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  Jun 14 Eric W
Sometimes I'm the sheep
Lost in a meadow with everything to graze
And sometimes I'm the wolf
Face deep in the fiery blood and steam
And Both I've Been To Be...

A small representation of how I approach my writing. I find that I am either disinterested, lost and in need of a Shepard. Or the opposite. Consuming and feirce.
  Jun 14 Eric W
The sun shines brighter
When you’re around
Its flare, skin’s sustenance
Coaxing your June freckles
To breach the surface
So that each one is met
With the warmth of love’s kiss
Unmatched by labyrinth ribbons
Of luminous passion
Wound sound around our souls
Life’s star, a neat bow
Wrapping us in an embrace
Of everlasting glow
Eric W Jun 10
It is as you say -
that we could have never known,
never predicted the decision(s) that led
us to each other.

We have been years in the making.

There is no stopping fate's inevitable wheel.
All things come around and
we always always always
end where we belong.

Hold tight.

Life will spin and we will fall,
but you will always always always
be my home

Somewhere deep within
I've always known
it was
I have loved you before I've known you,
craved you before I've felt you,
and longed for you in the deepest hours of the night,
and, finally,
you have been revealed to me.
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