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Traveler 14m
I faintly recall stepping out of my trance,
walking towards a man with a gun.
But I felt no fear saying “shoot me!”
Behind the gun man
a shadow within a light within a shadow.
I felt as if I could pass straight through.
When the bullet pass through me
I fell to the ground,
into the arms of the Earth Mother.
It was not yet my time.
Traveler Tim

a total instrument package
constructed with all of the
brain's carefully deliberated
intents channeled into them,

one transmits to another what
words will never enunciate
without a multitude of

that which spoken
will never touch...

"the hands"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
And there I was hanging
Eternity beneath my feet
One handed white knuckle
One tight grip on reality

And so I wonder where
My strength comes from
And who will catch me
When I lose my grip

I never knew I could fly.
Traveler Tim
i can piece together scraps
and tie up old ribbon
and weave a new story

out of old memories
and new friends
and tales of true emotion

heartache, heartbreak,
when there’s just a little more
at stake

echoes of laughter and music,
deep sea and vast distance

dip and weave
move and shake
from many pieces,
one does a quilt make
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