Star BG 5h

If we were awake to know that we are eternal and divine we would most likely reach out and share love more.

If we were awake to know that we are endowed with special gifts  we would open our hearts and use them for the good of all

If we were awake to know we all have the ability to talk and receive guidance from our guides we would listen and move in harmony.

If we were awake to know we are co-creators in our lives by our thoughts we would experience the greatness of being

Star BG 19h

Happy Birthday Earth
It's time you are once again honored by man
as the many experience all your gifts.
Time to get grounded on sacred soil to dance with grace.

Happy Birthday Universe
It's  time for humanity to connect
to other peaceful alien beings.
Time for earth to take its place as a loving planet in galaxy.

Happy Birthday Mankind
It's time for all to gather under the umbrella of oneness,
as people are reborn to live with abundance and joy.
Time to recall who we are and why we came
and realign to celebrate .

Happy Birthday to Earth.
Happy Birthday to the Galaxy.
Happy Birthday to Mankind.
Happy Birthday to you.

StarBG © 2017

Just playing in a playground of words before bed.
Star BG 1d

Broken shells of my old self on sea floor lies. They are burried for good.
Left behind so new self can form.
Elements of weather like experiences reshape my consciousness
Until a wave builds with wind and suns rays.
exciting peaks that tickle the landscapes to brings peace to heart.

Star BG 1d

Do remember as you awaken
to this divine day,
this divine moment,
to face the sun and dance in your greatness.
As you do expand your heart with gratitude will anoint the world with the energy of love,
and feel the blessing present .

Star BG 1d

I move from the visible that expands heart-
a warm breeze, the sunrise, shooting stars
a babies laugh, and a good cry.

I move to the invisible that gives comfort-
my guides that assist, ancestors that support
and angels that fly with endless unconditional love.
To alien beings that wish to remind me we are sacred.

I move from the visible to invisible and back to  visible with love, with gratitude knowing I am a gift.

StarBG © 2017

Star BG 1d

Through the visible
the beautiful sunrise
quenches eyes.
Gentle rustling leaves
threaded by wind dance.
And birds in flight glide
as I
celebrate my sacred journey.

Moving through the visible,
I’m guided by heart.

Through the veil invisible
guides gather to aid in grace.
Angels are ready to aid continuously
and with love
Ancestors and beings divine
drift gracefully
as I
my life’s pilgrimage.

Connecting with invisible,
I’m guided by grand company.

The company of self and beings
who both harbor love.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by an old friend when she said phase visible to invisible
Star BG 1d

Rubble of mind builds
draining, disempowering,
de-crowning freedom.
Until, I take deep breath
to expel.
Expel a poem
that excites other minds
who too perhaps will write.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by EmilyB  poem just Today.
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