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An undercurrent of coolness
Murmurs in the distance,
As the night shadows
Over a language of a thousand tongues.
A bite of indifference
bitterly breaks the silence.
The transformation looms.
A darting melody shoots across the sky,
As the pure light of my mind
Seeks a dance of flavour.
A Labour of gratitude
Lays abandoned on the riverbank.
I seek no mercy,
Just the stillness of the night.
And when will the golden sky appear?
The ignition of the fire inside
permeates the soul,
As the blend of existence
Bursts into life.
The shape of romance
plays into my hands,
As the inner mirror reflects innocence.
The autumnal ether switches sides,
As the world appropriates Timeflow.
The syllables and parables
crack the taste of forgiveness,
And when we finally deliver remembrance,
life will be ours.
Knitting your muffler
As childhood...
Your black dress smells of me
I can't see the white jasmine flower without you...
"You are a jasmine flower yourself"
"My jasmine flower..."
Oh, my sweet little friend !
Play with me
In the glimpse of childhood memory
Wanting your shoes
Crying to the sun...
Cut my black hair
Turning to a balloon for you
Reaching to the city of you...

شال گردنت را می بافم
...مثل بچگی
پیراهن سیاهت بوی مرا می دهد
نمی توانم گُلِ یاسِ سفید را بی تو ببینم
"تو خودت گُلِ یاسی"
..."تو گُلِ یاسِ منی"
!دوستِ کوچک و شیرینِ من
به یاد بچگی
با من بازی کن
کفش های تو را می خواهم
تا آفتاب گریه کنم
موهای سیاهم را بِبُر
بادبادکی برای تو می شوم
...به شهر تو می رسم
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep...

I'm as Scared As You
Hidden in The Upstairs Room
One Hundred Years
And A Thousand Hours
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

Please sing me a Lullaby
One of Faith and Doubt
Or of How Beautiful You Are

Dream with me One More Time
Underneath the Stars
On A Night Like This
Far removed from The Empty World

Maybe Someday
We'll be free To Wish Impossible Things
Like Dressing Up in our finest and dancing
Where the Birds Always Sing
Or picking Bloodflowers
On The Last Day of Summer

It would be Just Like Heaven...
All song titles are by The Cure.

In response to BLT's "Band Challenge." The challenge is to construct a poem using song titles from one band or musical artist.

Jamadhi Verse's "I Will Follow" inspired me this morning.
Positive twice
The reports, don’t surprise
In a hotspot, you cant jog
Free of being caught
Asymptomatic it was
A respite
Never less
The fight

One prays for good
And works toward it
In testing times
Perseverance and dedication
Your strengths
Face the biggest fears
With all the might

The flames belligerent
Unforgiving wild
Bringing mayhem, along
Far and wide

Elders are susceptible
Caught in the wave
Nowhere to fly
The runway cold

To win against
The unseen
A force within

To think and act
A race against time
It works alright
When you take charge
And set things right
Into care
Paths lead to victory
Road to recovery
End of April, my parents tested positive for the virus
Me and my spouse were to travel to my hometown to take care of them
Got ourselves tested
Came out positiv
However we were asymptomatic
We traveled to my husband’s hometown
As the facility and doctors are known to us
Thankfully we all live in the same state
My parents, parents in law and us
Had to hospitalise my parents for a few days
They are now back at home, with us
And recovering well
Given time, an ache
will go to snooze
But from time to time,
will wake, ready to sting
a wound that will cede
but later may bleed
I have spent
My entire life in this
Tug of war
Between the two forces in me
Darkness and the light
Like a man with two minds

Both have been
My teachers
Repeating my lesson

So that I finally
May come to grasp
In this life
A soul needs both
In order to have
A better understanding
the subtle differences
Potential and growth
Powerful and weak
Courage and fear
Faithful and wicked
Ignorance and wisdom
The devil and God

The choice ,
Is solely
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