Star BG 4h

I love me the perfect form that sings in shower off key and doesn't care The person who dances without shoes on grassy surfaces at a moments notice. The one who finally learned that I she is a gift. I love me the perfect being here to make a difference.

Inspired by Myself thank you so much
Star BG 5h

Enlist the moment by giving the mind instructions to align with happiness,
and when you do happiness follows.

Star BG 7h

Gratitude is like fuel.
It fills one's vessel so they may soar
with endless possibilities.

It expands in heart
To see with new eyes.

the tool to live
with in harmony.

Inspired by chat with
Kim Johanna Baker ›


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Star BG 12h

Kissing my journey      
with words of gratitude
I dance,
spiraling, turning, celebrating,
life experiences.

At end of day
I kiss
the human vessel
that aids my walk.

I kiss my feet for its movement.
Hands for holding.
Arms for reaching
Fingers for typing.

I kiss my heart that beats.
Eyes that see beauty.
Lungs that caresses breath.
Hair weaving with wind.

I kiss my knees that hold me.
Head that expands.
Hips that sway.
Cells that travel.

I kiss with gratitudes voice
all parts
and The Divine
for the
blessings of each day and the gifts I have.

Inspired by
Bianca Reyes
Star BG 12h

I row the boat of heart,
steering along with focus.
Wind merges with breath.
Sun shines with rainbow rays.

And as I unfurl my passions,
pen becomes oar.
Oar to lead me to my dreams.

Thank you writer guide.
Star BG 13h

One writer to another,
carries a secret bond
that tickles within.

Its that experience
of a pull in dead of night
causing dam to open
as feet ground
to walk with poised pen.
That pulls
when overpowering pain
in mind must be expelled.

One writer to another has
a treasure chest of words
that call at any given time.
They mount to gift world and self.
They mount as this writer whispers gratitude.

13h Sarita Aditya Verma  inspired me.
Star BG 13h

We tick dancing in a lifetime
to the tock of
a golden clock within.
grow as we expand.
drift as we collect experiences.

And As
our consciousnesses awake,
time dissipates
while energies of gratitude

And joy, abundance, peace,
in self
and world

Spired by Elizabeth Squires- Thanks for being you
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