Nicky Aug 9
And there she sat with her little black cat and her cauldron of herbs and spices
Book of shadows in hand, perfect spell planned, her magical aura entices

So it be, good luck she'll see, taking her darkness away
Bless her soul, keep her whole, lead her to brighter days
And into the universe it goes, energy far and wide
Patience needed, till the spell has succeeded and on happier days she'll ride
Nicky Aug 9
Passion in her heart and mayhem in her mind, a dangerous combination, the two combined....
Nicky Aug 5
Barriers rose as we prepared for the war
A battle of two minds, we'd been there before
Protecting our hearts, the walls became higher
Silently willing, someone call a cease fire

Words were so hollow, a battle of the wills
Loaded guns, taking shots for cheap thrills
Opposing minds in each corner of the room
A sense of dread at the impending doom

There were no winners, it's easy to say
Just two broken pieces that had to walk away.
Nicky Aug 5
Search, understand, make sense of the signs
As universal energy illuminates our minds
Sceptical at times but in essence we believe
There's celestial truth in all that we percieve

Recurrently pushed down rocky roads
But those rocks have been placed there for us to decode
Realisations, higher selves, awakened minds
Take those lessons forward and the light you'll find
Nicky Aug 5
Curiosity killed the cat but I want to know why
A thirst for knowledge that I can't deny
A lifetime of questions in search of the truth
Words are just letters, in the action lies the proof

Harsh truth I can handle, pretty lies I cannot
Moralistic minds, traits that time forgot
Say what you feel and act how you think
Keep it real and the connection stays in sync
Nicky Aug 5
A fumbling brow, wondering how, I gave you so many chances
It's clear to me, my eyes now see, you just took total advantage
Rose tinted glasses have shattered, I never mattered, just a toy with whom you played
You twisted my mind, until I became blind, that's the only reason I stayed.
Nicky Aug 5
As she moved it was poetry in motion
A product of her chaos and inner commotion
Graceful yet destructive as she leapt through the air
Through her movements her mind was laid bare

Yet those tears still fell softly down her face
Embracing the tears, she picked up her pace
Moving through the motions her mind starts to clear
Releasing her emotions a smile starts to appear

The music ends, she falls to the floor
The turmoil is back.........forever more
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