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GraciexJones Aug 22
At the Boom Town fair,
A gathering of wreck heads,
Come together once a year,
So warm, so welcoming,
No need to think twice,
Flaunting our ensembles in a fool’s paradise
The Boomtown family grows,

The screams,
The shouts,
The craziness thrives amongst the crowds,
Marching through the 12 feet towns,
Canoodling through the amusement of spontaneous shows,
Exploding our twisted minds,
Unravelling away from reality,

Dancing in the rain as Gogel Bodello flourishes the town centre stage,
Blisters are growing as we pounce to the gypsy beats in Old Square,
Stomping and head banging as Death ****** screams into their mic,
A paradise of Psychedelic forest, Forbidden Woods and Concrete jungles across the land,

A field of vision of flashing lights,
A heavy feeling of fight or flight,
A co-dependency on our friends,
Crystal clear beams wonder across night sky,
Our minds our blown as we are in the centre of the Nucleus stage
Our hearts beat faster as we demolish the dance floor
Grasping onto each other’s experience and feasting for more
Derrick Jones Jul 31
Flowing together like an ocean
A sea full of emotion
Peace, love, and unity
My new community
I am one with everyone
The night has just begun
I am not just having fun
I am glowing like the sun

I am connected to you
You are connected to me
When we flow together
We can finally flow free

There is enough space for the energy to go
There is enough heat for my cheeks to glow
There is friction-free transparency
I am you and you are me
As we are bobbing in this sea
I spot a rainbow manatee

He is followed by a neon dolphin
And a purple jelly close behind
As we join them in our swim
I lovingly lose my mind

Uniting with my forest fam
I transcend my narrow space
I am now part of I am
I am no longer behind my face

I am part of a greater being
Immersed in meaning
Life is fleeting
So no conceding
Dance unceasing
Merge with grace
To the human race
And find your place
Right where you are
No need for any effort
Effervescent in the dark
Tonight’s the night you light the spark
You shine until you blind
The dark eye that tricks your mind
That warps your intuition
Now you have x-ray vision
You see through false division
You have finally solved fission
You melt into everyone you love
As your mind transcends above
You bask in the radiant glow
Lovingly letting go, you flow
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Duzy Jul 17
The sun has long disappeared behind the stage
I'm inspired and sweaty and feeling my age

The amplifiers still ringing in my ears

The smell of the Tagus draws in and I take my tired frame up winding streets
The cafés are open. Piano music. Shoes on cobbles providing the beat

Sat silently listening to the late urban shuffle, people appear from narrow openings between tired, tiled buildings
Are the up late, are they up early?

It's been a long day. A day of fleeting smiles.
I think of you, and there's one more.

This one lasts.
Haruharu Jun 11
Food line, the air smelled of grilled halloumi.

A pair of light blue jeans and a grey hoodie broke the line.

The bluest eyes I'd ever seen met mine.

Starry sky, subdued bass.

His smile stopped time.

Seconds felt like minutes,
hours felt like years.

Tangled bodies, exploring.

Messy bed, a head on my chest.

Sheets of memories.

A morning of fake promises.

My heart, exposed.

"Left on read.."
Corruptive egos
Unleash the beast
Cultural grave
Stagnate silence
Empty promises

Amusing paradox

Sacred stones
Religious plague
Searching peace
Martyr pays
Keeping faith
Genre: Dark Observational
Theme: When silence speaks, it's right, because no one is.
Lights twist and turn
While everyone sings the words
And the band plays
Those heartfelt tunes

People dance along
Having fun
And playing with
Toys in the crowd

The music so loud
It shakes the ground
And every is here
To spread the love.
Man was badfish a show they were so awesome and spread positivity throughout out all of northeast Ohio
Today's the day
We fly away
To the place
I love to play

To see the people
That bring it together
Without each other
It would happen never
Today is Spring badfish and i just wanna say thank you to every one every that helps to set up and provide an awesome location and vibe for the weekend!! these festivals wouldnt happen without the people!!! Much Love and Peace!!! Happy Badfish!!!
Music and lights
Arts and sights
People and People
Dance in Delight
32 days till Bad fish
Eyes of rose gold
Chromatic stare of beauty
Dance the night away
@LadyRavehill 2019
Haiku #99
Let the evil within be annihilated
And grey be restored
Rejuvenated to vibrancy of colours of love

Dispersion of love and light
Through the prismatic heart
Every soul be washed anew
In colours of the rainbow in mirthful hues

Forgive and forget, past hurt
And in the beauty of love, regale
Let’s celebrate
The festival of colours, harbinger of spring
Happy Holi- HP

Holika Dahan. - 20th March
Holi   21st  March
love this song :)
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