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I like to dance in the light of all the fires I started
just so the flames can wince at the sound of my laughter
just so what once burned me can see me now
what we forgive in our heroes

Their faults,
tragic badges of fame

Our glasses,
colored rose without brambles

Their legend
—sealed in myth beyond blame

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)
all around me

they're   n o t h i n g
NOTHING you say

echoes in my brain

and they're  n o w h e r e
NOWHERE you say

echoes in my brain

So  w h y
WHY I ask

why are they everything and everywhere?

I was such a horrible child.
  I needed frequent beatings.
  Mom sent me to my room to
  wait 'til father gets home.
  She was a perfectly cruel judge.
  I still fumble to wash the lashes
  from my *** and psyche. I'll die
  with scars still fresh in me.
  7h Traveler
Floating on the wind of change
traveling through
all the seasons of the world,
it brings me back to you

A darkness I have known for so long
I sit here and know
that I will never feel again
never love again

I feel everything
I feel nothing
without you
... I am numb
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