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Ciel Noir Apr 4
there is danger all around
but we have not been destroyed

bound to this
most perfect stone

we look down
into the void

we know there must be
something more than
what we see

what are we?

an anomaly
a rounding error

we look up

in awe
and terror
Ciel Noir Apr 3
sometimes I'm still afraid
of being seen
I'd rather be unknown
and on my own
and on and on
and all alone

I try
to say I'm not afraid
why lie?
there's no one else
I try
to do things by myself
sometimes I'm still afraid to ask for help

sometimes I play the victim
even when that's only half the truth
sometimes I am the monster
when I cry
sometimes I am the wolf

sometimes I am the dragon
I am strong
I scare my fears away
sometimes I am so brave
only sometimes

sometimes I'm still afraid
Ciel Noir Mar 31
there are things I cannot grasp
long though I reach out my hand
stare at the strange shape of darkness
watch until I understand
Ciel Noir Mar 28
no boundary
outside the mind

I am the void
there is no

no horizon
there is no line

I am the sky
Ciel Noir Mar 27
the fear of the unknown
is visceral and real for me

cold and empty

I want to understand
Ciel Noir Mar 16
how does it feel
to be a thought

to jump across the synapses

fly like a great ape
tree to tree

network to network
bridge to bridge

and when it kills another thought

does it feel guilty
does it mourn

does it want to be remembered
does it remember being born

does it make choices
does it know

when it gets lost
where does it go

does it fade
or turn into code

what waits at the end of the road

to change its way
to change its shape

what does that take

what hope
what faith

maybe it knows
or maybe not

ah well

it was only a thought
Ciel Noir Mar 14
do not love me for my face
love me for my ways
my grace

do not love me for my looks
love me for my art
my books

do not love me because I'm young
love me for what I've said and done

love me for something deep
love me
love me for something I can keep
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