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Star BG 12h
A blessing to the world you are
And if you look into heart
you will see a treasure chest of

Star BG 2d
Knock, knock at tree I stood there.
Wondered if someone would hear.
I did whisper can I see?
All the beauty housed in thee.
If I’m let in this is clear.
It will make me surely stare.

For the magic goes down deep.
Hope tree fairy I will meet.
Fairy answered one two three.
It did welcome me with glee.
So I drifted in tree fine.
Mother Nature is Divine.
When I left I bowed with awe.
Then fairy did close the door.

Perhaps I’ll visit soon I hope.
Natures grand and thats no joke.
Inspired by Logan Robertson. Thank you Without your gifts there would not be mine.
Star BG 2d
There’s Life on moons dark
Alien life forms are there
watching when moons full.


Dark side of moon calls
to be investigated
So people know truth
just thinking about Moon
Star BG 2d
Oh please don't sell yourself short.
el great one’s who walks with poet inside
Oh please take breath and smell the grand roses
of your soul that calls.
That whispers for your story to be told.
Oh seeker of inner love on rainy night
stay strong in storm of tears
for the rainbow is close behind.
For all the poets that think they have nothing to say and have forgotten who they are. For there is a poet in everyone who indeed has a story to tell.
Star BG 2d
I am a circus poet.
juggling verse
with clown like rhymes
to make people happy.

I am a tightrope walker
stringing jargon to walk across
as I balance prose
inviting reader to walk with eyes.

I swing along on trapeze
as reader sees landscape unfolds
and watches with gasp of grandeur.

I am even a lion tamer.
Taking ferocious words of emotions
to calm its form
and scribe with pen of whip.

You see I am all members of the circus
and I open my tent of poetic song.
Step right up.
A ticket is a mere moment of your time
inspired by Audrey Joyce Thanks
Star BG 2d
In lap of a hollow tree a fairy sat
darning its stories to all.  
Wind played harp-like melodies.
Birds brought their company
chirping gracefully.

She spoke weaving tales
upon leaves as if parchment,
while dance of bumble bee circled.

Chipmunks scurrying stopped
to listen intently.
Owl perched self to hear
web of mystery unfold.

It was a grand moment
where peace was owned by all
of natures family.

Including a little boy who listened
with open heart nearby.
Inspired by Randolph L. Wilson a grand poet in his own right
Star BG 3d
I want to go back to the time
where cell phones existed not,
and communication was more personal.

Where TV was radio
and eyes with mind collaborated for imagination
as ears reveled in sound.

I want to go back to a time
where people would be on street holding hands instead of phones. And individuals looked at one another to see each others expressions instead of impersonal texting.

I want to go back
where there was no internet to steal ones time on a Face Book site that takes your information and tries to promote fake friendships.

I want to go back yes back
to a time where I could meet a poet for lunch
instead of only on a site that keeps one at distance.

Time waits for no one and so progress
for the sake of disconnect continues.

Until robots replace our reality.
This poem is so so much NOT like what I write. Its just tonight I found myself disconnecting from everything. I turned off my cell phone, don't have a TV so didn't have to do anything with one  and am just chilling with myself
as I feel distant from most of who I know. (my decision)
I think everyone should sometimes step back to do a re-set
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