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Ciel Noir Oct 7
I always say
That I’m OK
It really isn’t true today
I am not coping very well
I wish I had someone to tell

It’s so hard being on my own
I feel so hopeless and alone
Who could I tell what I just said
So I said it to you instead
Ciel Noir Oct 3
look in my eyes
you think you see through
mirrors not windows
you only see you

smooth as a well
I smile and I nod
but I am a maelstrom
beneath this façade
Ciel Noir Sep 23
I wonder at this underworld
the demons and the ******
how long before I wake up
and remember who I am

but as I think of all I've done
the darkness in between
I wonder if this other one
is who I've always been
Ciel Noir Sep 20
the face of god
stares through the ruins
souls so dark
the stars shine through them

and bringing joy
and light to sugar o'er the void
Ciel Noir Sep 19
still chasing dragons
far and wide
so I can say
at least I tried

but still I cry
it's not enough
I do not know
how to be loved

they fall for me
I run away
or just run out
of things to say

and so I'll stay
till something breaks
not sure how much more
I can take

I know it hurts me
and it's strange
but I do not know
how to change

of all the things
to be scared of
why am I so
afraid of love?
Ciel Noir Sep 19
you fly too high              
    on borrowed wings
                      so far above
                         the shining sea
          and I can see you
            the­ darkness leads you                                
down to me                                                
I ride the waves                                  
and all around                
                    the sky is light
                                 with falling feathers
                                           if I catch you
                          we both will drown
     your molten wings
hold us together
Ciel Noir Sep 18
in the Sun
I do not know who I am
who I have become

in the dark
I can feel its tangled roots
deep within my heart
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