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It's getting warmer

but the leaves on my trees

continue to sway and twist

until they are swirling away
in the wind,

and just like that,

my dreams had already drifted
out of my grasp

long before I got to wake up.

There's china on display

in Lady Liu's antiques & crafts shop

so delicate and white

preserved and rooted to
polished wooden boards

like the smile painted on my face
each day

as I dance on glistening needles

until a hurricane sweeps in

and crushes my cheekbones
so I can no longer smile.

There is rain

silver, shimmering, and wet

soaking into rich soil
and work shoes

filling my water reservoir
and feeding my flowers

granting a quenching life to all

like my tears,

blurring the lines on my paper
and making the words swirl

turning tear drops into salt crystals
that ***** my cheeks

leaking into salty oceans and seas

until a desert heat storm sweeps in
and blows it all away.
A face is just a face
Who are you
When the darkness comes
No spot light just spirits
Voices are none

Just you
And the mirror
No escape
Nowhere to run...

Your demons awake
They want to take over
Have a little fun
Let them

They will flee from you
By morning sun
Angels will surround you
One by one
New day
New face
It's already in you
What's done is done...
  5h Traveler
Mark S
She danced in the clover
while crying inside
The smile she wore
couldn't begin to hide
The pain she was feeling
that no one could see
As I only wished
she was dancing with me

I'd spin her in circles
now hoping the fear
Would fall in the clover
and soon disappear
So all of her sorrow
I'd see fade away
And she could be happy
this beautiful day

A silvered moonlight sobs a longing sigh
The light sparkled teardrops flow my eye.
church bells chime the last of the blues
Goodbyes are coming like the morning news

Our ending waits to cease all cheer
Your lips are forming its almost here.
Two hearts are dancing loves last waltz
In mournful tones, they sway and halt

Longings are memories with ice-cold breath
Loves sad and broken awaiting its death
This moment falls lightly with tears in our eyes
So drown sorrow with music and say our goodbyes

For the heart is a room where old loves are parked
And the futures holds secrets in the darkest of dark.
Endings are always so sad
Silent words are not just an oxymoron,
They're a belief in conversations not yet had,
The poetic voices that otherwise never get a voice,
The unsung songs that match the raindrop's beat.

Silent words are more than just unsung lores,
They're the march of a new generation,
Ready to challenge convention and beat its own path,
They're the tomorrow we dreamed of brought to life,
Just not yet spoke.

Silent words are more than just amorous songs,
They're an undiscovered passion aching from the heart,
The fight you're ready to fight even if it takes you down,
They're the cove of emotions which lay undiscovered,
Just not yet disclosed.

Silent words are more than just un-walked roads,
They're the offbeat paths aching for discovery,
The side of the compass that's got no name,
The walkway through the stars in the bright morning light,
Just not yet paved.

Silent words are more than just thoughts,
They're the undisturbed beauty found only in silence,
Through boredom without distractions,
They're dreams in the daytime with eyes wide open.

Silent words are louder than any of those spoken.
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