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  Jul 2022 Traveler
Thomas W Case
I'm blinded by your kindness.
Science doesn't do it for me.
I know that you know God,
by the way you treat
your fellow man.
Baby, you're a Saint.
  Jul 2022 Traveler
Sarita Aditya Verma

Leafless tree
Boughs and twigs  
Folded in Namaste

Alive and green
The tree trunk young
Slightly bent

Part of a canopy
Of the tree lined road
It rests awhile

Seasons change
Some along with the weather
Cycle of change replete
Tonight when you close your eyes
Let’s meet under the old oak tree by the lake.
I’ll wait for you.

Shell ✨🐚
  Jul 2022 Traveler
The beauty of her heart speaks.
As she floated freely in the water.
Like lotus, she blooms radiantly in the rain.
Catching life as it flows.
Watching the clouds blown away beyond the sky.
Letting the magic of love do
what it will.
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