Ciel Noir 19h
I can feel my heart being slowly crushed
Just waiting by the phone
This doesn't feel much different
Than it feels to be alone

I add another stone to my heart
Every time I take a look
I'm tired of reading this empty screen
I'd rather read a book

But something happens when I read
I don't feel so alone
My heart can fly all through the sky
And leave behind these stones

And as they fall down to the Earth
They sparkle back at me
Meteorites gold angel bright
I laugh, and I am free
When the truth                                                            ­    
shines too bright                          
and to see                              
   blurs our eyes
                      we weave a
                               veil of lies
                                   and we hide
                                                            ­     from the light.
We paint ourselves with angels' wings
The Sun our halo melting, gleaming
We eat other animals and wear their skins
Shepherd, can you hear them screaming?
One by one, they're heard no more
Destroyed by greed and fear and violence
Let us leave them in peace before
We leave this world at last in silence
Vote today
Make a choice
Don't let them take away your
Ciel Noir Nov 2
Shining bright
Sun writes fire on the horizon
Sparkling lights
Diamonds chase the golden dragon
Starry night
Ciel Noir Oct 26
Seal our soul and paint it gold
Dream a poem without words
Into what the future holds
Who will know what they will learn?

Spark the darkness like a storm
Silent sail a tide unbound
Hold our soul and keep it warm
Even when the Sun goes down
Ciel Noir Oct 23
You who bring the stars to life
And bring the worlds to wing
And blow a cool blue Moon into
A thousand shining rings

You who bring the tides to rise
And bring the world to bloom
As shimmering the glitter rings
Fall back into the Moon
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