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With a shattering smile
You left me in exile
And for you it's been an art
Knowing well it breaks my heart
As into tens of thousand pieces  
Until my breath ceases !!
Broken pieces of my heart
That lay scattered as a piece of art
Healed by itself  in your thoughts
In a venge to rise against odds in lots
From the floors of time to face
Everything of anything with grace!!

Your choice to leave me forever
Is no more for me a  nightmare
As my lone broken heart
Is gutsy enough to face our ways apart
With boldness of  ten thousand hearts
Accepting .. love can never be bought !!
  Aug 2021 Valsa George
"Artists...artists are like butterflies...
They have delicate hearts
But this society can't handle them..."
My mother answered as I told her
about Vincent van Gogh...
The Starry Night painter
was once said to be happy in London ...
With a rainbow heart and sky mind
He drenched the canvas with his emotions
People unaware of this legend
put him in an asylum...
'cause the decieved Vincent cut his ear lobe!
But he paints and brushes
were still there...just like his brother.
He was 37... when voices were all over his mind
It was not easy to stop them...
So he picked up the gun...
And the bullet went straight to that golden heart
I wonder how many colors died that day....?
But I could have told you, Vincent
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you..."
                                                                                              - Don Mclean (Vincent)
  Aug 2021 Valsa George
I walk aimless, but alert, down moon washed streets
In the twilight, I strain to tell patron from vagrant
A coalescing of something at once ageless, but fading
Like the stone of this courthouse; pillars of justice
Cracked quietly by the steady chiseling of time
On forgotten foundations

In the air rests a stench of contempt, or neglect
Like an oil stain, thickening turquoise waves
To a sickening ooze, of endless, crashing degradation
A nation of people, betrothed to suitors unknown
The power of a dollar hedged against the weight of your soul
Where pockets are plump, and virtue is sold
  Aug 2021 Valsa George
Carlo C Gomez
He loved to teach...

He loved to teach her...

He loved to teach her abject lessons
      in elevators and on stairwells.

She hated to learn...

She hated to learn from him...

She hated to learn from him the inherent
       danger of buildings.
Nearly 1 in 4 women in the United States have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime.
Valsa George Aug 2021
With a stroke of the brush,
A dab of paint,
A portrait, I drew.
Blew into it the breath of life,
Lo! There it stays my Masterpiece!
  Aug 2021 Valsa George
Some thing $100000.00
can’t make you happy
if you’ve never
had anything $.00
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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