5h alexa
1.  Don't look at him

2. Don't talk to him

3. Only reply if he speaks to you

4. Appear as if you don't care

5. Act disinterested

6. Stop looking for him

7. Stop hoping for him

8. If you feel his gaze on you, don't return it

9. Find other things to think about

10.  Stop writing poetry about him
Number 10 is always the hardest
alexa 1d
yes, i'm falling for him but
you're still tugging at my mind,
reminding me to
cry a little harder for you.
i'm left wondering who
your blue eyes are piercing now,
who are you saying "i love you" to,
promising forever?
i'm sure she'll trust you,
sure she'll start writing poetry about your eyes
cause god have you ever seen something so blue?
i wonder if you'll break her

like you did me.
alexa 2d
i hate small talk.
in such an enigmatic world,
convoluted and destitute of magic,
who cares about the weather?
at 1o'clock in the morning,
as we're sitting up drowning in caffeine like a life source
i want to know why your mother left when you were ten.
i want to know where that scar on your arm is from,
how your marvelous compositions originated.
i need to know your most reclusive dreams,
your thoughts and plans for the future planned years in advance.
i don't care about your 9-5 job--
who was your first love?
are you finally over how she broke your heart?
i understand if you're not.

let's skip the small talk, love.
i want to know you.
prob will be revised but oh god do i hate small talk
  2d alexa
when i was 7 i cracked my head open with glass
and blood covered my head
i didn't go to the hospital
i didn't even tell anyone

i never saw the glass really coming
it happened in just a split second
i hardly even felt it
it stung
but i was too worried about the glass
and how i was going to clean it
before my parents came home
my mom always liked to keep her house clean
so i had to pick it up

when i was 13
my best friend had her first heartbreak
i was doing homework
because i was so behind
but she called me crying
and asked if she could come over
i held her for two hours
while she sobbed into my sweatshirt
and when she left
i didn't even get a thank you

i try so hard to make everyone feel content and happy
then sit in my room
and wonder why i'm so sad
but it's because
all i do is bleed for people
and they never even hand me a bandaid
  2d alexa
I've loved you for so long,
that the butterflies in my stomach
have died

  3d alexa
Someday you’ll love you.
From the sparkle in your eye,
To the pitch of your laugh,
Even the color of your hair.

You will love every part,
From every wrinkle,
To every crinkle,
Every part of you.

But they will try to tear you down,
To make you frown,
To make you think you’re not worth it.

But darling you listen to me.

From the way you walk,
To the way you talk,
You will be mocked,
But don’t you listen.

From your weight,
To your height,
You are all wonderful to me.

Maybe one day you’ll see,
The beauty I see.
The way you were made,
So beautifully.

But until then,
Do not forget,
On how true beauty,
Comes from within.
I hope one day that you love you the way you deserve. You are worth it ❤
  3d alexa
Black Leaf
I'm tired.
Tired of everything.
I just want to sleep,
And never wake up again.

No, I'm not lazy,
I'm not running away from life.
I'm just tired of the world and myself,
And too tired to change anything.
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