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Anne 3d
I want to
love you.
really really
do. rather you
pushing            me                a w a y.
Anne Aug 18
I wish that  

                                   s i n k i n g

down to your
empty promises.
  Jul 28 Anne
fingers wrapped around my neck
gripping me so hard

wish you had the same kind of grip around my heart
love me for gods sake
  Jul 9 Anne
everyone wants to be the moon
touch the stars
and kiss the sun

everyone is secretly sad
that sad gleam in their eyes
confusion covers it all

I don't want the moon
I don't want the sunrise

I want my broken heart fixed
I want the voices to quiet down

trying my hardest
everyone looks away
dealing away
with their mess

to busy helping ourselves
we don't look at eachother
  Jul 9 Anne
Evan Palmer
It seems that today
gravity would prefer
that I extend my stay
a little longer on Earth.

So with the cards I‘m dealt
I'll sit here awhile
watching your eyelids melt
together when you smile.
  Jul 9 Anne
The night you left
I burned to ashes

I am on the run
from my broken heart

Healing my burns
Collecting my wounds

Until the day
You set me on fire again
Anne Jul 9
hi i feel like                                                    
a part of me has
sunken for couple of months.
sometimes i try to sleep
late at night, staring
into my dead computer screen
hoping for some kind of instant
fizz from my fingers to type furiously.
otherwise, it's all just one liners broken
off with a dead-end. i feel like i've been
stuck in a rut for far too long. trying to
get back into writing and hoping to
say a hey, hi, hello to the writer in myself
some time soon.
it's okay.
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