sea, darkness and rose buds,
running to the shore,

i hear the sharp flutes of
the waves gathering the
widening summer

(see how she draws in her
breath before
the wind….)

the sky drinks deep,
makes lanes out of
the dark where we
run to stay free, the starlight
trembles, blinks and
nods with its
silver ghosts,

those silver ghosts
of a wandering sea,
of rose-wood and darkness,

as the sea melts....

Every now and then
silly, should be the rule
very cute and quirky, and kinda sorta, cool

Eyes aflame, with mischief
prancing all around, to music I can't hear
doing her silly, sexy dance, and doing it so near

My body flutters, uncontrolled
her frivolity infects, chides, my serious side
any and all requests, she asks, you know I will comply

She smiles and, jibber jabbers
coos, and gesticulates her hands
silly's a sure fire way, to get to heart, this man

Closer baby ;D
  23h Melissa S

The window framed you
Your eyes took in the ocean
As I gazed on your Renoir reclined figure
The satin sheet on your hip
Matched the frothing waves beyond
You saw the sea
But I saw what the threads laid bare

Living Impressionist Paintings

We are members of a poetic society
A unique learning class
We may or not be good at other things
But mentally we kick ass

We value all our words
Cherish our thoughts not heard
We are on the road to self discovery
Choose only words that we feel tell our story

We see the world differently than most
The world makes us.... then breaks us
So we write for survival and to give hope

Some say our heads are in the clouds
We are miles up and never want to come down
It is safer there in our own creative playground

No use for conformity
We escape the constraints of uniformity
We break out from the box ~ find new ground
And Seize the day ~ Unbound

Who ever you want to be
What ever your avatar
Project your poetic words
In line with shooting stars
The maze is in the mind
What ever you claim to see
No need to hide behind
Subjective fantasies

I will except you
In the rude or raw
Unbroken truths
No poetic rules
Nor laws
Can hold us up
Or bend a knee
Set yourself
And your writing free!

Traveler Tim
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