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Eric W Nov 2019
Some days I am not who I could be -
I ignore things that shouldn’t be ignored,
don’t fix things that should be fixed,
sacrifice my health in favor of comfort.
Some days I am weaker than others -
my own worst critic, my potential is limitless,
but my time is limited.
I get so passionate
about twenty different things and
pull in twenty different directions
and then do none of it.
I’m scattered in what I want to be,
and I want to be everything.
Jack of all trades, master of none of them,
time to refocus this energy
and become one again.
Eric W Nov 2019
Eric W Nov 2019
A simple day, we paddle along.
Wholly unbroken and in
celebratory motions.
The water fills our shoes
and releases the worries of weeks.
Our only focus the miles ahead,
the guardian bird above,
and a man feeding fish.
We laugh and look and laugh
to be reminded of our strong
bridges we pass under and through,
leaving relics of the past burdened
and so broken.
White water turns and stalls us
but we remain,
splish splash, sore arms and
happy hearts
we carry on.
  Jul 2019 Eric W
Inferno begins, before sinning
flames roar, false armor

Ascending fire, defiance rings
shadows spring, shaping swords

Piercing slits, rites splicing
silent preacher, chantries repel

Faith crumbles, brimful scathe
feared psalms, flames spread

Restrained voices, creates diversion
avulse deism - a devil’s muse
each line is an anagram of itself
  Jun 2019 Eric W
Sometimes I'm the sheep
Lost in a meadow with everything to graze
And sometimes I'm the wolf
Face deep in the fiery blood and steam
And Both I've Been To Be...

A small representation of how I approach my writing. I find that I am either disinterested, lost and in need of a Shepard. Or the opposite. Consuming and feirce.
  Jun 2019 Eric W
The sun shines brighter
When you’re around
Its flare, skin’s sustenance
Coaxing your June freckles
To breach the surface
So that each one is met
With the warmth of love’s kiss
Unmatched by labyrinth ribbons
Of luminous passion
Wound sound around our souls
Life’s star, a neat bow
Wrapping us in an embrace
Of everlasting glow
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