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Mohannie Nov 2020
I can't wait to meet you
The one who'll make me whole

But I will sit patiently
And when I know I've found you

I will love you forever

So, to my one future lover
My hand will be waiting for yours.
Mohannie Nov 2020

From buzzing bees
To a soft breeze

My mind is calming down

The bubbles rise
And vibration dies

Thoughts flow like a gown

I'm safe right here
My nerves disappear

I don't feel like I'll drown.
A poem about how I felt after listening to music therapy for my racing mind.
Mohannie Nov 2020

To all who is lonesome
And in desperate need of warmth
My arms are wide open

Sending you a virtual hug

I think we all need a little hug right now
Mohannie Nov 2020
The warmth of a cat is all that you need,
Your saddened heart will cure with their lead.

They'll keep you company on your loneliest days,
As they curl in a ball and soften their gaze.

Cats are superior to all of the rest,
They'll keep you grounded when you are stressed.

These animals care, though sometimes it seems like they don't,
But when you think everyone has abandoned you,

They won't.

I love my cats <3
Mohannie Nov 2020

Even if you're struggling now,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you can't get up,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you did some wrong,
I'm still so proud of you.

Because no matter what,
You're still so strong.

And I'm so so proud of you.

The fact that you're reading this right now proves how strong you are.
Mohannie Nov 2020

Please promise me
to never, ever forget
that you are worthy
just keep that mindset

I look over at you
and all I can see
is beauty through and through
let your smiles be free

Continue to grow
and you will be gifted
with peace that will flow
and hope that is lifted

Just stay positive, even when staying positive seems impossible.
Mohannie Oct 2020

To learn to be calm
Is something I long to know
Can't wait for that day

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