5d Traveler
A vacation paradise would be great
Of course you must come with me too
But my idea of paradise is
right here, right now, with you!

The music playing in the background
gives way to sweet romantic kiss
I never thought in a million years
That I'd end up with a love like this

Fireworks explode in the night
As I whisper to him, "Paradise is here"
"It's anywhere you are," I say
And it all becomes so clear

Whether we travel or not really
does not change how I feel
I just need to be in your arms
to know that this is real
  5d Traveler
You didn't have the capacity
to be the father I needed you to
You didn't have the eyes to see
How my heart bled for you

Doesn't blood run thicker than water?
Why did you up and run away?
Did you know how you hurt your daughter?
It's probably best you didn't stay

The liquor was more of a priority
as it always has been and still is,
than you taking time out for me
I guess the best we'll ever have is this.
A cloudi inspired write.
  5d Traveler
Little boy with a fishing pole
not a care in the world he knows where to go;
down to the river to a little-hidden cove
perfect for catfishing and a great swimming hole.
He’s careful who he tells, just a few friends
sharing his secret before summer ends.
He has to sneak past the house next door,
no girls allowed that’s the pact they all swore.
In a just a few years he’ll change his mind,
alone with a girl, he’ll leave his friends behind.
Maybe he’ll take Clair, or her big sis, Stacy,
Little Becky Reese, or Ben’s cousin Tracy.
This time is sure fun, but one day he’ll be grown
A mortgage, a job, two kids of his own
He can’t wait to show them his little cove
Holding their hands and three fishing poles.
I wrote this two years ago today

I'm not asking for your sympathy
I'm not requesting respect
We have been down this same journey
Marching as good soldiers of life

Don't tell me I did my best
Don't say I was good
I could have done much better
You now know the rest

Life is but a cruel, cruel maze
Of dead ends and nowhere lines
Prepare to hold tight
To the connection
Between your body
And your poetic mind

Off the tracks of life we stumble
The dice of love we tend to fumble
Thankful for another chance
Life is cruel but still we dance!
Traveler Tim
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