off the net
You'll be surprised with the solace you get
Write a poem, cook a nice meal
Declare your love, see how it feels

Put away the plastic, stop doing your hair
Go back to basics, even though it's rare
Laugh at your troubles, hug it out
Why are you frowning, what's that all about
A sign of the times, the information age
Escape from the trap, break out of your cage

Tell me now, how do you feel
Please keep it up, do we have a deal
Memories last but gadgets do not
Live your life fully, run from the rot
The universe puts her headphones on
And plays her favorite track
The raindrops in the meadow burst
And soak the earth
And with her feet up on the world
She smiles from ear to ear
And plays it back
Random I know. No words. BUT WOW! Poem of the day (for 05/18/18) is such a huge honor for me. Thank you so much! And to show my appreciation, you can now listen to me read this poem live on SoundCloud. Just follow the link and have an awesome day!!!

there are so many of you
that i would love to sit down with;
maybe over a milkshake and a plate of fries;
and just talk.
i want to ask you about the boy that hurt you,
about the anger you feel deep inside
over a father who said he’d come back...
and then didn’t.
i want to run with you through pages of words and say
“oh that’s right, what a lovely metaphor.”
i want to see all your smiling faces and
thank each and every one of you for showing me kindness,
for saving my life.
i want to collaborate on novels of poetry
and laugh with you through the tears of our pasts.
so until we sip those milkshakes and eat those fries...
thank you, to
some of the most beautiful people i have never met.
to all my HePo followers/friends/ fellow poets! you have all given me a beautiful escape from Life <3
Eric W
The closest I ever feel
to anything
is to the words I write.
When I am a million leagues
into the depths,
and there is nothing,
nothing to do
but carve these letters
into the floor.
Nothing more.
Words ring hollow,
and melodies fall flat,
prayers (un)heard,
another test.
This too will pass,
but while it stays,
while it tarries,
black is bequeathed behind
my eyes
my mind is marred
in manic peril
and I carve these words
into the floor
one more time
one more time
once more.
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for

I wander throught the works of art
upon a gorgeous but cool day,
Bewildered by the beauty
(and the price they ask to pay).

Paintings hang in canvas booths
in styles of every kind.
Statues, crafts and metalwork
aesthetically designed

Food and drink and music too
a rousing, festive place.
But oh my friends, the greatest art
was smiles on every face.

So many strangers mingling
with a common goal to share
To wit: a friendly greeting
and goodwill enough to spare.

Indeed, the day was perfect
with weather cool and fine.
But nothing tops a friendly smile
in harmony with mine.

There are no old buildings
left in this town.
Every one of them
burnt down.
By the Fire Marshall's son.
http://www.napowrimo.net/ 30 prompt strange or fascinating fact or story.
The more it hurts
The more I smile
because the smile has the power
To make it useless

Through the withered branches
where the verdant leaves once grew,
I stared up at the old oak tree
against a sky of blue.

The branches stretched to heaven
as a supplicant might do.
It seemed to pray, as if to say,
"My time at last is through."

I wondered at the gnarly trunk
and limbs of twisted wood
And for a moment thought of life
and almost understood.

Life and death go hand in hand.  
Our time is our's to spend.
But like the tree against the gale,
‘tis better if we bend.

I'll pay it forward when I can.  
Thy brothers' keeper be.
I'll keep the roots well watered
and learn the lessons of the tree.

It shares the world with nestlings
and it's acorns oft abound,
To feed the hungry denizens
that glean them from the ground.

It's leaves give shade to those below.  
It's branches form a gym.
Children climb to see the world
and love this gift to them.

And as I watched, the farmer
came and laid the old husk low.
Firewood now, would be it's fate
and make the chimney glow.

Ashes unto ashes and to dust
we must return.
All of life in cycle goes
and from this I hope to learn:

This gift of life to all below,
all creatures great and small,
Is just a stop upon the trip
we travel, one and all.

Inspired by a photo shared by Melissa. Happy Earth Day!
My understanding of today
Is as limited as my life
Live today
As it comes
We have been told and practiced
With devotion
We do prepare for the mundane
But what’s one to do about the unknown
What it takes to be future ready?
Is it the happenings of today
Is it the mistakes of today
That will lessen the burden of tomorrow
As today the lesson was learned
Yet how to prepare for the unknown
Remains a question for tomorrow
there is inside of me a polar bear roaming
along cold cliffs
and unforgiving coast,
where the ocean throws forth
sustenance to me in its heightening waves:
little seals, tight
tidal hugs, emerald kelp
i've knelt in natural worship
in frigid waters and in blinding blizzards
i have felt the jagged edges
of despair and the melt
of glacial shelves
under my industrious claws
i have felt the gush of blood and held
my one
precious newborn
with the same paws
i am soft and warm,
dirty with lust for life
and love, lean from the purity
of my search for resources
and destiny
i'm an ivory pearl
on a bitter coast alone, camouflaged
perfectly in mud, blood
and snow.
(move) to
rhythms (my)
(soul) can’t help
but d a n c e
you move my soul along
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
I don't really know how to write poetry
I don't really like showing my emotions
So I guess I'll try my best
Because honestly, I'm just going though the motions
I've actually been using this site for awhile, I just never actually posted anything until now. So, yeah. Prepare for lots of bad poetry!
The loudest word in the world is Silence!
Some things in life are communicated perfectly by silence.....It is Golden!
Tiana Marie
She was like music,
and I longed to dance.

Her heart was the beat,
and I begged for the chance.

Her words were the vocals,
and I was put in a trance.

Her smile was the melody,
and I fell in love at first glance.
Valsa George
Arise! Oh Heart, from the catacombs of the dead
Shake off the dust, for Life beckons you like a buddy
Peel off the weariness that wraps you like a shroud
And walk to the open to perceive the light.

Arise! Oh Heart, from the dungeons of gloom
The dawn is at your door step, waiting to break
Sing with the koel, merrily warbling in the woods
Dance with the billows, wildly prancing on the deep.

Arise! Oh Heart, from the ghettoes of bondage
Break loose the ropes that moor you to the past
Dart through the panorama of the cerulean blue
And fly high into regions, uncharted and new.

Arise! Oh Heart, from the citadels of hate
Listen not to the shrieking and howling behind
Drink from the goblet of conciliating love
And rejoice at the birth of a dawn with promises galore!
An observation
I’m just now aware of
Is that I never really
Write about LOVE!

I do however...

Of time and life
And work and business
Of fear and change
And general silliness.
I write of the past
And my legacy.
And even once on

But not much on love -
So what’s wrong with me?

The reason dear reader is somewhat sappy
As in love and family I’m actually happy!
It’s not they aren’t an inspiration -
But my muse moves best through sheer frustration!
So unless they bring me discontent
My poems remain - my way to vent!
I once got a comment on a poem that I should write more with my heart than my head which troubled me.  But I think I’ve always tried to use writing to work out ideas and frustrations and not as much for appreciation of what is already good - I should consider trying it sometime though  but until then - at least for the moment it is probably better for people to not become the subjects of my poems because it probably means they made me mad or confused! :)
So sweet
So tender
Your hands
On my skin

My collarbones
My hair

Your lips
Softly brushing
On mine

So warm
Your chest
Pressed firmly
Onto mine

This time
I'm right
I feel

This time
I feel
The beauty,
And this makes up for all the times I felt nothing, all the times I thought something about me was broken.  I was trying all the wrong places, but this time I found the right one.  Thank you for helping me feel it all.  Everything.
Oh little one
What’s in your head?
You dreamt bad guys
Made your mommy dead?

Oh little friend -
Please do not fear.
For we both are safe and sound
Right here.
How does a 5yo even get this in his brain?  Also...creepy.
With an eye
almost blind,

I'm still searching
the I.
Happy Holi

Here comes the day
With coloured hands and faces
To the music we sway

Touch not with intentions ,perverse
Its Holy
The festival of colours

My favourite is the vermillion red(gulal)
Will colour you red yellow and blue too
Vibrant the colours
Will bring you happiness and cheer
And moments to rejoice and remember

Gear up with your water guns and sprinklers
Filled with organic colours
No chemicals please
Look for revellers dressed in all white
Drench them all in the hues of the rainbow bright

Munch on the Gujia  a sweet treat
Time for a rain dance to the desi beats

It's time to cheer
Spring is right here

Happy Holi
Happy Holi to all on HP
You must
to love
love is
a forever
Yes, we've talked before
then I carried you off to bed
sucking on all of your goodness
and kissing your pretty head

I tingled each one of your senses
caressed every inch of your skin

I want to devour much more than that
so let me in to savor your sin

I'll delve into your darkness
shine light upon your aching soul
dine on your past indiscretions
wander where life's taken her toll

Let me polish your dull and disappointed
bringing together both broken and stole
let me wade in your waters gone stagnant
and release your prisons on parole

Yes, we've talked before on the surface
but tell me what's truly inside
lay down your walls erected
for in this life we truly cant hide
Jeff Gaines
Now I've been told
That I can be
As mean as a bull.

And if you hand a cup to me,
It’d damn well better be full.

If I pour my self over you,
If it's your cup I fill …
And you don't fill me back up again,
Tell me then . . . who will?

Time fly's by,
Even pain can pass.

But no one that I've ever met,
Likes an empty glass.

Now I've been told
That you can be
As stubborn as a mule.

But if you wish to play some game with me,
You’d damn well not play me a fool.

If I pour my heart out for you,
If I give you more than enough,
You can't just give me nothing back
And tell me "Oh, that's tough"

'Cause time fly's by
And even pain can pass.

But not a soul that roams this earth,
Likes an empty glass.
My dear poetry,
My love for you is infallible
Endearingly, you colonize my mind
Undoubtedly lovable

Please oh please,
Leave some part to myself
Have to get back to the grind.
Please ,never do mind
Have to keep time

My dear poetry ,
My love for you is infallible,
In you I find my respite
Always be , by my side
one of my earlier works here
On a little break , best wishes to all !!
It's about time
We celebrate
A Happy Human Day

Women slog it out
And men do it ,too

Managing the house
Raising kids together
Doing the chores
And helping each other
Each and every day

It's about equality
That we speak
Then Why not today
Happy that we are born ,
Time we celebrate
Each and every one
And let the day be
The Happy Human Day

Thoughts from ,my ever so busy husband, Having back to back tours and conferences to attend .
Yet, whenever home , does his level best to lighten my work .
Funny part though, it's a woman's day and went shopping for him :))

We do have Human Rights day
10th December
Today, I frosted myself with sunscreen.

Then reclined in a comfortable chair

in direct view of the Sun,

and baked liked a Cake;

a much needed pleasure

after a Ohio Winter

that definitely overstayed.

Then i got up

and walked barefoot

on hot concrete,

just because i could;

and after just a few

of these taken for granted pleasures,

i guess for today,

at least;

i'm doing pretty good.
Take my hand and lead the way
tell me all you want to say
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
bring out passions deep within
Pull me close and hold me near
take away my pain and fear
In the darkness of the night,
be my beacon, shine your light
In the brightness of the sun,
show me that you are the one
Give me wings so I can fly
for I can soar when you're nearby
Enter my heart, break down the wall,
it's time for me to watch it fall
I've been a prisoner, can't you see
Break my chains and set me free
Strip me of my armor tight
you'll find I won't put up a fight
Release my soul held deep within
For you’re in my heart where love begins

Star BG
Today I shall get high on life.
To feel the energy of wind,
hear birds sweet song,
dance upon sacred Mother Earth.

Today I shall take the drug of life.
To be grateful for all that life brings.
shinning a light upon difficult

Today I shall move in my power
To feel connected to source energies
and all the invisible allies present
who come to my aid.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life
to align with higher self
moving with the grace of self.
skyle Inspired me with her poem Crave for Freedom
I've looked bad but felt good
I've looked good but felt bad
I've looked bad and felt bad
I've looked good and felt good

I've failed so many times I can't count
I've learned so much I can't find individual moments

I have gradually increased

But I am finding myself

I am finding the confidence to strut out of my dorms like I'm walking on the runway
I have found myself so sad my body has become immobile

I am growing stronger

Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

I am finding God in the most random moments, but when I do it is glorious

I find myself alone too often
I find myself feeling alone too often
I find myself hiding too often

I'm ready to let my potential loose
And become the lion I am meant to be
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