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if heaven is just
a dream that we dream
a final escape
from reality

a place that we go
in the mind
>  >  nowhere  <  <
in the lightning storm

will I meet you there?
a strange soft silence covers me like snow
like innocence still waiting to be spoiled
but just a little deeper down I know
there hides a solid mile of stone and soil

no tolling bell, no chime to mark the time
no clock, no metronome, no pendulum
only my silent mind that tries to mime
the illusion of equilibrium
I don't feel creative


there is no starlight

in my soul

I can lie

or tell the truth

but I am saying nothing

When I don't understand the harm
I ask myself
what if I could?

When it seems like a false alarm
I ask myself

Am I the wolf?
Ciel Noir Oct 18
every time you turn away from me
into my waiting hands falls one more stone

I carry them no matter where I go
now I have almost more than I can hold

and when one day it is too much to bear
I throw every last stone down in the sand

but when you give a sign to show you care
I walk right back to you

with empty hands
Ciel Noir Oct 18
hidden knowledge
second sight

lower light

feral heat
that burns you bright

in the snake pit
of the night
Ciel Noir Oct 18
every day I try to act
like I could let you go

it is tricky to retract
what you already know

I think you have seen through me
and into something real

I love you

but I'll never really tell you
how I feel
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