Run run run
Like a rabbit
In an Ouroboros
Try try try to reach
The top of the
No one tries
To break down the walls
No one knows
What else might
We live in a world of
Forces and fields
Energy and waves
It is black and white and grey
The mind paints rainbows
On the waves
And in the space between the stars
We make our frame
And see deep within the void
Our own face
Monsters steal children
And lock them in cages

Are we them?
Life does not create the threads
It weaves them like a loom
Lightning strikes the fertile Earth
And causes her to bloom
One raindrop falls into the sea
Swells into a monsoon
We rise and ride upon the tide
Still howling at the Moon
We were one
Now we are two
All of us
And all of you
We all say
"You people are monsters"
No one can say
It's not true
The only thing
That we can say
Is "I am less monstrous
than you"
I guess that's why
We all take sides
The only place
Where we can hide
The shadow of our enemy
Too dark to see
Our monstrous side
There once was a fire
It lit my way
In burning circles
Then came the rain
And now I walk in peace
And darkness
I feel really lost right now
I don't know what to do
Or where to go
I don't know who to ask
Or who to pray to
I don't know who I am
Or what I want
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