Always in session
Wandering eyes

Local justice
Nosy neighbors
Miss Krevitz
Undisputed assumptions
The finality of judgement

Sentence Brokers
Providing ease
Lock and key

Gladys Krevitz
Always peeks

Traveler Tim
  1d Traveler

"The Kiss" in marble
of Rodin's work
embraces art with passion.
Ovid wrote of kisses
back when "amor"
was in fashion.
To capture
such a moment
in marble or in verse,
is beautiful
but can't refine
the taste
when lips immerse.
In meditation,
I close my eyes
on kisses
I remember.
of hot August nights
in sultry heat
or amid a fireplace
in December...


Floating by the arched window,
         in the sac of a divine womb               swimming in powdered twilight of
nameless culmination
undeterred by furnaces of dictum
Their fingertips
sinlessly touched,
  carved their own heiroglyphics
into the tide
of a blissfully abandoned

Title courtesy: inspired by a dear friend.
  1d Traveler

marked with love and marked with hate,
she said "ill meet you at eight"
awful lies and cold truths,
somehow ive forgotten my youth

a lil something
  1d Traveler
Poetic T

My mother told me the other day
                             she had anal!!
And that she couldn't walk straight.

"I'm a cow girl,

She giggled as she told me this!!
I'm an adult, but hearing it off
your mother is quite a little bit of

"Ok a lot of cringe worthy glances"

She laughed as she walked off asking
if we had a soft pillow..

        "I was never using that pillow again..

what is fiction and truth???
  1d Traveler

Holy sheets and rivulets
I need a set of reefpoints to tie down
3 years before we pitchpoled and swayed around town
                    A top shelf grog away
from being dismasted
                    A ships bottle away
from being blasted
                   My yarns all wet
beginnings to forget
                   Just words now
rattlings in the ratlines
                   Tell tales flapping in the breeze of gums by gum
                   Just foggy memories breached
by liquors slurred speech

Don’t you see I've been to Hull and back
Sailed over horizon’s edge
Crossed over with Equatorial pledge
Bard by words I seek your approval in  tune .....King Neptune
But alas cruel fate found not worthy
I die of scurvy

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