i'm your cigarette

you use me, over and over, to relieve your stress and then you drop me to the ground and walk all over me when you're done, like i never meant anything to you at all

and the sad part is that you know that i'm always going to be sitting there in the packet, waiting for you to use me again
  14h Midnight
you are
so good at flirting
or am I
too naive not to see
in the end
it is
just another game
of you
  14h Midnight
I’ve been pulled
and pushed around
all my life

Like a rag doll 

And it has ended up

Where I am just
going with the wind

Push me away

Pull me back

Mess me around

I dont care anymore

I’ve gotten used to

Being used
the chances of one
single person
knowing a single
thing are as slim
as it is for anyone
to know everything
You can watch a fire
begin with a spark,
so I’ll stand by your side
until I spot a flame.
across the room
our eyes met
they had never met

something happened
something magnetic
it drew us

in the dim light
our lips touched
a new sensation

your taste
in my mouth
a shaking moan

two people
completely different
suddenly became
There comes a time
And a place
For an

And today
Right now
Is not
The time.
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