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azumiii 2d
Day by day
I face the mirror
Wanting to see someone familiar
But all I see is a stranger
She keeps on looking back at me
Scanning every part of my body
As if it was hers
As if she was trying to look for flaws
I stare at her
Her eyes fixed on mine
Like wanting to tell me something
I looked away as soon as I felt uneasy

Days passed
I saw her again
She tried to sneak a glimpse of me
But I catched her eyes
Eyes that wants to tell something
I wanted to ask her
But then she looked away

Another day
I saw the same girl
She looked at me with disgust
What did I do?

I faced the mirror as I usually did
I saw her
She looked happy
She smiled at me even before I did
But I saw traces of sadness still

Everyday I repeat
I face the mirror
As I try to familiarize how she looked
I close my eyes and try to remember
Thick eyebrows
Hazel nut eyes
Pointy nose
Fair skin
Long black hair
Hairs on her slim arms and legs
Crooked nails
Lips were pale

All just like mine

Come to think of it

She looks like me.
Integration is more than about personalities. It is about full acceptance of all dissociated aspects of oneself.
My understanding of today
Is as limited as my life
Live today
As it comes
We have been told and practiced
With devotion
We do prepare for the mundane
But what’s one to do about the unknown
What it takes to be future ready?
Is it the happenings of today
Is it the mistakes of today
That will lessen the burden of tomorrow
As today the lesson was learned
Yet how to prepare for the unknown
Remains a question for tomorrow
Chris Neilson Jan 2017
Silence is silver but tranquility is golden
a meadow, birdsong, wild flowers untamed
at one with nature, no need to count further
green is the colour of calm it's claimed

An inherent need to escape turmoil
a city man with a country heart
fresh air, farm tracks and bales of hay
enjoying the simplicity of a horse and cart

Over population and overcrowded cities
we never evolved to live this way
divided communities breeding bigotry
original sin remains a price to pay

Humanity needs space to live in harmony
the pacifist within us craves peace
until we integrate not denigrate
worldwide hostilities will not cease
History proves that overcrowding brings hostility and more than just personal space is helpful for the human condition.
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