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Colm 2d
Somedays I hate the way my own body heat, collects and is in entrapped within. In the arms of wind I nowtimes wish, that I could relax again and just for a moment be. Truly, cool and light, airy and free.
Not serene. Just tired of thought and the comforting heat. Please no more. Please. Just let me be.
Colm 4d
The unheard sound
Like a song stretched out
Over the many sunrises spent
Beneath silken vine and canopy tent
Forever is a very long time left to see
But this sound still unenduring
Is the most beautiful thing
To be heard of and by me
Colm 5d
Stuck is nothing more than everything

When in eyes unseen it is realized that
There is no breath without first breathing
No baseline without hearts first beating

And in unified personified existence being
There is no whatsoever love forsaken
Without ever first the chance of breaking
Colm 5d
As my archive
Kept archiving me
With a strong hold
And a seal so great
That in quiet places
I couldn't begin to think
Let alone even meditate
On what should be done
About these growing words
About flattened seams obese
And so I'll never again perhaps see
The rushing waters within the streams
Of a most flowing forth into my unseen
And to this I think, that it's alright with me
Having long since looked upon the accepted sea

And accepted such a fate
This one is about my feeble attempts to stay organized. To not be reliant upon any site to archive my work. When in reality, I long since lost track of where I first began. And do not care an ounce for the work of copying all of my old verses down.

No, just no.
Colm 5d
The most addictive substance
Known to man
Is no man at all
Nor a compound unleashed

But a woman found
And with whom quietly you can
Atop corner seats and within window cafes

As if no air had ever passed between
True to me. So true.
Colm 5d
I love the world most

When it let's me be

To just sit and breath

And to think of these

Most fervent truths

Which are known to noone

And inparted to everyone

As a part of me

In our seeing we are one

We are free
Sight unified
Colm 5d
Fear no
Or lack
Of existence

For you were
Meant to be
Exactly as
You have been
Thus far

If you're breathing today. I'm happy to be happily with you. (:
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