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Julian Revà Jun 2018
Oh the wrath!
Oh the wrath!
The dreadful path
of forgotten throes
that threw no more
than only lies
Rattles of anger
and distrust
That's the wrath
Julian Revà Apr 2018
There's a gap between what
I fear and what I think
to fear; there's a night, sure,
between those tiny things

Because to fear is to live,
as the leaf
in the burning forest
still breathing, fearing
not the death, but leaving the living

I do not fear the death
I just fear the night falling over
my sholder, my head; my integrity
what it means being me

I fear those things I'm not certain of
(as the rest of living things I think)
But scarier is to know
that we truely do not know
the certainty of all
the things we say we know

And of all those nocturnal dreads
there are a few that keep me awake
waiting for an answer that will never come
as the lost remembrance of an ancient love
as the farther forefather of a forgotten folk
as the man watching through my window
in a windy storm passing by the city

There's a lot of dreads at the midnight
that keep me awake thinking
about things that I should not
but I think all the condamned
are bound to write about nightmares
and imaginariums that does not belong to us
but yet, they're ours to transform

And maybe one day the dreads will go
far away from our city, as the storm
maybe one day we will burn as the leaf
and then we will stop fearing
what we do not really know
Julian Revà Mar 2018
Call me in the darkness
Call me in silence
Call me when you don't need me
Call me when is not necessary
Call me when I'm useless
               when I don't have enought time
Call me when I get tired
Call me at any moment
               and wake me up at any time
Because I don't want to wait more
               for you and your call
Because I simply don't want to be alone
               in the darkness
I don't want to be anymore
Julian Revà Mar 2018
I hope one day you run out of beauty
(for your good)
I hope you realize that you are more
than a shining smile and wide hips
And even if you do not know
I am here to remember for you
Because you are more than
what they want you to be
Because you do not need to give
what they want out of you

I hope one day you run out of beauty
to let you see what beauty really is
But what I hope most of all is
that you run out of beauty before
you run out of time
I hope you do, because otherwise
it would be too late and too sad
being just a beauty without knowing
you could be more than what you are

Because you are more than they want
Julian Revà Mar 2018
All the time something's dying
All the time is dying too
All the time we don't have
and the rest we let slip
through our hands
As in an hourglass
without the ticking
of convencional clocks
Tearing us apart
making us less than us
making us just dust
as in an hourglass

Meanwhile, something's dying
and that something is "us"
How fragile are we?
One day something's alive
and next we know, it runs out of time
But time never runs out of us
Life do not die
Dying is just for us

And I find it sad
And I find it unique
And I find out that I
am running out of time
Meanwhile I write this
How fragile this poem is
How fragile I am
Julian Revà Mar 2018
I as a ghost
I as a shadow
eclipse the sun
I as the silence
make nonsense words
I as a poem
rhyme, feel and beat
beating heart
beating sound
beating all the odds
against me
Because I as I
am nothing more
than what I can

God provide
God deprive
God what am I
God am I
God I am
God as I
I as am
Nothing else
Nothing more
that's what we are

I as a writer
Julian Revà Mar 2018
I will not shatter for cheap poetry
nor will I cry for inspirational streak
I live among the letters' poverty
So that is why I only write for me

I do not care of your contained rage
I only give credit to the aesthetic pledge
of a well-structed poem or a story to tell

I started living among rats
for my own way of writing
          (and I find it simply fine)
Because I do not shatter for cheap poetry
Instead I die for richness of beauty and art
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