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Colm 1d
You don’t understand, perhaps, just quite how high
Your memory and my feelings therein, can still elevate and makes me fly

If you want to see spring in my step, **** the winter
If you want to see stars in my eyes, would you be
And if you’d only speaks words one more time to this wordsmith
There’s at least one true smile which awaits you, I can guarantee
Forward with hope
Colm May 28
she would look at me like I had stars in my eyes
though I know not why, what I love is what I know
you see I love rustic hills, forgotten and still
i love breathing nothingness in, out the quiet, and the ease
i love freshly cut grass and forest meadows never meant to be tamed
i love the snapping fish most talkative and the slim bodies of waters beneath grasping trees
i love he quiet sky above the 3 a.m. streets
and the flickering candlelight whispering things
and above all of these things I hope not to love, is me
though that choice is a which I do heartily admire
and give it still my most willingness forward
if you'll see and let me also see
please do
Hi LP. Two very different stories, I'm sure. Yup.
Colm May 27
If you knew me, you'd know
And in such feelings be felt
More than a stranger passing by
More than a simple smile
Or an almost unexpected sound

In the real you would live
And out with expectations you'd breathe
Until your lungs were filled
With more than just speculation
And your thoughts were more honestly bound
(By such realism) and no longer free

And if I began wandered here less around
Without the knowing's of so
And in my mind decidedly worried less
And started more committing to find
There's no knowing where or here or when
Our future together would commence to go

All I know is that this and in this way
(Towards the sky)
We must both more than wish in order to grow

But then again, if you knew me …
You'd know
Deter Me Not Set (12) - END

Thanks for reading, if you do.
Colm May 27
Ghibli films feel right because
everything is just as it is
or was
or was secretly meant to be
Like grooves on a record
like trails of the cautious deer
or etchings upon ancient stones together
You know, that what you're about to see
was designed to be seen
and seen uniquely

Whatever your opinion is, you're right
Deter Me Not Set (11) . Totoro
Colm May 27
Awful coffee still has its caffeine
And by that same logic
Even awful people can still sharpen me

Unless they're decafe
In which case,
Deter Me Not Set (10)
Colm May 27
once declared
turns out a deck to find
cut a pack fiercely into
and with the next flip missed
then another, and another, all aligned
discover that there are no more ladies left
to be found in such empty hands as these, no
here - there be only jokers left alive
Deter Me Not Set (9)
Colm May 27
If you give a man ... more stones to dig
He'll find
If you give a man ... more time
He may still not know, let alone who
If you take from him ... nothing when you go
Then the building of his own high wall, is no crime of yours
Ever, nor ever was
Deter Me Not Set (8)
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