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  Jan 2021 Medusa
the town i was born in wasn't big enough
to contain the vastness of my dreams
so i moved out
i spent hours upon hours on the bank of river yamuna
looking for a sign
completely forgetting that a dead river can't speak
i misunderstood its silence for an invitation
so i moved in
i traded my inner peace for smoke filled air
and my innocence for the facade of a happy woman
delhi, i spent years of my life trying to fit in
to make sure that i belong
then why do the stares on the streets
tell me that i don't
delhi why have you been so cruel to me
like a failed mother forcing her expectations on her daughter
no matter what i did
i was never good enough
every time i tried to speak
you just didn't want to hear
you're a city trying to hide its deafness from its people
delhi why are you so unfair?
you throw stones at the workers that build you
and bow down at the feet of your destroyers
maybe you're just as confused and tired as me
people have taken more from you than you could give
so you stand exhausted, defeated and short of breath
and i do the same
for both of us have failed miserably
i could never be your daughter
and you could never be my home
i came looking for a home in a city which doesn't have space
  Jan 2021 Medusa
Carlo C Gomez
Roll right to zero, give your tanks a stir

Fixed star to fixed star, running counter clockwise to stability

Beckoned and bewildered: first move, second chance

This incandescent satellite, so large and bright in the window

Like pieces of refracted light, infinite bulbs turning on

Empyrean, enveloped in moonshine, rendering them fit to recognize God

And should destiny be lunar luminosity and agile reason (or a seller of love)

I'll take to orbit and go for burn, peering through a mental kaleidoscope

To see the altered anima of my thoughts free from the pull of gravity
  Dec 2020 Medusa
Krista Delle Femine
One time
You took me horseback riding
With a guide
And rented horses
I focused on how romantic it was
But I couldn't help but notice
How much that horse
You rode
Hated you
  Dec 2020 Medusa
Krista Delle Femine
He's the one I dream about
But won't admit it to myself
Or anyone else
I call out another man's name
When asked who is the best
But my secret
Is for the one
I never name
I keep him in my heart
And he has the brightest flame
Medusa Dec 2020
{inspired by Krista Dellefemine}

I see you carry a heavy metal soul
It must sound like thunder
When the rain comes

You are visible to some, like me
You must know, we walk a long road
Never to get home, but it's alright

Some paths don't lead nowhere
To go on wandering is no curse

I see you carry a heavy metal

The full film, 1946, "La Belle et La Bete"
By Jean Cocteau

Best part is about 30 minutes into the film.
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