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Ciel Noir 17h
I have all these scary feelings
I wish I could understand
I wish I could control
but without them
I would have
no soul

Ciel Noir Jun 7
all this joy
and all this pain
all the things we think and see
all this hope and
all this love

vibrations and energy

all this madness and confusion
written by some inner hand
we have woven this illusion
all that we can understand

what if we could see beyond
what our perception is concealing?

Earth is moving
time is a dimension
color is a feeling

what if we could move beyond
all the things we think and see?
what would happen to our souls
if we could know
Ciel Noir May 24
habits formed across my mind
step by step by step

always looking for the path
looking for the way

back and forth and back and forth
even as I slept

my path is the one I make
day by day by day
Ciel Noir May 22
I let you get
so close to me
⏵so close⏴   and yet     ⏴so far⏵


I brought you here
to guard the door
so no one else
could touch my

⏴    heart    ⏵

Ciel Noir May 20
The truth is hate is not the death of love
Instead it burns love's heart from pink to red
And love becomes a savage primal thing
        Unholy                                             ­     
             The gentle warmth of love becomes a fire        
That turns it to a monster in the light
And burns the tender feathers from its wings
Which cast their demon shadow
On the night
Ciel Noir May 16
I don't want to tangle you
up in words
my friend

teach me silence
teach me patience
teach me to pretend

I saw your soul in chains
you looked at me
just like *******

did you take me
for pleasure
or to take away the pain?
Ciel Noir May 5
sometimes it is
almost obscene
how clearly I
say what I mean

sometimes my words
are so oblique
I might as well
not even speak

and when I give
the truth away
then that is all
I have to say

but where my mind
seems undefined
there's truth in why
I blur the lines
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