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Ciel Noir 10h
Somewhere beneath the smooth façade
Lies someone rough and raw and flawed
She makes me want to **** and fight
She scratches at me in the night

Tense and lethal as a crossbow
As she crosses o'er my shadow
In the dark she wakes and laughs
I have become the shadow half
Read my palm
Between the lines
You cannot answer
Neither can I

Soothsayer tell me!
How will it end?
I cannot answer
Ask me again
Why do we take the time to judge?
The real sociopaths won't budge
And anyone redeemable
Will look at us and hold a grudge

I'm not sure where we got the nerve
To tell them what they don't deserve
Does it make us think we are better
As if God grades on a curve?

Who says who deserves to live?
Who condemns and who forgives?
Who dares to judge on their behalf
If such a Judge even exists?

Why do we dish out scarlet letters?
Shame is such a cheap vendetta
Let's be honest, we do it
Because we don't know any better.
On a ledge
Wings outstretched
At the edge
Of the nest

Will I fall
Will I go
In a moment
I will know
No more fear

I say to myself

No more fear

Why am I

So afraid

Of fear
How easily our minds can turn to hate
Another or some others or ourselves
But this serves mainly to contaminate
And we may only poison our own well

The reason why we hate the ones we hate
Is seeing their reflection in our mind
As if this self rejection mitigates
A poison which may leave the whole world blind
Are there still days if there are no more stars?
Eternal night unbroken by the dawn
The darkness was here long before the light
And will be long after the light is gone
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