Midnight Oct 9
if I was prettier
or skinnier
or more of something
if I was less loud
or less dark
or less something
maybe then
you would want me
I wanted you.
Midnight Sep 28
today I looked in the mirror,
and I really looked,
and I didnt like
what I saw.
because I saw
a girl with hollowed out eyes,
a slight beer belly,
and thunder thighs.
I saw
the demon on my shoulder,
the angel to my right,
and black in my mouth.
even worse, I saw
charred lips from the cigs,
smudged mascara from a boy,
and grayed skin from the depression.
and I wanted so badly,
to fix what I saw
but I,
I was too weak.
I haven't written in forever thanks to this.
Midnight Sep 1
you don't often know
that you've trodden through ****
until you're out of it
**** isn't always
burning or pain or agony
sometimes instead
it is love and **** and longing
it's not always
isolation or depression or winter
but instead
it's the touch of a lover
who means you harm,
the lies from the malicious
covered in sweet honey
most of the time
your **** is personal
and not a burning flame
it's the devil
disguised as something
or someone
you love
  Aug 24 Midnight
I am the worst
I vowed to never
Ever hurt anyone

Yet I hurt you
I didn't mean to
But I did it

I lead you on
By accident
But who would believe that

Who would believe
The person who recieved
Your love

But never gave anything in return
I am the worst
Midnight Aug 24
if he loves you,
you won't need to beg
you won't need to convince yourself
he'll tell you.
if he loves you,
he won't make you cry
he won't leave you hurt
he'll show you.
if he loves you,
you won't need to guess
you won't need to wonder
you'll know
sometimes it's hard to remember.
  Aug 18 Midnight

you’ve gone.
all those memories

you and me.

Rocking by the swing
humming to myself
fingers reaching to

where you sat.
Midnight Aug 18
you used to be my home
my happy place
you were
so many things
my solace
in times of need
my shelter
from life's rains
my escape
from life's wars
i never felt alone
you always welcomed me
but now
you closed your doors
and kicked me out
i'm a vagabond
a nomad on the roam
i have no home
and you no housekeeper
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