you're the type of person
they name
alexa 2d
i am convinced you were sent to me for a reason-
an angel in disguise
i think i'm going to fall in love with you-
i'm almost there, anyways,
but while it terrifies me that it's so soon,
and to relinquish control of my emotions like that,
to fall completely and utterly into someone else...
i have never been happier in the company of another,
i have never known the extent
of full reciprocation,
but darling, i thank you
for showing me how exquisite it is
to be loved by you.
alexa 2d
and then i said
"goodnight, darling, i'm going to bed.
but oh how i wish
i were in yours."
alexa 2d
i've never met someone who has made me realize
sometimes words just aren't enough.
sometimes the feelings surpass the rules of grammar,
stanza breaks,
word choice.
sometimes they surpass each and every one
of those 26 letters,
because not a single one could form a word
that gives justice to your beauty,
to your character,
to how you make me feel.
your love is turning me redundant,
taking away all originality
since every one of my poems now
is written with you in mind.
i'd be upset, except
the payoff is so much greater.
i think i've finally done it, guys. i think this one is gonna work out.
Hold me
Don't let go
Kiss me slow
I want all of you
I've tasted every inch of you
I know your brain
Inside and out
Your thoughts your fears
The people you love and the ones you dislike
You never talk bad about anyone
And you're so ******* funny
And you let me hold your hand and ramble about ****** ****
And you let me be weird and be sad
And vent about what I'm going through
What i've been through
You let me talk endlessly about people who have hurt me and I return the favor
You make me ramen on the cold nights
You love to touch me
My shoulder
Or my cheek
Grab my ***
Make me laugh

You tell me everyday,

You care about me.
Being happy makes some ****** poetry but I don't care
  6d alexa
Right when you
Think you have everything
Right when you
Think you're happy
It all ends
Someone ruins it
You ruin it
Life ruins it
Because it always ends
Today that Bliss
That one day of Bliss
Then its gone
A simple text
A simple statement of
"I don't think we can ever be friends again"
As the sadness washes over you
You realize that text
Can **** a soul
Can **** a mind
Can **** a heart
And can **** a friendship
A friendship of four years
That you will always remember
With a person you trusted
And to realize
You will never celebrate a birthday
With them
Never have that hours of laughs
With them
Never walk the hallways talking
With them
You hope the best
For them
You want them to thrive
You want them to have a great future
but sadly
You will no longer
Be a part of that
alexa 6d
it's when i think i'm getting better that
i realize i'm not.
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