Star BG 17h

Every morning I wake up and smell the dawn.
The smell of wind perfumed by flowers.
Songs of birds that align with sun and tickle ears.

Every morning I become a midwife.
Birthing poems that radiate inside heart.
Picking up pen to drift in moment.

Every breath I take I take as celebration,
for the wisdom that travels within.
For the power that comes by living authentically.

Daylight and I are one.
To be who I am riding the wave of light.
To send rays outward to all so peace is ours.

Inspired by MU
Star BG 19h

Turn off your
TeLie Vision
and research TRUTH,
TO not buy into the lies
of the media mongrels
who control.

Turn off your
and think for yourself
stopping the
mind control apparatus
from taking hold.

Start to live with free will
as we are wired to love
but have been short circuited
by societies governments.

Turn of the lie machine
and live as we are meant to,

Poem Inspired by Lions gate on Facebook
Star BG 19h

A lion roared in my dreams,
as fairies gathered biding me welcome.
My eyes scanned the surroundings,
trying to take in all with one glance

The lion got my attention
as it jumped off its pedestal offering me a ride.
The gentle breezes traveled through me,
waking up every cell to natures song.

Birds sang and wind danced inside leaves
reflecting an air of peacefulness.

Every being we passed bowed to us
as if we both were king and queen
in a moment that spawned royalty.

Lion and I merged divinely.
When he roared, I released a sound
that resinated across highway of fields.

Higher and higher we climbed
as an explosive energy
penetrated me inside grace.

It was an experience that needed no words
to escort my feelings
of joy and bliss.

In an instance my awareness
focused on cliff coming into view.

I grabbed mane trying to stop him
from leaping to our death and
possibly having an end
to our lucid life but had no control.  

A jolt forward that
might have caused awakening alluded me.
Instead, he leaped forward sprouting wings
and we continued moving upwards.

A parade of birds, and Pegasus's followed
gracefully behind. I felt part of them and they me.

Closer and closer to a pulsating rainbow sun
we traveled, feeling its rays warm as my heart opened.

We began to melt into the great ball of fire
It turned myself into a rainbow being
the likes I never saw.
I became a phoenix with wings of gold.
destined to make a difference
on the platform called earth.
I landed in a place I knew was my heart
and on arriving opened my eyes.

I was ready to embrace the day
Ready to be who I was
as a being in the new millennium.

August is the time of the Lions gate of energies in universe. Ride the wave of great change.
Star BG 19h

Like dark splinter in mind
my thoughts expand,
beating hard to release the veil of darkness.

Clouds surface behind eyes,
longing for sun.
Light knocks on door
as key of freedom is ready to be turned.

Membranes longing for clean blood
to penetrate consciousness vibrate.

New network of love fibers
his growing to
transmute cells decaying.

With breath,
splinter becomes dislodged
starting its movement to purge.

With grounding slow breath
determination, optimism
and drive for new beginnings

With awakening comes time
to align for freedom
as shard is lifted
to demand change.

Being Blinded to prison of limit
and slavery now disintegrates
to see greater purpose.

Time to move through the door
of awakening.
Time turn key with consciousness
with purpose

Lift your splinter to dry tears
releasing stronghold of society
for your visions to materialize.

Stop and empower self
to ride new waves
and take hold responsibly to
evict the remaining fragments

Begin a feeding tube of truth
inside love
respect, compassion, and abundance

Lead the way to realign
to set the society
to the dial of freedom
out of the matrex of control.

THAT is why you came.

inspired by matrex movie and a video escribes today!
Star BG 1d

Many likes I got today,
from cyber lands great scribes.
I am grateful to their posts,
I move glad I'm alive.

Wish to get suns to as well
It gives my pen grand wings.
Then I will expand with verse,
In poetry I'll sing.

Sing to gift the world each day.
You see I have a dream.
Sharing vision inside love.
Yes writing is my scheme.

Thanks one and all for giving me feedback with likes and loves. I especially like when someone says a few lines.  Gives me fuel to write more.
Star BG 1d

A bird spoke to me
in poetic verse
whispering so
I would sing,
And write in rythems
like birds voice.
And when it flew away
my pen became a wing
with words to flow
anointing a blue sky like page.

Inspired byAtaxia A grand writer
Star BG 1d

Are you willing to let go of old beliefs your ancestors carried?

Ready to break the mold to sculpt a masterpiece with clay of life?

Ready to expand in heart
to have all your desires manifest?

I'm ready
to move aurthenticly
with my attributes, dreams,
purpose, and focus.

I'm ready
to jump into waters
To glide over waves under sun.

Yes, to my questions
laid out like map.
Yes to life.

Just playing in the playground of words to share.
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