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The festive season soon to begin
No matter what the rains have to pour
Can’t dampen the spirit of festivities
Mother goddess, the divine
Will protect and provide
Empower and inspire
In days ahead
Of unwavering sunshine
Zywa Oct 1
A peach blossom branch:

then it's nice to have a chat –

with a nobleman.
“Makura no Sōshi” ("The Pillow Book”, 1002, Sei Shōnagon)

Collection "Shelter"
One:  Bridge

Is it the bridge
Between, Now and forever?

The bridge of fear
When will you be crossing over?

Is it the bridge between
Possibility and doubt

And will we stay strong
Or are we willing to drown?

Is it the bridge between
Who we are and
Where we lust and love?

Would the distance, Abide
Or will it be us merged, eventually?

Are we ready
To venture, to cross this bridge
To our destiny but no future?

Freeze your breath
and listen to the breeze

A bridge, the transparent gap
We are inclined
If you are, to cross the bridge
That leads to one. Love.

Two: Reunion

When seagull whistles
we all came together at this reunion day
World has changed since we've seen each other
Although remained love never goes away

Where covered faces shades blessing
Without understanding of their souls
We think we know a lot about each other
But some things we will never know

Disgust in uncertain eyes and exhausted looks
A lady in red walks off into silver lake
As a space shuttle pulls away
they will never know her hidden pain
At least not on this reunion day.
The Qixi Festival is celebrated on every 7th day of the 7th month according to Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. In the past days, girls are the major part of participants of this festival and the main activity during the festival is asking for light hand
sanchit mehta May 25
What does the Quran say, to love,
but not to hate,
the people come on earth according to his will,
no one has the right to make them pay,
for their sins.
self destruction, mass collapse, this is not what Quran teaches us, it teaches us to love,
but not to hate,
the path taken by one, cannot define a group,
as all they want is peace, i know we want too.
a man goes so deep trying to achieve his Allah,
so unknowingly he becomes blind in his path,
and creates a deadly scar,
Quran doesnt teach us that,
i say Quran is in everyone's heart and in brain,
as for it teaches us to love but not to hate.
so i am not a muslim! but first of all i am a human!so i dedicate this poem to all my muslim bros and sis on this day of EID and hope that you all have a prosperous life ahead. Happy Eid! and yeah i have made an insta acc biohazard_poems  i will often post poems! do support and follow!
From afar

With that elegance
Mystified simplicity
It's irony to
Wear the rainbow
Until the end of light

If the rain drop
Into the face
And you find no where
To hide
You will too, left
Black and white
As a mirror
To me

After all
The Color of your soul
Casts celestial vibes
No one resist
Without complimenting
"One of a kind"

Beauty fades
But not like yours

Genre: Experimental
Theme: Through My Eyes
Author's Note: Black is basic, I wear black to appreciate all the contrasting colors to regard everything beautiful.
lila Dec 2019
The song plays.
the air is hot, heavy, buzzing,
my head is spinning.
We wade through
sea of people
I am pushed hard into metal fence,
I pull out my camera,
he kneels before me.

God reaches out his hand to puny mortal girl and
I am Mary's monster.
I am electric,
I am alive for the first time.
Finally the fear does not eat me whole.
about my first time going to a festival with my friend and photographing Cage the Elephant
Mary E Zollars Nov 2019
Fellow feelings
flake the air
Frosted flowers
falling down
Funny faces
frowning fairs
Follow fearless-
ly front of them
Fondly faking
faking friends
Foreign feelings
Fellow feelings
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019
तिमी मलाई

सेल पकाउन सिकाउछेऊ
कि आफै आउछेऊ ?
शैली : प्रयोगात्मक
विषय: सीधा कुरा, भन भन भाई हो।
maria Oct 2019
Sadness hits me like a rock festival
with a silent crowd
Isn't it so annoying when you're in a festival and everyone's acting so sleepy and boring?
Makes me crazy.
Festivals, life

Written on October 24, 2019
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