Star BG Apr 12
Hinting at the idea of what I couldn’t put into words
There was this chance of salvation,
this ticket out
I breathed into moment
seizing opportunity to merge with dreams
as glimmer of hope anchored
holding fast to my self,
I fell into destiny and
emerged on a path of my making
Light surrounded as etheric wings grew
I was home in my own thoughts
for the first time in my life
Nothing could stop me now
as my consciousness exploded
with thoughts of new beginnings
Every movement rippled throughout eternity
and reverberated back to me
I was instantly connected to everything in existence
My heart expanded playing joyfully like birds
My breath merged with Mother Earth
Love penetrated every cell in body
until peace and freedom was mine
I merged with the universe
Grateful for my dreams fulfilled
That, which could not be put into words.
That is the magnificent beast
you see before you today:
Co written WITH the great Reggie THANKS
Star BG Apr 11
I write as pen becomes brush painting
visions with stardust energies.
Words twinkle unseen to naked eye
but inviting all the same.
Verses coagulate in bloodstream
as if cells are words
destined for heart.

I write within fields of sunflowers
and below gray skies.

With intention to launch
a rocket ship of thoughts

After all I am a wandering sage poet,
meant to anoint the world with verse.
Inspired by Mercedes
Star BG Apr 9
Life is what you make it.
How you choose to move
shapes your life.

Move in fear and doubt
and experiences will follow to match it.

Move in laughter and joy
and a stream of grand experiences follow.

Move in negative thoughts
and people will dump their garbage on you.

Move in love and you have a winning day
that allows you to fly with etheric wings.
Star BG Apr 9
Everything is good
when looking from a higher prospective.

WE learn from our hardest lessons
to find trust and love.

WE all have the ability to integrate dark
to move IT into light for harmony.

WE all expand into feeling peace,
when we move in gratitude.

WE all carry grand gifts
when we align with our essence.

WE all soar with etheric wings
when we are humbled in the heart.

WE all carry the spark of God
where anything is possible.

So Be It So It is!
Inspired by chat with Mel K
Star BG Apr 2
If Only
I could see beyond
my egos stupid chatter.
Inspired by Eric W Thanks
Star BG Apr 2
I misplaced my memory
often struggling to recall
a name, a date, an appointment.

Determined I stand
to change problem.
I got well known brand
to help thoughts align.
Problem is...
I keep forgetting to take it.
I am working on it. LOL
Star BG Apr 2
I am a bird
with fine feathers
adorned to skin.

I am a feathered friendly poet
full of songs
to share everyday.

I am a fledgling perched
upon pen singing to world
as wings spread.

And so I shall fly,
uncaged towards light.
calling of a sky-like page.
Inspired By Crazy Diamond Kristy  Thanks
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