When you're down and out
focus on Earth Sun, Ocean
open like a bridge

~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~

when tears are in eyes
I focus on beautiful Earth
Sun, flowers and you

~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~

 23h Traveler

Sugar melts sweetly in the mouths of liars pickled truth is what's spewed
Salt that misery for preservation
We prefer our reality be skewed

Shattered mirrors give better reflections
of what truly hides within
But it don't matter, hide it deep
beneath peaches and cream skin

Choices forced upon the weak
by the strong with candied lies
Hold tight to that shattered reflection
remember it when innocence dies.

Trying to dry out a bit. Much love to you all.
Traveler 23h

If I were as convincing
As true love on display
I'd speak without merit
As loud as I may

I'm but a whisper
A voice in the dark
Speaking directly
To subconscious parts

Disturbed and forgotten
These thoughts left alone
I am the whisper
That comforts you soul

And if you believe
The whisperer's rhymes
You too shall travel
Beyond your own mind

Traveler Tim
Traveler 2d

Worthless words
In wasted ink
Nowhere thoughts
Are all I think

Shall I map
This living mess
From death to birth
To cursed from blessed

Shall I write of love
Slipped through my hands
With every word
This heartbeat damned

To relive the past
In a flowery array
What worthless words
Would I convey ...

Traveler Tim
04-16 HP
Traveler 2d

Sinking beneath the surface of right
Inflicted with all that’s wrong
Holding so tight to faith in love
Oh where has my reason gone

Monstrosities so real my spirit can feel
As I flee to the depths of despair
My closest friend is dying within
How long will the gods leave me here

What remains beyond such blame
Do the pieces of love simply perish
Or somehow survive as part of a hive
To sting beyond death of marriage

Capture the light of your brightest day
And store it down deep in your soul
For the night so dark that it tears out your heart
And brings you to this place down below

Traveler Tim
hp aug 2013
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