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Daivik May 13
Eid Mubarak
ईद मुबारक
عید مبارک ہو
For a while
Don't tell me you know me
Looking into my eyes

Color me
As you like
I need
To feel more alive
Overwhelming the senses
The spirit and soul
Until I feel whole
With a rich color of delight

Tell me
Who do you see?
By the way, you look at me

But, I'm a rainbow
Raw and visual
Amidst the vibe
Or something soulful
Close to that
Pause in applause

And relax
Let me paint you
With the galaxies of joy
Where your spirit soar
And You'll effortlessly
Transcendence as
The most beautiful
Piece of living art
Theme: Inspirational
Theme: Contagious Colors
Author's Note:
Ideally you need to feel the most romantic creature for a time being, what you are, the world is, happy holi. So here I am.
Salad and veggies squeezed
in a bow, no space to dance.

Spring blossom whispers
Is it time to skateboard?

Tick tock, French onion soup say cheese
Who is that lady who lives
in her homeless shoes ?
# Chinese Spring Festival # Skateboard sports.
Lead K Jan 31
Festival time - A favorite time of year
When Mothers and Fathers sing the their children as gifts
Dance in the love of Old Grandpa Wally
Even when he can't find his socks, or sits on the dog
Aunt Dorcas bought the tickets to the Fantasy Festival
So all the good little Girls and Boyos can play!

Open your arms
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your family
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Daddy
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Mommy
To the Fountain of Clowns

Will you go with me to ride the Spring Mares?
Or see the sights at the Showy-Magic Tent?
Maybe learn  what the Pizzazz Wizard sees for our Tomorrows?
Maybe a kiss at the Promisatorium
All of your Sister's dreams can die and be born again
If your tired, rest your head on Brother's lap and take a drink

Open your eyes
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your insides
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your mouth
To the Fountain of Clowns

Laughing and Crying are the flavors of love
The scars on your heart will open its flowers
Look deep in the eyes of the children who surround you
Ask them for love with your arms and your tears
The sun in the sky was meant for your Heart
Maybe the Queen of Summer will never end

Open your past
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your future
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your body
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Take a walk with me to the festival grounds - Let us see what magic we can make!
Steinbeck’s restless ghost whispers to me
as I tiptoe along a stone seawall.
He steers me away from the bay
back to the old sandstone churches
built by native hands,

back to music festivals and artisan fairs
full of mild, white cheeses
and would-be novelists arguing
about Henry Miller’s tropics.

But I’ve grown tired of his whispering
and no longer wish to dream of these things.
I would rather descend into a watery haven.
I will wave goodbye to John
and I will run down sandy paths
that lead to the sea.

I wade into the depths and sink
into a canyon where kelp shivers
in underwater breezes,
and the only stars I see will be
suction-cupped to the rocks below.
Shivangi Singh Nov 2020
This time, It's different
Have varied reasons to celebrate

Some overcame the tragedy
Others are thankful to healthy fate

Some look forward to normalcy
Others found positivity to emanate

There's one common trait
In trying times, we did cultivate

Is to cherish the uncherished
And relish this time to originate

Though,we still have a long way to go
But, we found our reasons to contemplate
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Heart's beating
Pulse pulsating
Breath in 'n' out
Eyes red 'n' white
Face wrinkly 'n' pinky
Memories vivid
In high spirits
Blood boiling
At low temperature
Low blood pressure
I am alive to say
Happy Diwali!

The festive season soon to begin
No matter what the rains have to pour
Can’t dampen the spirit of festivities
Mother goddess, the divine
Will protect and provide
Empower and inspire
In days ahead
Of unwavering sunshine
Zywa Oct 2020
A peach blossom branch:

then it's nice to have a chat –

with a nobleman.
“Makura no Sōshi” ("The Pillow Book”, 1002, Sei Shōnagon)

Collection "Shelter"
One:  Bridge

Is it the bridge
Between, Now and forever?

The bridge of fear
When will you be crossing over?

Is it the bridge between
Possibility and doubt

And will we stay strong
Or are we willing to drown?

Is it the bridge between
Who we are and
Where we lust and love?

Would the distance, Abide
Or will it be us merged, eventually?

Are we ready
To venture, to cross this bridge
To our destiny but no future?

Freeze your breath
and listen to the breeze

A bridge, the transparent gap
We are inclined
If you are, to cross the bridge
That leads to one. Love.

Two: Reunion

When seagull whistles
we all came together at this reunion day
World has changed since we've seen each other
Although remained love never goes away

Where covered faces shades blessing
Without understanding of their souls
We think we know a lot about each other
But some things we will never know

Disgust in uncertain eyes and exhausted looks
A lady in red walks off into silver lake
As a space shuttle pulls away
they will never know her hidden pain
At least not on this reunion day.
The Qixi Festival is celebrated on every 7th day of the 7th month according to Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. In the past days, girls are the major part of participants of this festival and the main activity during the festival is asking for light hand
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