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9.2k · Dec 2015
Red Bean Bun and Meat Bun
Y Rada Dec 2015
Red bean bun and meat bun you always share
With me when we were young
When we sat at the sidewalks and
Watched the world passed us by
Talking different things under the sun.

Red bean bun and meat bun you lovingly gave
To me when you prepared to leave town
When from seedling you you grew into a tree
Testing your wings to fly like a bird
Wanting to see the whole universe.

Red bean bun and meat bun now you shared
With me when you came back home
When my heart fluttered to welcome you
At the same time crying when you found her
Realizing that you only treat me like a lil sister.
inspired by kimi ni todoke..
i know luv the feeling...
7.6k · Oct 2015
Y Rada Oct 2015
It is difficult to be a man,
For I am not a typical one.
It is hard for me to go on,
There’s a secret that pulls me.

I loathe when my memories strike,
They hit emotionally with might.
I struggle so much to survive,
In a world so deaf towards my cries.

I look at a He and my heart convulses,
For I recall a He who gave me kisses.
I was young, forced and naïve,
I fought but He was much stronger.

Society might tell that I’m gay,
For I let a man violated me in a way.
But I’m not a ***** and I’m sure,
I play a role for which others envy.

When I was a teen I met her,
I admired her even if she’s older.
I was then shy and very timid,
With mental and emotional scars.

I thought of her as a dear friend,
Then she turned to be my worst fiend.
One instance she forced herself on me,
And used things that hurt me so.

A girl’s tactics differ from the stronger ***,
Tears she used first and blackmail next.
She was cunning, sly and very clever,
She stole my pride and my dignity.

My fears now mixed with anger,
My determinations got bolder.
I still cry and sometimes get lonely,
Like any other victim I want to fight.

I can not shout to the whole nations,
For societies will scorn at my declamation.
Both sexes forgot that I have feelings too,
I am also made of flesh, bones and spirit.

I am not proud of what I become,
Within me clouding reasons try to calm.
My desire is to win this battle to the end,
I am capable of vulnerability like any human.

But where does my right begin?
This universe has compassion for women.
The likes of me are expected to be steel made,
Yet I have feelings too for I am just a man.
Dedicated to all abused males by other men and to the men abused by females. A simple shout out to the world that I care…that I have heard your cries… and that you are still loved.
7.3k · Jun 2017
Niqab Girl
Y Rada Jun 2017
To the niqab girl whom I met in Cagaya De Oro City
You were in front of me as we waited in line for hours
We smiled first politely and then we began to talk,
We Shared different insights in almost everything:
Your face veiling practice in Islam fascinated me
My headcovering as Christian piqued your curiosity
Conversations turned to fashion, extremism, and Filipinos,
You saw my face and I saw your beautiful eyes
Yet we never asked each other's names or Facebook accounts,
We were different yet somehow we mirrored each other;
Different religions yet linked by passion to serve God
Different ethnicity and language yet tied by nationality.

It's been weeks since the Marawi siege and I think of you
Hoping that every niqab girl I see in Iligan is you
We were strangers that rainy afternoon of June 2016
Yet I grieve for your loss - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Words are not enough to comfort you sister of the stars but
May your Allah guide and protect you in these times
May my Jesus cover you with His precious Holy blood,
To the niqab girl whom I met in Cagayan De Oro City
Perhaps we'll never see each other again in the future but
Thank you for letting me see the beauty of cultural diversity
And that coexistence is possible if we have open minds
And living in harmony is attainable if we open our hearts.
1. May 23, 2017 the island of Mindanao is under Martial Law due to the siege of Maute  in Marawi City.

2. I never knew her name but I called her "niqab girl" every time I think of her. Despite the chaos in her hometown, I really hope she's alright...
Y Rada Oct 2015
I have no right to be jealous,
Of you and that perfect woman.
She is definitely yours,
And you are hers of course.

I have no right to be jealous,
If you brushed your fingers through her hair.
You look at her divinely in the eyes,
And mine are misty for my heart cries.

I have no right to be jealous,
If you kiss her ever so softly.
You whisper her words of caress,
I'm locking my soul in self-made fortress.

I have no right to be jealous,
When you speak her name gently.
Drawling each syllable with care,
I wish to have that girl's name to be fair.

I have no right to be jealous,
When you give her the whole universe.
You offer her the most simple "I love you",
I yearn to reply freely "me too".
4.0k · Oct 2015
I Buried Him Somewhere
Y Rada Oct 2015
I buried him somewhere…
When I go to bed at night,
I checked the closet and he’s not there,
I tried under my bed and he’s not there.

Surely he’s dead for I buried him somewhere,
I am a woman now and not a frantic child,
It’s been a long while since I have not visited his grave,
Pray then, why must he appear now?

I tried hard to move on with life,
I persevered to love and accept myself,
I opened my heart to forgive my own,
My being is as wide as the skies.

I found solace in the plateau of my existence,
Why must he visit now?
Truly, I buried him somewhere,
And I swore he’ll never see me again.

He’s there trying to taunt and torture me,
He’s the one who mocks me,
He scoffs me when I search for happiness,
He laughs when I try beating myself.

Nightmares haunt me even at day,
He was the devil himself,
He, a vile and a disgusting man,
Who touched and fondled me in my innocent years.

He violated my freshness to rotten,
And it took me years to pick up the pieces,
Now that I’m almost whole I couldn’t understand,
Why must he resurrect in my dreams?

I am a woman and I still live,
Yet fear still envelopes my being,
I can never forgive and I will never forget,
But surely, I buried him somewhere…
Dedicated to the abused (sexually or other) females around the world
3.5k · Oct 2015
Y Rada Oct 2015
Lipstick so red on lips so blue,
Shadows so black on eyes untrue.
Puff of smoke huffed to the air,
Swirling amorously around the lady fair.

Lust is dancing with natural ease,
Hips sway to and fro - what a tease!
Hands beckoning at night's affair,
Fingers snap with passionate flare.

Words whispered with carelessness,
Hearts shielded from tomorrow's mess.
For tonight lovers cling for security,
Such solace found in darkness' infidelity.
3.3k · Nov 2016
I Dreamed of You Last Night
Y Rada Nov 2016
My superman, my duke, my demigod!
Ahh your visage was absolute perfection!
"I'm in control, you're in my world now"
I chanted in my thoughts many times -

I approached you with so much confidence
Femininity was my golden armour
Seduction was my double edged sword
Slowly, lustily, hungrily - - - -


****! This dream was my realm
Then why was she here with you?
I gulped down my surprise because
You stared and smiled at me gently

"Oh, my prince charming" I thought
You nodded at me and said respectfully
"My fiance & I would like to order our lunch..."
I didn't hear you because I fell on a black-hole!

I suddenly woke up with tears on my cheeks
I didn't know which was worse actually
My dream last night about you and her or
The reality that you will never be mine - - -
Dedicated to all those who got nightmares like these instead of sweet dreams. Tsk tsk, dreams are supposedly our realms to be with the person we adore. But reality sometimes caught us - even in our dreams.
3.1k · Jul 2016
Y Rada Jul 2016
Please scratch it
Slowly tickle it
A Lip bite
What is that?
Do not stop
Do it again!
Y Rada Sep 2016
I told you I didn't do anything wrong,
Yet you believed their lies all along
I was the love of your life remember?
You promised to cherish me forever.

One mistake - and not even on my part,
Tales told viciously just to break my heart
I was on my knees on that 23rd of July
I begged you to listen to my soulful cries.

What did you say on that bleak rainy day?
That I cheated on you and I must pay
Again You never wanted to see my face
And You would never offer a saving grace.

I accepted your harsh decision in blind tears
My heart bled from your punishment severe
I bowed my head not in shame nor regret
I had no dues to pay nor did I have debts.

Years passed and we met accidentally in a store
Your look of shock or surprise I just ignored
I pretended that I never saw nor heard you
But my heart beat faster for you oh so true!

Two years I suffered in silence and fears
Clinging only to my twin boys oh so dear
Proof of our affair to you was suddenly revealed
My pride won, I've my sons from you to shield.

Tell me frankly, what did I ever do to you?
You have your eyes set on me to pursue
Grayish pupils which always left me on trance
Now, You are asking for a second chance?
2.3k · Mar 2017
Dear Sir,
Y Rada Mar 2017
My feelings are stuck in my mind
If you have time to listen - be so kind.
You are unromantic is what they tell
But my heart knows no reasons why I fell.

You pass me by daily without a glance
A glimpse from you is one in a million chance.
My soul cries of craving for you - only you
Please Sir, hear my feelings oh so true!

Do not close the door of destiny on me
Open the ears of your heart and set me free.
I do not dare ask that you love me in return
Let me confess my emotions which brightly burn.

Your secret admirer
2.1k · Nov 2015
For My Goddaughter (2)
Y Rada Nov 2015
Symphony of heavens blasted joyously,
Even the angels triumphantly sang "Seerie"
Endless dew drops of hypnotizing colors
Ribbons and laces scattered at earthly doors
Intricate emotions made way to beauty so true
E**den at its best when dear God created you.
Seerie bear, this is for you :-)
2.0k · Jul 2016
Oh Yeah!
Y Rada Jul 2016
wet and wild
a sticky ride
heat hot heat
tickle hurt tickle
burst white flame!
1.9k · Oct 2015
Y Rada Oct 2015
Oh Daughter of mine hear my plea,
Surpass our challenge through beauty.
Use the mind to be the game's mistress,
Heart be bothered not of any distress.

Acquire grace, charm and wiles to catch,
A certain man of power is truly your match.
If he be made of steel melt it with kiss,
If born out of war then grant him peace.

Gentle as feather strong as diamond,
Bring him to his knees with every summon.
Bestow him joy and fresh breath of life,
And ease his encumbrance and strife.

Receive the gifts of different pleasures,
Which he brings in his cove of treasure.
Swallow your embarrassment and pride,
In this life we must sail with the tide.

Heed not to Aphrodite's words of passion,
Be guarded from the love arrow's invasion.
Color red for victory but grounded by black,
Loneliness is payment yet your smile is intact.
1.8k · Jul 2016
Will You Still Love Me?
Y Rada Jul 2016
Will you still love me
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still say that you adore
and cherish me forever more?

Will you still kiss me sweetly
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still comfort me in embrace
and in your arms I find a safe place?

Will you still hold my hand gently
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still give me white roses
read silly notes while bumping our noses?

Will you still want to have a baby
even with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still be my man in the future
and love me even if there's no cure?
**Dedicated to all victims of this silent killer: Hepatitis B.
May God give us strength from any pain..
May Jesus' name shall reign forever in our hearts...
Life is still beautiful..**
1.8k · Nov 2016
She's Beautiful, Isn't She?
Y Rada Nov 2016
Her blond hair is thick and flowing
Like her voice which calms the senses
Her lips are red, pouty and kissable
Her figure is curvy yet proportioned
Her disposition is sweet, polite and kind.

And I am wrong, aren't I?
To let her captivate me even as a woman
Because you noticed what I said earlier
And she glanced back at you and smiled
And I let her take you away from me.

She's beautiful, isn't she?
That's why you made her your wife
And not I...
1.7k · Aug 2016
Beautiful Stranger
Y Rada Aug 2016
I sat by the window side at the bus
And ate some chocolate cake with gusto
Headaches from last night's partying
And suddenly I dozed off while eating

How strange...

Someone tapped me on the shoulder
I ****** and opened up my eyes
And saw you with your gentle smile
My face with smudges of chocolate

How embarrassing...

You asked if the seat beside me was vacant
I nodded unable to speak for shame and fear
Of opening my mouth full with chocolate cake
Too conscious how my teeth would look like

How pathetic...

Side by side, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder
Instantly felt the warmth of your smooth skin
You glanced at me and smiled again very slowly
My cheeks were blushing of my indecent thoughts

How pitiful...

You asked softly if where my destination was
I answered politely afraid of looking directly
Too distracted by the musky scent you have in you
I wanted to ask what perfume you were wearing

How awkward...

The journey was tediously long and I had hangover
We sat there for five hours in companionable silence
But my insides were screaming with excitement
By your mere presence, I felt I was safe and sound

How weird...

"Excuse me sir, may I pass?" I nudged you respectfully
Your eyes widened a little bit and nodded in silence
I got off the bus and stared as it continued on the road
Regretted that I never even dared to ask for your name

How hopeless...
Dedicated to that beautiful stranger who was my seatmate at the bus. He was really handsome, with beautiful eyes and wonderful smell. One of the things I regretted in my life was I never asked his name. And four years later, I still wonder about that 5 hour drive.

I know I will never meet him again.
1.6k · Mar 2016
Athlete of the Spirit
Y Rada Mar 2016
My arms you cannot touch
my voice you cannot hear
my tears you cannot wipe away
but my heart is pierced by your cries
my ears hear your silent wails
on the other side of this world
i know your pains but
i do not feel you -

oh faceless one!
oh persecuted one!

do not lose yourself because
of these deathly struggles
do not let the fire burn down
finish the race sweet sibling of faith-
get your reward at Jesus' feet
receive the applause of the
myriad of angels
and let the heavens embrace
you in its bossom
1.5k · Nov 2015
Y Rada Nov 2015
During work I think of you
At home I think of you
Maybe if I shoot my brains out
I would stop wondering about you

Oh yes! To be a zombie
Undead walking on earth
Never thinking, never minding
Just walking and feeling hungry

But even if my brain gets frozen
It’s not the ***** that thinks improperly
This tiny red muscle with intricate branches
Pumps and thinks too much

Just **** my heart with any weapon
For if it ceases to beat then it stops
To think about the brain which flashes
Images of you to me
God! It's been 3 years that I've written this but the feeling is still the same.
1.5k · Oct 2016
About Lemons
Y Rada Oct 2016
Your name sounds like John Lennon
But you make my mouth water more
I feel giddy when squeezing you hard!
Day 5: Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, ****, juicy, peel, and sour.

I can't believe how hard this is hahaha! And this poem ***** - i know haha.
1.4k · Jul 2016
How You Like Your Fruit
Y Rada Jul 2016
You are so **** and hot to look at
When you gorge on that strawberry
I remember the time you showed me
How you like your fruit to be -

You licked it making sure it’s wet
I gasped when the coldness hit me
You nipped and peeled the skin gently
My ***** heaved wantonly at the touch
You ****** with ardour all the juices
My mind ran havoc not knowing what to do -

You stare and wink at me naughtily
That devilish grin now you just make
You know that I recall what you did
When you tasted and I was your fruit
1.4k · Jul 2016
I Am an Ace
Y Rada Jul 2016
Twenty seven years:
Of doubt and fears
Silence and tears
Future is unclear.

New identity embrace:
Not just a fad or craze
Done walking in a maze
Yep happily I am an Ace.
1.3k · Oct 2016
Third Party
Y Rada Oct 2016
He told me that he loves you truly
And also he cherishes me dearly
As a friend or as a lover I do not know
I do not want to know –

He has great plans for the future you see
He mentioned to me his wonderful dreams
I do not know if it includes me or not
I do not want to know –

He visits me on Mondays and Thursdays
He said you deserve the weekends
Sundays are for family he told me
What am I then - ?
1.3k · Oct 2015
Y Rada Oct 2015
Can you smell the scent of passion?
Mine - my pheromones sprinkling tonight
Baptizing you with my ardour and lust.

Let my voice guide you sweetly to your end
Whisper to you the delicious promises
Whiteness and warmth comfort me for tomorrow.

Can you feel the slightest touch?
My feather-like kisses blow your mind
Engulfing you in satins, laces and ribbons!
1.3k · Nov 2015
For My Goddaughter (1)
Y Rada Nov 2015
So wonderfully and fearfully made…
And through you God’s beauty is displayed.
Only Him and none can make you feel satisfied…
In trying times on His word diligently abide.
Roses are red and waterfalls of tears are blue,
Sometimes life is filled with lies that seemed true,
Everything passes but the Lord will guide you through.

Never ever forsake your family and friends…
Inspire them with your essence until the end.
Kneel when you can’t carry the yoke any longer…
On your knees and folded hands Jesus will take over.
Learn things seriously and take rejection politely…
A** smile on your face every time you hurt terribly.

So wonderfully and fearfully molded don’t forget…
And you are made whole even if life’s not perfect.
Love, faith and joy are your simple treasures…
Take them with you in your every adventure.
In giving your all expect nothing in return,
Nurture the seeds of every blessing earned,
Go and make your heart’s fire brightly burn.
To my beautiful goddaughter.
Even though I have only seen you in pictures darling girl, and I'm so far away from you, be known that you have a place in my heart. My prayers are there for you :-)
1.2k · Nov 2015
Kiss of Death
Y Rada Nov 2015
Your friendship is like a kiss of death
It is better in the beginning
But slowly poisoning me with your affection.

And when I cling to you for strength
And when I need your breath in me
You silently draw away and leave me.

Better put a sting on my tongue
And punch me on the face than
Leaving me in silence and confusion.
1.1k · Nov 2015
Y Rada Nov 2015
If tomorrow never comes,
To my family what must I say?
Must I ask for forgiveness
For the mistakes of yesterday?

If tomorrow never comes,
To my friends what must I tell?
Must I assure them that
Heaven is much better than hell?

If tomorrow never comes,
To my foes what must I offer?
Must I serve some droplets
Of love on their plates during supper?

If tomorrow never comes,
To my beloved what must I do?
Must I speak honestly that
“A pity I’ve never known you?”

If tomorrow never comes,
To my unborn babies what must I choose?
Must I be regretful for
My ovaries are never used?

If tomorrow never comes,
To my world what must I shout?
Must I open my heart and
Let my feelings be out?

If tomorrow never comes,
To my Christ what must I give?
Must I give my whole being and
Trust that in Him everything I received?
1.1k · Nov 2016
I've Been Alone for Too Long
Y Rada Nov 2016
more than 20 years in fact
more than 10 years without knowing
if someone found me beautiful or adorable
6 years since that first drunken french kiss
more than 14 years of people asking me
"Why? Why don't you have someone?"

I sent myself valentines card
I stole a single rose from a bunch
which my friends received from others
I begged for that piece of chocolate from them
wishing someone would hopelessly give me
a token of their admiration

I've been alone too long that I forgot
what if feels like to love someone passionately
to have a simple crush to make me feel giddy
to send someone love letters and confess
"I Love You even if you don't feel the same way"

I've been alone too long that I'm liking it
and feeling guilty to romance me, myself and I
and I'm afraid that I can't open up for another
because it's been too long now
or maybe it's too late already...
Dedicated to those single people...
the no boyfriend since birth
the no relationship for months or years
Y Rada Sep 2016
And all the journeys I made were worth it:
The offerings to the Gods above
The whispers to the Gods beneath
The curses to the humans on earth
The idolatry of my heart to others
Fornication of my dreams with impostors
Robbery of my hopes from other couples
Almost ****** of the thing called "love"

You awaken me from the slumber with a kiss
Tears cascaded as your lips brush softly
But the silver droplets belong to you
"Why are you crying?" I asked of you
"I thought you were lost to me" you reply
If this is what it feels to kiss you my love
I will hold on for another decades for it
I will endure another 500 years of waiting
1.0k · Feb 2018
Bind Up My Hair
Y Rada Feb 2018
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you ******* my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
1.0k · Nov 2015
Y Rada Nov 2015
Tick – tock! Tick – tock!
I never imagined that listening to the Hickory clock
Could be sensuous or ******.
Hah! Tick for the longing to reach one lover’s arms for caress
Tock for wanting to do heavenly things on this earth.

Ah! The glory of this lustrous life,
So full of hate, so full of love, so full of lust.
Tick – tock! Tick – tock!
Time itself is passion,
The waiting agony seeping through the body
Like a sweet toothache
Making way to the center of the being.

Squirming, not knowing what will be the next
Cookoo! Cookoo! Chimed the Hickory...
Ah! Is this what they call prolonging of pain?
Deliciously blind and white.
But what do I know?
I am still naïve with these feelings,
What do I know about it?
What do I know?
998 · Oct 2016
War today, Peace tomorrow
Y Rada Oct 2016
March for freedom my dear countrymen!
Let our love be spilled on our motherland
Our sweat and tears shall fall on her *****
Marks of our valor shall grow in its gardens.

Raise highly the red flags in our battleships
Waive the colors that symbolize our passion
Men, women and children stand up to fight
In unity we will sing our songs of freedom!

Drop the bombs of hope from our planes
To be discovered by the future generations
Their mouths shall be filled by our melodies
They shall enjoy the peace that today we fight for!
Day 3: Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

I took it from Agatha Christie's "N or M?"
page 8. “men on the battleships and in the planes and in…”
985 · Jul 2017
One-sided Love
Y Rada Jul 2017
I loved you faithfully for years but you love another,
And told me to stop my feelings because it's a bother.
We were friends yet you chose someone else - - - her,
And said that she's the one,  the road to your forever!

Sometimes you held and kissed her gently in front of me,
I was standing there fighting hard to control my jealousy!
My eyes might flicker, my smile falter and my voice break,
Actions I could hide by sighing but feelings I never fake.

I wanted to shout to you "Please look at me and love ME!"
Or do something to set my emotions, my love for you free.
I wanted to run and passionately rain kisses all over you,
But as always white turned black and red changed to blue.

I am still here standing and that my heart isn't really aching,
Looking at you, I just only hear it  quietly and rapidly breaking.
You never knew that tears fall every night from thinking of you,
For despite all the pains you unknowingly caused, I still love you.
963 · Nov 2015
Twenty two
Y Rada Nov 2015
You held my hand when I was two,
Securing me with your love so true.
A world of beauty and heart so pure,
To my silly pains your smile was cure.

Years flew so fast and I was thirteen,
I was young, impulsive and mean.
Hurts and scars were emotional,
Your soothing words made me well.

Now that I am already twenty two,
I'm miles and miles away from you.
I oftentimes think of your embrace,
Every thought is a moment's bliss.

I have my own battles to fight,
You taught me to cling to Christ tight.
When tears fall because of missing you,
I just remember how you held me when I was two.
It' s been a week since I got confined at the hospital and yet I am still unwell. I'm so far away from home and I miss my mother so much. As I recuperate, I found this old poem of mine (written 5 years ago) and I realized one thing: no matter how old I am or will be, I will always look for my mother's touch. :( wish I were home...
952 · Jul 2016
Y Rada Jul 2016
My essences are stirred by different levels
Welcoming me to the barred desires
Animalistic urges calling through the night
The world inside me awakens during full moon.

I am letting all forbidden in all orifices
Soul of rationality is despised in the moment
Guided by scents and pain and numbing pleasures
Beyond the breaking point of a woman’s capacity.

Seeing redness to whiteness into blackness
Oozing liquid of passion on the physique
Questioning the saneness of the activities
No known other emotions but hedonistic feelings.

Not just one or two but three to five
Pushing me to the limits of hell and heaven
Pulling me up through the veil of my tresses
Waxing me with unknown or poisonous berries.

The human in me denies any strings to normalcy
Slaving myself to reach my very own end
Submitting to any lustrous worldly position
Monsters are claiming my very life and spirit.

Coaxing me to release any hidden thoughts
Marking me with words and unclean actions
But the breath of me acknowledges no light tonight
Tasting an overflowing cup of the abyss frees me.
946 · Jul 2016
My Galactic Lust
Y Rada Jul 2016
I ****** towards the universe
Expecting a big bang theory
Your milky way is protein rich
And I slurp it with great relish.

Am I already in heaven now?
I see music, I hear psychedelic hues
You slam against my Andromeda
My solar system burst in flames.

After eons and all the light years
I have reached the pinnacle of cosmos
But I will be back again and again.
937 · Aug 2016
Looking Glass
Y Rada Aug 2016
You’re terribly and dangerously wicked
With a pair of wandering lips and hands
Journeying towards my centremost being
You laughed as I flinched at your touch

The looking glass was our sole witness
As your ******* discovered well
From above the hood unto the entrance
Wet and slick with juices of my passion

Your hand journeyed back and again
To the very top and flicked the bud
I whimpered as you repeated the deed
Until I squealed, “Whoooo! Whoooo!”

You ceased and I got frustrated
But with your other hand you spread me
That rakish finger explored again
Focused on tapping the bud til I cried

“You enjoy that?” your eyes met mine
I looked into your reflection and sighed
“Give me more” I breathlessly begged
You kissed my nape and replied, “Alright”.
864 · Sep 2016
Y Rada Sep 2016
Dear Lord,

I know you know by now the news -
I did not pass the board exam
You made me feel that I did -
I dreamed I was on top six
Was I a fool to dream and believe?
I actually never made it
The peace felt before the results
The calm before the storm
All successes are from You
And failures came solely from me
And it's all my fault.

I just received the news that I did not pass the licensure exam.
863 · Aug 2016
I Met You at Last
Y Rada Aug 2016
Hello, how are you? I’m fine thank you
What? Oh yes, this is our first meeting
I’m amazed how destiny plays a trick
My friend is lucky to have known you
And you’re blessed to have met her too

But you’re a sly one if I may say

I heard that you had plans hand in hand
You know those building futures together
Flowers she wanted to use for decorations
Red shoes she desired to catwalk the aisle
Kisses she wanted to plant on you daily

Castles in the air that’s all she has now

I want to be bold and shout at you mightily
How can you leave her without saying goodbye?
You’re jilting her at the altar of her dreams
My shoulders are stiff from her silent crying
I want to be angry with you but I know I can’t

You’re there lying peacefully in your coffin.
Dedicated to one of my best buddies. She called up 2 days ago and broke the news that her boyfriend (perhaps fiance) died of cardio pulmonary arrest secto pneumonia. It was all sudden. She's still 28 and he is not 30 yet. I never met this guy but I believed he was a good one because he made my friend happy all through out their relationship (more than 2 years).
806 · Jul 2016
Chalk – oh – Late!
Y Rada Jul 2016
My eyes are closed and yet
You delight my very senses
You are so soft and so smooth
Heavenly scent awash my soul
You are created solely for desire
Come and fulfill my cove of lust
I surrender to dark temptation
Fill me with your forbidden flavor
Oh Chocolate I will marry you!
Y Rada Nov 2015
In Silence and in Darkness
In Grief, Chaos and its likeness
In all the Tears you ever had
Be still and know that I am God.

In your Heartaches and Pains
When you feel your prayers are in Vain
And when your Soul is covered in Mud
Just be still and know that I am God.

In times when you are all Alone
And when you are Far away from Home
When your Spirit is Tempted in Loveless Fad
Be still and know that I am God.
755 · Nov 2016
I Am The End
Y Rada Nov 2016
I suddenly remember watching you
Sobbed heavily while praying for "him"
"He" - who broke your heart many times
The one who contributed those tears

I remember well the day when you told us
All the "what - ifs" on this earth and life
What would I say if you left him - forever?
I answered silently, "I am now one of them"

Those tears were a testament of pain
Of certain sacrifices a mother did
Clinging to something - complete family
And I never understood everything -

I sadly bathe in that pool of your eyes
Wondering if I would become like you
It was then I realized that dreadful curse
Which embraced you and your sisters -

I detested then - everything I knew
Of softness, of dependency, of letting go
My heart was a rock founded by your tears
I vowed never to surrender to anyone -

I would never ever let another hurt me
And I prayed that my womb be closed
That my heart be locked with no keys
That my body be frigid from any touch

Years passed and I am successful with that
Yet a certain longing creeps unto me -
I wallow in the pit of my own curse
But this ends with me - I am the end!
Dedicated to my mother...
You probably didn't realize that I saw your tears
and I heard your cries.
Thank you for being a wonderful mother
and I don't have the courage to become one.

Reading It Ends with Us by Coleen Hoover brought back certain memories that I wanted to forget.
720 · Sep 2016
Little Game with God
Y Rada Sep 2016
I put little folded papers in a jar –
Yes and No in minute scribbles
Let the game of human and God begin

Will I marry in the future?
Shake! Shake! Shake!

My heart flutters in anticipation
Surely a Yes will come out
Let my supplication be answered


Another round with the same question.
Shake! Shake! Shake!

Hope still embraces my beating heart
This is still the second round
Chances of having a Yes is great


Another round for “Will I ever marry?”
Shake! Shake! Shake!

I am anxious now for the next result
Third is the final answer
But I want to experience love.


Oh, let’s play again Lord next year.
718 · Oct 2015
I Know When
Y Rada Oct 2015
I know when life abandoned me
When dreams and the future slipped away
When the joy and freedom died

I exactly know the time when fear called
When confusion clouded my eyes
When loath lived in my heart

I know when hope and despair united
When tears fell nightly of shame
When love is just another word

The moment when secrets are revealed
The cure of it is nowhere to be found
When I found out of my chronic illness
690 · Nov 2015
Anything but Loneliness
Y Rada Nov 2015
You can adorn my hair with love,
You can decorate my head with hate.
You can put passion as my veil,
You can place anything but loneliness.

You can bring ardour in my eyes,
You can arrange despise in my tears.
You can put fervor in my brows,
You can place anything but loneliness.

You can touch sweetness on my neck,
You can murmur curses on my lips.
You can put flames on my tongue,
You can place anything but loneliness.

You can hug my body with lust,
You can woo my being with loathe.
You can wrap my soul with affection,
You can place anything but loneliness.
669 · May 2016
Y Rada May 2016
The texture reminds me of you
Soft, silky fragile yet durable
The design makes me think of you
Very flamboyant yet inspiring.

I kept these gifts for the past years
Eight summers to be exact
Cherishing them like you cared for me
Afraid of losing the scent of you.

You’ve come and go like you always do
Leaving me waiting and craving
Please don’t bring kimonos anymore
Your presence or your heart is enough.
Sesshy x Grown up Rin :-)
656 · May 2014
Silent Love, Quiet Pain
Y Rada May 2014
Here I am looking at you from afar,
With my heart that’s full of scars.
Here I am crying silently,
Hoping still that you will glance at me.

Simple dreams were shattered,
And life left me battered.
Another hope was torn apart,
And from this world I want to depart.

But I guess this is how life goes,
And this is how the river flows.
I can do nothing but let it pass,
For I am sure this encumbrance will last.

I asked myself why not fight for you,
I answered, “I will if you feel the same way too.”
It pains when I couldn’t fight for my loved one,
But how can I battle for you if I am not your special woman?

Dear I know you are perfectly happy,
And my heart is also trying to set you free.
If I love a man, I should let him go,
Even if my own self is my foe.

Please don’t look at me like that with your eyes,
Those eyes that made me hypnotized.
I don’t wish to dream and hope again,
And then leave my heart to breakin’.

All these years I kept my love for you,
But now I know that I have to let go.
The fact that you’re taken now dear,
Look at me, I still smile with my eyes full of tears.

I still laugh the way that I used to,
You never knew what I’ve gone through.
I still have my friends to be with,
But I wish it’s you I want to talk with.

I never regret to feel these emotions,
The excitements and depressions.
I know it’s part of life and I have to accept my fate,
I know also it’s not early to love and it’s not yet late.
611 · Nov 2015
Chronic Carrier
Y Rada Nov 2015
Fear of
Fear of
Fear of
Basically just
Y Rada Dec 2016
That Night…

That certain night I came to him with reverence
And I was like a goddess and he the worshipper
I accepted his offerings of passion not because
He was the sole pilgrim to my pantheon of love
But since I heard his supplications to cherish me.

My tears mingled with his just like our ardor in a cup
And we will drink it for many days and nights later
My soul and his were in cased in a time capsule
That both of us could easily open in the far future
To fill the lonely winter nights to balance our sanity.

Then I started to wish that summer would never cease
But the leaves started to fall hard just like my dreams
As I looked at him packing his things the next morn
He said farewell and went to war and to his people
But at least I was…

A goddess that night and my enemy was my devotee.
I was sorting and re-reading some of my contest pieces (short story) and a couple of sentences in "He was mine during Summer" caught my attention.

Although I didn't win (I just dabble at short stories just like my poems haha), I found it intriguing to make some of the sentences used in that story into a poem.
563 · Jul 2016
Ten Years After
Y Rada Jul 2016
I was a flower starting to bloom, curious on life, wanting to love, starving to dream of worldly and unworldly things. The little girl inside me was dancing with glee as I waited to be eighteen. An age to be an adult.

I wanted to be free.

My flower withered in these ten years past. I wanted too much of everything yet I never saved anything for myself. I gained something and I lost a lot. I reached almost the peak and here I am back at the beginning.

Freedom has its responsibilities.
558 · Mar 2017
An Act of Love
Y Rada Mar 2017
I fell in loved with you eons ago
You fulfilled my deepest fantasies
An ideal man in an ideal world
But reality hit me like a Tsunami -

Passion ... Obsession...

You honed me into someone else
I tried to understand you but I couldn't
Was this how to live in fiery hell?
Save me my guardian angels, please!

Artistry ... Madness...

All the colors in your mystery palette
And my eyes only registered red and black!
What have you done to me this time?
"An act of love" you chanted softly -

Life ... Death...

You wanted to capture my essence
And you buried me under the rose beds!
Blooming flowers made you think of me
Until your next victim came along -
Dedicated to all abused.
And to those women who died under the hands of abusers.
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