Star BG 4h
The gift that cleanses and feeds the thirst of plants, animals, and people.

infused Love particles
dropped from skies divine clouds.

the vibration of song that makes
young and old want to dance.

a word that brings a rainbow,
the sign of endless abundance.
Inspired by Temporal Fugue Thanks
Star BG 5h
Each part of self is a
wonderful ever evolving puzzle.
It becomes a tapestry,
as parts of divine form
connect into humanity.  

Work your puzzle integrating it with others,  love, joy and compassion.
The end result,
a beautiful masterpiece.
Star BG 6h
My poet guide angel sings to me,
when moon drifts in diamond sky.
And words float in and out
being a gift I wrap in sentence.

When dreams surface inside
songs hug, that carries blessings.
And memories dance in mind
calling to be scribed.

One word becomes match to ignite prose. One moment in heart a chance
to scribe a map for eyes.
One lifetime to align and feel love
as I play in field of prose.

My poet guide angel comes,
shinning a lantern of love.
It frees me to annoint page
and whisper gratitude for a path
where light and dark is celebrated.
Inspired by truth floats thanks
Star BG 6h
Wind is the music
and snowflakes the notes
that move upon landscape-like page.

A beautiful merging of ears and eyes
for observer
who is present in moment
where gratitude is whispered.
Just reflecting on weather
Star BG 7h
Sky becomes a blank canvas to eyes.
It's shade melts into rivers shoreline.

Snow filled raindrops fall
forcing one to stop and see skies view.

Then...creative mind
becomes a painter
where window frames and self
brushes out with breath a picture.

Picture of sunny day
where one may go out to play
on day where winter is asleep.
It's a snowy day here in the Big Apple. But I looked out my window and saw it looked like a blank canvas. Hence this pome was born
Star BG 7h
Tell me...guides of light
not to carry regret for second guessing is an ego's adjenda to keep one in the head.

Better yet... allow self
to fill up with wisdom cultivating energies
of love and compassion.

Tell me...Divine source
not to vibrate fear for it only limits
flow of freedom and peace.

Better yet... give me the fortitude
to stay in heart and follow
roadmap of dreams.

Tell me... wisdom in heart
not to ignore my intuitive nature
that is a gift.

Better yet... allow me to awaken
and live arthenticly
in harmony
my birthright.
Star BG 16h
OM Shanti Om
I radiate peace
in breath in moment
in actions as I walk in grace.

Om Shanti Om
I echo with peace
as I take meditative stance
to align with heart.

Om Shanti Om
I emit love
into the world
so it awakens
and we all live in peace.
Inspired by Oprah/ Chopra meditation day three
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