Who digs the depths of rhyme
and succumbs to words of steel?
wanders lines of acid dreams
every line and prosy feel?

Deep the depths of angst
grasping reins of horses wild
holding on for epiphanies
that won't or haven't
gone out of

Wander me in days to come
and know beyond mere thought
don't give up, or succumb
in your mind
it's poetry
It's too easy to give up
  Sep 4 Melissa S
Over the hills and far way
is where i'd really like to play.
Counting grass, strand by strand
For me at least, sounds rather grand

No folk around to watch me eat
no speeding cars to run my street
No sewer scum to rob me blind
just birds and trees, the gentle kind

And there i'd lay in fields of green
with only smiles within my dreams
Making shapes from passing clouds
Hearing storms approaching loud

No filthy dirty smelly men
Preying on the kids again
No rancid gangs with fists of pain
To kick and punch and kill and maim

Oh how I wish to feel the sun
in peace and quiet , in walk or run
To sleep beneath a silent moon
The wilderness becomes my room

Away from all the attitude
from teenage kids so bloody rude
Goodbye to all the false out there
Who posture, spit and just don't care

Hello to streams of babbling brook
And owls with moth so swiftly struck
And roses of such vibrant hue
Those hills await both me and you
  Sep 3 Melissa S
Eric W
It's like I'm writing letter
after letter after word
after sentiment and sentimentality
to you.
This elusive love has not left
my bones yet
nor will it ever.
It has seeped into me,
and no matter how many things
I write and say and do,
it is here to stay.
I'll fill pages with you,
thoughts and whispers and prayers.
Maybe, sometime, parts of me will move on,
but the parts I have given to you
will always be yours.
  Aug 24 Melissa S
fragile ribbon of life
so brittle your bow of happiness
to tie about my heart
nay torn upon my exhaled chest
to fall
in scattered shards
across thy feet in wanton lay,
to drown upon the dance of pitying rain
Oh fragile ribbon
of life and of death
unscented hue
you punish this
my soul
prettying thine heavy heart
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