On this night let’s take a walk
together just you and me,
holding hands we’ll count stars
with a kiss for each, we see.

Down a path, into a garden,
lined in Queen Anne’s Lace,
we’ll make beautiful memories
those that even time, cannot erase.

Loving you is like breathing,
true beauty of a heavenly design,
just as our seeds of love were sown,
forever into a growing vine.

As angels sing of beautiful love,
filling the sweet-scented night air,
a Joyful melody of sound,
reveals the love we share.

On this night let’s take a walk
until the sun meets our star-filled eyes,
and then when the stars twinkle and shine
we’ll walk again through paradise.

  41m Traveler

Capitalistic bitch your whole life all you wanted was money
to just be filthy rich
made your hands twitch
Capitalistic bitch your life ruled by acquisition and in the end you can’t take it with you
such an ironic twist
Capitalistic bitch I can’t get over it
too hard to flip that switch
Capitalistic bitch my relationship with you is suffering
your need I find all too smothering
Capitalistic bitch you use me and then left me in the ditch
Capitalistic bitch I need you just to exist
That’s my Capitalistic bitch

  42m Traveler
Max Vale

Every life matters,
Every life is worth living.
Give life your all,
And maybe you'll achieve something.

Treasure the little things,
As much as the big things.
Love yourself,
And see what life  brings.

Live your life with no regret,
Don't stop to think.
Don't be afraid of any threat,
Because life will go by like a blink.

Traveler 54m

Hay there, hope all is well with you!!

I will never label you
What ever your heart may do
Shine or shimmer
Silly or saddened  
Shy or acting lewd
We have all taken our turns
Playing the victim of fools
Shrouded in yesterday's shadows
Caught in everyday loops  
I've no need to tie you down
And make you tell your truth

So please feel free
To come around
With mere words
That confound
I've no heart
But to do my part
And watch it all go down

Traveler Tim
Traveler 23h

After exploring
Many alternate routes
With ambitions to alleviate
All my existential doubts
Into the deeper depths
Beyond the endless spans
I'm afraid it appears
We've all been
Tricked or maybe
For some reason, damned!
To a state of uncertainties
Where we survive
And think the darkness
That we're still alive....

Traveler Tim

Computers are easy, people are hard
co-workers need brains, most of them tards
I do as I can, completing my work
god knows that I try, the managers, jerks

Fools on the road, should get out of the way
idiots, tools, the games that they play
they're slowing down, then speeding back up
spilling the coffee from out of my cup

Talking on phone with techy support
stuck in a queue, with nasty retorts
running a script designed for a twit
intellect lost, I'm throwing a fit

It's been said, stupid won't fix
taking our lumps, and taking our licks
populations now, far past the brink
surrounded by a-hos, and none of them think

When did the scales tip towards stupidity?
I must have missed that shift :/
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