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love is a gift
it's not something you earn
it's not something you get
because you deserve

love isn't the validation you dream of
if somebody loves you
it means they can love

love is not a deal
love is not a trade
love cannot be unfelt
love cannot be unmade

love sees through all your faults
love knows you are enough
love is gentle
do not be afraid
to be loved
If you have nothing more to say
Why should I stay?
I turn away

If you don't care
Then it is done
And you will never be the one

What do you have to offer me?
I throw you back into the sea

I don't care if you learn
I turn away
And I will not return
Ciel Noir May 20
if I am objective
I have dodged a bullet

and somebody else
can be chained to a liar

if I am objective
this was a step forward

but it was a step
into torture and fire

if I were objective
then I could look further

and see possibilities
come into view

you objectified me
and if I'd been objective

I would have objected
and said no to you
Ciel Noir May 15
you wanted my silence
and still you want more
scream into the wind
that I wasn't your *****

gather your roses
a fistful of thorns
I will be silent
when you reap the storm
Ciel Noir Apr 21
if there were no violence
we'd have no word for peace

if there were no tension
then there would be no release

if there were no stars
there would be no name for night

only in the darkness
can we understand the light
Ciel Noir Mar 24
it's easy to stand up
to people who hate us

the only thing holding us back
is our fear

but it's harder to stand up
to people who love us

who are not aware
of their toxic behavior

and likely would cry
if they knew how they hurt us

now that is a real ******* balancing act
Ciel Noir Mar 20
I might look like
I'm standing still
but I am fighting
tooth and nail

Wish you could see
how hard I try
so you'd forgive me
when I fail

I wish I more than seemed
to rest
Feels like the day
is never done

I wish you could
put on my shoes
and find out how it feels
to run
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