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Star BG Mar 2021
toast inside moment
today is great day to live.
celebrate the dream
Star BG Mar 2021
In the changing fortune of time,
heartbeats expand and wisdom follows.
Spiraling sweet air
becomes infused with song.

Deep inhale circulates
Eyes become fixated on light.
Energies interweave with moments
golden platter of food placed before awaken one.

And faith carries
as to move forward inside love
and compassion.

Time awakens the sleeping souls,
as sands of hour glass drift
upon oceans beach.

Now mind becomes reborn in thoughts
releasing dark rubble to make expansive pathways
filled with miracles and harmony in new day.

With wealth of time
clouds dissipate
gifting the walker who stands grounded
in steps.

Aho to gift of life.
Aho to those who led the way.
first thought of day
Star BG Feb 2021
Prescription for soul
to radiate inner peace
is to share loves light

Prescription for soul
to experience grand love
is to look into heart

to in breathe deeply
to go where no soul has gone
celebration time
First poem of day
Star BG Feb 2021
Eyes they set on beauty,
as morning sun quenches moment.

As ears aligns divine birds
that sing with orchestrated music.

As breath rejuvenates
to see mirror image and smile.

My heart beats in beauty
mirroring in heartbeat own magnificence.

Mirroring the radiance of the soul
that reveals a lotus flower.

That vibrates to guide my way
in steps of dance.

Thoughts they understand
a spark of Divines perfect lives within.

I be co-creator of thy sea.
inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma a gifted poet.
Star BG Feb 2021
two feet expected
snow kept all in except plow
knitted gloves are done

snow day keeps kids home
snowmen born with children’s hands
hot chocolates on stove

all night snow fell down
inner child in adult smiles
no work, back to bed

wind builds as snow swirls
rolling over back to bed
I just love Winter

it’s white wonderland
when done ten feet reported
Go plow go, bless you

snow on street fell fast
Mother’s pregnant with child
snowman is now birthed

snowed entire night
white wonderland blesses eyes
jumped for joy, no work

snow fell ten feet tall
winters monster reaped havoc
shovel sword aimed high
Star BG Feb 2021
rainbow flowers grow
below matching rainbow sky
photographer smiles


wonderful flowers
get picked by a handsome bow
will she say I do
Inspired by Dr Peter Lim a grand poet
Star BG Jan 2021
Putting mind in first gear,
I  prance and romance

Senses heighten
spiraling into breath.
Eyes focus,
as light integrates dark of night.

Dancing steps
grace my steady pace,
Gentle of voice mergers
with precious birds.

New baby day emerges
as if I be chick hatched
from fertile egg.

An egg born of universe.
Born to sing song of gratitude.
First poem of the day. saw the word gear and it insired me.
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