43m alexa
Stop playing with my feelings
And getting my hopes oh so high
That I'll think you're still liking
And I'll just be too shy.

I question the universe's decision,
I have made fantasies and renditions,
But nothing compares to those small sparks
Whenever I talk with you during the day's dark.

And whenever we hear teases
Of all the jokes and praises
To the times you actually cared
Also, to when you were unfair.

I wouldn't admit I still wish
Granting me the want I crave.
And with one swish,
He is all I have....

To take.

But you wouldn't know why
Mr. He of all high
And I just want you to know
That even if we're not alone
I'd still know whenever you're not okay
And I'll always be there anyway.

Thanks for being a friend for more than a year
Even if I wish we could be more than just cheers.
  43m alexa
I keep throwing gasoline on my already burning problems.

I'm addicted to the pain.
  47m alexa
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
your eyes remind me
of a crystal clear
sea with waves
crashing every second
alexa 8h
when September came
i was reminded why exactly
our love had only stayed above water in the warm air.
with Autumn’s arrival
so did the realization
that our love had since drowned.
alexa 8h
with the windows rolled down
and the radio turned up,
don’t you ever tell me this isn’t enough.
cause this is it right here
the only thing i need.
you in the drivers seat,
right beside me.
you are my knight,
my protector and shield
our souls chase each other
through the sunflower fields.
wondering where we’ll go
when our bodies are no more
but we know that our souls will stay together,
and the moon hangs on top of the world
the spotlight of our love,
we dance and sway to the background
of the stars above.
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