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There was no bridge that was too far
No letter mailed that was too short
No message tacked to the back door
Or shouted out in front as a last resort

The open cupboard bears no fruit
The garden grows green of ****
There are no mountains , just a hill
And mutterings of , "it's all God's will."

The windows feel like bullet holes
The rusty nails tremble , weak
Wondering is it safe inside
Knowing there's nothing there that I now seek

So by ease the river flows
I sit and think and want to know
As twigs and leaves float on by
I'm asking if this isn't all a great big lie

You can always count on those pretty blue skies
Except those days it clouds
to rain from way up high
And the stores have not remained the same
when going down streets of first or main

I made a mistake we all will do
That something's stuck to the past life's super glue
There is nothing there that now remains
Except my foolish folly and
broken panes
I can hear
Them playing,
The devil inside
from the carnival
down the street.
All the bleak
eyes wandering
through the
empty crowd,
looking for
love or dope;
something to change
their perception.
  1d Traveler
I was buried
so deeply,
I fell out
the other
I been tainted with such beliefs
Death is but a ***** thief
Sins are redeemable in blood and sweat
Hurry, we haven’t got much time left

Heavy handed the hierarchy hicks
Church leaders were some of the biggest ******
Fear of hell fueled by shameful dread
But that’s not how the real Jesus lead

Let keep this vague
Lets keep this soft
When life is over
It’s time to get off

At the moment of rebirth
We’re in debt to the earth
The sky cannot lie
Clouds are but dreams passing by

And so my spirits gently sighs
All these unanswered questions
Yet I seem to be doing just fine!
Traveler Tim
Well it's kind of like Dracula
You know... no longer a big deal
There's just too many flat spots
No longer a wheel

It all measures the same
My burning love has no flame
My care wanders far
Beneath fallen stars

Yet actually my love grows
But only god need know
The faces that we wear
To rise above life’s despair!
Traveler 🧳
How long have we waited
Watching as life
passes us by?
Growing out of toxic sludge
Our instruments
long to fly...

Old age is not a reason to end,
It’s a place to begin!

Wise and growing
All that’s good is flowing
No one ever died of old age
Don’t let your beliefs
lead you to a grave!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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