Tiana Marie Jun 6
The opposite of creativity:
Staring at a blank sheet of
Notebook paper and thinking
The simplicity of the neatly
Placed blue lines is
Good enough.
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Tiana Marie May 2
Art is just art unless you start feeling.
Words are just words unless you give them some meaning.
Love is just love unless you do actions.
Hate is just hate unless you give it some traction.
Tiana Marie May 2
I've taken the leap
I've tackled the climb
I've asked you the question
do you want to stay by my side?
Tiana Marie May 2
Oh, what a sad fate it is
to be woken from a dream.

After years of fantasizing,
you realize it's all a scheme.

This picture you've created and the
scenes you play out in your sleep
are not as perfect in the real life
as they are when you're asleep.
Tiana Marie May 2
I'm ready to surrender
and let you captain the boat.
I'm tired of all the struggles
and barely staying afloat.

I've learned through all my trials
that you know what is best.
I give you all my worries
and now I'll finally rest.

Here it is; just take it.
My whole life is now yours.
I've battled for so long now
and I know you have the cure.

My every breath belongs to you
and I give you every stride.
There's only one thing that I ask:
that you will be my guide.
Tiana Marie May 2
You are the single spark
that lights my fire
and sends it into an
endless blaze.
Tiana Marie Apr 30
I don't know you at all–
not even the faintest bit.
All I know is what I've seen.
But even worse than that,
You know me even less.

I am but a watcher.
I've seen the way you do.
But despite all of the things
I have observed of you,
you know me even less.

When you leave you're gone
and I don't know off to where.
But thing is, it doesn't really matter
because I don't know you
and you know me even less.

Perhaps someday we'll meet
and you'll know a little of me.
My dream of you will fade
and I'll realize that this whole time
I've known you even less.
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