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Traveler Apr 19
Oh hear me now
dear world at odds…
Bare witness individual ethnic mobs…
Take my words both mythic and literal,
your walls of Eden are hardly impenetrable
Open up your heart my long lost friends,
give peace and love a new way in…
  Mar 26 Traveler
j a connor
Begone all the nay sayers
I have risen to be me
No more will I be passed over
No truth I will not see
For life is mine
And I must live
As this is the only time I can give
To those who are sighing
What about tomorrow
Live like you're dying
Self pity
Traveler Mar 20
You better get the fact checkers
this doesn’t make no sense…
I feel the wild wind whipping
tearing through the fence…
Soon the walls will tumble
in a trembling blink of eye..
I know there’s an eternity
on each and every side!!
Traveler Mar 19
Conspiracy Theories?

Peculiar, when one easily searches and finds the truth on YouTube, the enlightenment severs one’s ties to cable televisions corruption! Resulting in one being labled a conspiracy theorist!

I can’t relate to Bidens administration nor Gladimir Putin‘s administration, but I can relate to all the working-class people around the world who are struggling for a better life, no matter what colour they are!
I am for anti war only!!!
Traveler 🧳
Traveler Mar 13
How subtle
the slippery sloppy slopes
one must proceed
with pickaxes and high hopes!

Mindfulness is a must
a drifting thinker can loses touch
like a guru-less shaman
drunk on lunch!

The divine road is calling
prepare the fattened calf
The effect’s of the cool aid
we’re never meant to last
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