You are not the
Man for me.
You're loud
And needy.

You are not the one
I'm supposed to be with.
You're clingy
And overbearing.

You are every thing
I don't want—
Or at least that's
What I'm telling

You are the sweetest
Guy I have ever known.
You walk me every
Day to my class.

You are the kindest
Human soul.
You can always
Make me laugh.

But you are not
Mr. Right—
Or at least that's
What I'm telling
God, I need your direction.
I have never in my life
been as confused as I am
right now this current second.

Lord, You know my heart.
You know my intentions are pure.
Why can't I hear you?
Why aren't you showing me?

Jesus, I want to do what's right.
Show me where to go.
Lead me in the way
your plan says I should.

Holy Spirit, be my guide.
This what I pray.
Take my very hand in yours
and lead me along the way.
I wish that you wouldn't smile
for every time you do
my fragile heart skips a beat
and I start feeling blue.

I wish that you wouldn't laugh
it makes me like you more
every one little giggle
is something I adore.

I wish that you wouldn't speak
at least not right to me
it makes me have butterflies
my heart screams "Let me be!"

I wish that you wouldn't look
straight at me like you do
as if you're searching my soul
and making me want you.

But though I wish all these things
I hope it won't come true
I don't want you to stop the
things that make me like you.
I thought I was clear the last time.
I do not want to be hit.
Why can't you stay away?
Cupid, why won't you just quit?

Every time I see his face
I know you did your part.
You pulled out your bow and arrow
And you aimed straight at my heart.

I wish you had hit my head
then maybe it could all make sense.
Every time he tries to get close
I put up my every defense.

Cupid, leave me alone.
I'm begging this of you.
You do more bad than good
and this is not what I would choose.

Why won't you just give up?
Go pick another person.
Every time you hit me
My life just worsens and worsens.

Can I get it all to stop?
Can I ever be immune?
Is there any way at all
To look at him without a swoon?

Can I go get a vaccine?
I'll gladly take the shot!
I hate every time I look at him
And my stomach turns to knots.

Cupid, I hate to ask it.
I know this is your task
But next time ask permission.
I beg of you— just ask.
She walked across the courtyard
and right away he saw her.
He watched her as she walked on by
and he hoped that he could meet her.
He was like a large camera,
zooming in closely on her.
From that very first single moment,
he promised he would win her.
She is his sunshine when it's raining
She is the warmth when he is freezing
She is the tune that he is singing
She is the music he is dancing
She is the love that he is giving
She is the smile that he's wearing
She is the reason that he's living

but she's also why he's slowly dying.
You said I couldn't be successful.
You made me break down in tears.
You're supposed to be an influencer;
someone who will shape me for years.

Aren't you supposed to be my teacher?
Well, what are you teaching me?
I can never be worth anything.
I am not who I am supposed to be.

I have learned nothing from you
except for the all the lies you have told.
I can be worthy despite what you say.
You don't know what the future holds.
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