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  May 23 Melissa S
patty m
Flaccid is death

like snow drifting to earth

a dearth of visions dimly illuminated,

question sanity, humanity and such

yet snow like dust

swirls and blows away

and life's imprint

soon melts

like footprints

on a snow covered day.  .

Sigh, we live, we die,

so who am I

to ponder fate

with innate lines

when the sand is

dwindling and I'm

running out of time?

  May 10 Melissa S
There existed no switch to turn it off
No such component in a Poet's thoughts
The deepest of meditation
Is but a Poet's contemplation

Words bleed from all we see
Beauty, laughter and sorrow
Forever set poetically free
My Friends!
This is what we were meant to be!
Traveler Tim
  May 8 Melissa S
Eric W
I have loved you for lifetimes and more -
we have been through many incarnations,
traveled many timelines and shed many
sacrificial tears and unnecessary pretense.
You have bore your soul in mine,
entwined our fates in loving motions,
and sealed our future in simple kisses.

I love you through realms of dreams
and into stark rains of reality,
through all that is to come
and all that is before,
and I know you love me
the same.
Melissa S May 8
Strong like a foundation
Rock solid in every way
Her skin is soft as velvet
God built her this very way
She hides most of her fears
Wears all her hats like a boss
She flows against the stream
and is the calm in the chaos
A beautiful mystery to unravel
One layer at at time
Only people close to her
Know the thoughts of her mind
Her eyes show compassion
and fierceness just the same
From the ashes she will rise again
and Woman is her name
This is a re-post but wanted to share again since Mother's Day is coming up.
I miss my mother everyday but I know she is still with me in some ways.
Love and Blessings to you all
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