if i had to pick
one thing
that i loved about you
i would say
it was the yearning
in your deep
brown eyes
right before
we kissed
You are beautiful, darling.
Midnight Jun 5
I'm sorry
I didn't mean
to fall
in love
the way you kissed me
I felt a tingle
and that tingle
zapped my heart
and made it beat again---
and now
I can't get you
out of
my head
I'm sorry.
Midnight May 29
have you ever been
where I am
right now
when life
tastes like dry oats
and coats your tongue
and chokes your breath
  May 25 Midnight
Mischa Boon
you looked at me from across the room
i never knew falling in love could happen so soon
but looking at you,
and bathing in the brown of your eyes
is like looking at the perfect night sky,
and i still fall for you, every time.

the first time i saw you
you took my breath away
and i never expected you to be the one
to remind me how to breathe again
to remind me how to love again
to teach me how to feel alive again

you have no idea how thrilled i am
just to know i will get to see you again
and hold you like you never left
even though i know that you are going to leave
even though i know that that is going to hurt
even though i know that there will be tears
even though i know that i will still love you

and even though i hope that you will always remember that.
Midnight May 25
I should have known
from the way
you reeked of overdone spice
and india pale ale
and from the way
and cigarette smoke
lingered around you
that i should run//
But to cover all that
you put on a smile
and told me bright lies
to keep me around
and therefore
i stayed
only to watch
you leave
and never look back
My pendulum told me that your vibes meant harm, but still I didn't listen.
Midnight May 21
isn't it amazing
how lovers
can become strangers
so quickly

isn't it funny
how burning love
can turn ice cold
so suddenly

and isn't it tragic
how two people
can kill each other
this wasn't necessary
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